Written by Kathy T

10 Dec 2011

Playing Alone3

My names Kathy ( 29yrs old, brown hair, blue eyes,120lbs,

girl next door looks) and my ex got me literally addicted to BBC and then left. I thought my new obsession was over too but my lust wouldn’t allow that. Slowly but surely, I began playing alone and having BBC experiences that Ive shared here. Here’s another one.

Right before our breakup we had been playing with a couple of black guys we had met on the phone chats. Both guys knew a lot about us and what we wanted and the sex games we played over the phone were always hot and intense. Of course they wanted to meet every time and we did too but we, actually I needed more time. The same night Dave left they had both called(late at night) wanting to play but I was kind of freaked out and probably pretty rude telling them both that Dave had left and that “this” was over and to just leave me alone. One of them Richard, who was always the sweeter of the two and super sexy (from the pix we exchanged) didn’t give up that easy calling every once in a while to “make sure I was ok”. As many times as I told him I was and that we shouldn’t be talking, he had many points to his argument saying that I deserve to be loved and how now is a perfect time or that

He should stop by so we could just “talk”. This went on for a few weeks without any sex-talk(which proved to me how sweet he was) until one night when a girlfriend was over and she had some smoke. We got high and I started getting horny. Thank god she left pretty early and left me some smoke too! I ran downstairs and grabbed my box of BBC toys and put a filthy BBC porn that my ex had left and soon I was feeling better than I had in a while and forgetting all my problems. At two in the morning the phone rang and I looked at the caller I.D. and it was Richard. I debated on if I should answer it but maybe the smoke helped out a bit and I did. I tried to sound normal but I think he sensed something and asked me in a super sexy voice, “What are you doing sexy Kathy?” I said nothing and he chucked saying he’s heard this voice before and that he had missed it. I was busted. I told him he didn’t know what he was talking about as I rubbed on my hot wet pussy and he said, “Oh Im sorry, baby. Then maybe I’ll put away my rock hard black cock that’s dripping and aching for you!” “MMmmmmm… Oh my god Richard, please don’t!” I moaned back at him. He had been waiting for this moment for so long. A moment of my weakness. He chuckled again and told me to pick up a fat black toy and bring it to my mouth pretending it was his and start kissing it all over like I meant it, and not to put it in my mouth just yet. I had no problem acting like I meant it as I madly started kissing all over my BBC toy and licking and moaning the whole time. Then he told me to grab another one with my other hand and slide it in my wet pussy. I moaned louder as I did what he said. I was going completely crazy and acting like such a naughty slut to a guy I have never even met. He told me he was calling from his car and was driving in my neighborhood looking for my house with his hard black cock in his hand and that he was gonna feed it to me right at my front door. This sent me into a powerful climax! When he heard me cumming back down again he asked me if that’s what I really wanted right now and when I mumbled back, “Yes, baby. Yes!” he shocked me by saying, “Then open the front door now, baby.” What? Was he here? But how? No way.. I ran upstairs to the door thinking this was a joke and that he couldn’t be. I was still naked as I looked through the peephole with my stomach turning with sexy butterflies.

Oh my god! There was a dark figure standing there!!

“Open up Kathy, before your neighbors see me!” Oh my, he was right. I couldn’t let anyone see that a strange black man was at my door at this time of night! I quickly answered the door rushing him in and shutting it quickly behind him. I faced him in a daze from everything that’s happening so fast. Just then I realized that I was stark naked in front of him and tried to cover up with my arms when he smiled at me with his arms out saying, “Finally, Kathy. We meet. Don’t I get a hug?” I remembered all the time we had spent getting to know one another on the phone and he really was hot standing there with that sexy/warm smile on his face so I entered his embrace and we hugged. It wasn’t long before our mouths met up and we started making out rather hard right there. I didn’t notice before but his black cock had been out free from his pants and now in my hand as we kissed like school kids.

It felt so sexy with my naked body rubbing against this clothed black man. My head was spinning. He pulled his face from mine looking right in my eyes and made me melt again with his sexy smile as he pushed me down from my shoulders. He was wearing white slacks with his zipper down and this massive black cock pointing right at me. I looked up again and that smile made me want to please him so bad. I put both my hands around him(almost on his ass) and pulled him into my waiting open mouth. I had fantasized so often about this very cock. It looked just like all the pictures I had. Dark brown and thick, and 8 ½ long. I tasted him instantly and it was tangy and so yummy! I was trying to devour his delicious black cock while he moaned and looked down at me talking dirty to me. After a couple of minutes he asked me if the slut wants her prize?

When I nodded and kept sucking hard on his black cock he pulled it from my hungry mouth telling me to suck on his big black balls while he stroked it at me. I couldn’t believe how good his black hairy balls smelled and tasted! I went crazy again sucking his beautiful black balls! He stepped away and started jerking himself hard towards me which made me open my mouth and beg for his warm cum all over me! “Kathy… Kathy…. Oh..!” and he shot wave after thick wave of hot cum all over me! I caught some in my mouth and happily swallowed his tasty cum. When he was through he told me to go freshen up and meet him on my bed. I didn’t even say anything, I just smiled and ran downstairs. I quickly opened up my lingerie drawer and grabbed the first thing I saw which were my white tiny “boy” shorts and a bikini top. Before running out of the room I grabbed my smoke to help inspire me. I took a quick shower and slipped on my sexy outfit as I smoked more and got super horny all over again. Just thinking of what awaits me in my bedroom, on my bed, almost had me start touching myself. But I didn’t. I slowly opened the bathroom door and crept down towards my room which had the door shut. I slowly opened the door and peeked in to see Richard bare-chested with my white sheet pulled up to his belly button concealing his huge erection while he lay back watching one of my porn videos on my TV. When he saw me he waved me over to him. His eyes went back to the screen but I wanted them on me so I began to do a little dance for him. I was at the feet of the bed when I turned, facing my ass to him and bending and shaking it from side to side. I looked over my shoulder and he had put the remote down and was smiling at me watching me! I climbed onto the bed and stood over him while I danced some more for him. When I turned my ass at him he reached up and yanked my tiny shorts down roughly and pulled me down to his face and began eating me out madly. It felt so good. When I opened my eyes, his cock was still outlined by the sheet. I reached under and pulled out his beautiful cock and we were in a delicious 69 position with both of us sucking wild and moaning loudly! I was on the verge of exploding on his face when he grabbed me and swung me around so we were now face to face. We looked into each others eyes as I felt his rock hard black cock jabbing at my soaking wet hot pussy. Right as we kissed he shoved his black cock into me, deep. I was in black cock heaven, and he knew it. “I told you you should have me over. I told you I would make you forget about Dave. Right! I told you you’d be my girl soon. Right!” He was right about it all. “Yes baby. Yes! You were right.. Im yours! Just don’t stop fucking me baby!” I sat up and started grinding down hard on him making his black cock hit places that have never been hit before and I started to cum again and again as he squeezed my breasts in front of him. When I came back to reality, he lay me on my back and mounted my chest, sitting there and dropping his cum covered black cock on my face. I opened my mouth again as he guided his filthy cock in my mouth. I could barely fit its swollen head in my mouth. I thought it was delicious before but with it dripping with my cum and his juices all over it, it was unbelievably yummy!! I started sucking crazy again when he pulled out and shoved his balls in my face which I attacked with my mouth and tongue. His balls were filthy with our juices and his sweat which tasted even better! I was getting into it when he climbed off and turned me over. He yanked me up doggy style and fucked me hard like that forever! My head was buried in a pillow screaming for all I was worth, hoping the neighbors couldn’t hear me. I was spent like a rag doll when he turned me over and lay on top of me kissing me and telling me how long he had waited to fuck me and make me his. I couldn’t even speak anymore as he slowly entered me again missionary style. His slow sex and sexy words had me lifting up to meet his slow thrusts as we kissed more and more. I felt good but didn’t think I could possibly cum again. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and begged him to cum for me. He asked me where I wanted it and before I could answer, he came deep inside me. Feeling his hot load filling me up made me cum again on his black cock! I lost count of how many times I came! It was unbelievable! We both lay there spent on my bed when he said he should bathe before he leaves. I remember saying, “Nooooooooo!” but he got up and grabbed me too. In the shower, he said it was my job to clean and wash my black man and I smiled up to him and ran the water, then guided him into the shower. He stood under the stream of hot water as I grabbed the soap and lathered up my hands. I stood behind him as I lathered up his shoulders, then his back, then his ass and between his ass cheeks. When I turned him facing me, I began to lather his chest and saw that his black cock was rock hard again. Without a look or a word, I slowly knelt and grabbed his cock in my two hands and jerked on it as I put the head my mouth. I kept lathering his hard shaft and his hairy balls while I sucked on him. He was loving it and grabbed a handful of my wet hair as I kept sucking. I could feel his hot cum dripping from me and down my thighs. I never knew I would one day be the filthy slut me and my ex always pretended I was. But here I was and I was loving every second. Richard said he was about to cum and tried pulling away but I locked onto his black cock head and he shot his delicious hot cum down my throat. I didn’t miss one drop. He smiled down at me and said he should get dressed and leave before my neighborhood wakes up and see’s him and he left the shower while I cleaned myself off and tried to let all his cum drip out of me. I knew he should leave and I should re-evaluate our night together and slow it way down. I had things to do today and maybe this was a once in a lifetime experience for the both of us. Obviously the smoke had worn off if I was thinking this logical. I put a robe on and left the bathroom and my room was empty. I thought he had just left which made me feel both sad and relieved. I went upstairs and he was at the door looking out. “Richard?” He turned and apologized telling me to look outside with him. The neighbor kids were out, some other neighbors were out washing their cars or mowing their lawns. He was still going to leave when I stopped him and told him I couldn’t let everyone see him leaving like this and if he could stay a while till the coast was clear. He smiled at me and asked if I had any smoke? I smiled and said yes. He told me to go downstairs and smoke then put on a blindfold. I was about to protest when he turned me and shoved me towards the stairs. Once in the room I started smoking and my thoughts went straight to last night and I couldn’t help but slip a hand down between my legs. I put on a pair of lace white panties and a matching bra and slipped a pair of sleep covers over my eyes and lay there trembling. Richard came in and said he had some black buddies from work with him and he had told them all about me. I heard him in my toy box as he(they!) climbed on the bed and I felt a cold toy on my lips as he told me to open my mouth for his friend. I let myself believe it was real and for the next day and a half, Richard and his “friends” had me everywhere and anywhere! He let me have smoke breaks and he didn’t leave for a week straight. It was the most sexy, incredible time I ever had!