Written by _2and2

27 Jul 2012

You walk into the bedroom with my favourite baby doll on and do some poses for me before turning to switch some sexy music on. You then walk towards the silver pole and start to seductively move up and down it in time to the music. You turn to me asking me if I like it. The hard shaft in my hand is enough evidence that I do. With your sexy smile you start to move up and down and around the pole with confidence, you can see how much you are turning me on. I am on the bed naked and watching closely, every sexual move you make, my nipples are hard and crying out for your mouth. I ache for your wet tongue to slide over them and your teeth to gently bite them. Your confidence is growing with the sight of my hard cock swelling even more and you start to move up and down the pole rubbing your sex hard against it. I can see your nipples are erect under your baby doll and you notice where I am looking so you move your hands towards your breasts and cup them. You ask if I like them and I can only respond with a nod, your smile all, you know you have me in ecstasy and you continue to gently caress your breasts and pinch your nipples. You love the feel of the fabric rubbing your nipples so you rub slightly harder and start to moan while still rubbing your sex up and down the pole.

I want to see more of you so I ask you to turn around with your back against the pole and you respond with a knowing smile. You know my cock is starting to throb in my hand and soon I will need to cum, but you are not finished performing for me yet and start to slide the pole between the crease in your arse. As you crouch down I now notice your high heels and the way they make you move. You now have one hand between your legs gently caressing your clitoris under your panties the other hand is still working on your nipples.

You look at me and you can see what you are doing to me and ask if I need to cum, I answer yes. You are in charge, and you know this, sex is oozing from you and you are so ready to be fucked. You turn back around, bend over Holding onto the pole and tell me to come and fuck you. I eagerly obey and move so I am poised behind you, my cock is so hard it throbs and I need to release my sex into you. I lift up the hem of your baby doll and lay it over your back and you respond by pushing back slightly and I know how eager you are for my cock. I take my shaft and gently place it at the opening of your sex and you moan quietly to the feel of my manhood rubbing up and down your opening. It's wet, so wet. I know how much you want me and I want to tease you, let you wait, but I am so turned on I just need to feel you around my cock. I thrust forwards sending my hard throbbing cock inside you and it takes you by surprise you moan loudly. You are so wet I know how much you have wanted this. You have needed my cock inside you and I know I am now the one who is in control. I fuck you hard, thrusting the whole length in and out for a few strokes just to show you I am in charge. I want you to feel and know what you have done to me, how hard I am but then I relent and slow down because you are my lover and you deserve to feel how I feel. My strokes become slower and more rhythmic. You start to really relax and your moaning becomes quieter. You are enjoying it, you feel like no- one else matters to your lover at that moment but you. I stop fucking you but stay inside you, but you know your lover and it's only because I want you to now fuck me. So you start to move back and forth, sliding up and down my length and you can feel how hard I am and this excites you even more. You move faster thrusting my cock in and out and I respond. I need you and want you and move my hips in time with yours. I feel the moment building and want to be as deep as I can inside you, my lover. I take hold of your hair and gently pull your head back. I need to kiss you and you me. We both feel the need to be touching each other as much as possible as the moment is coming. I have one arm under your stomach supporting you and the other hand pulls your head back. We are kissing passionately you tell me you love me and to fuck you harder. I do and your moaning becomes louder again as you take my length hard and fast. I feel myself Cumming and whisper to you. This makes you start to push back harder our bodies now working together knowing how the other one moves, thinks and feels. Your excitement starts to build as you know I am about to release myself into you. You love it, the feel of your man inside you, knowing what you can do to me and how it makes me feel. My final thrusts are hard and I shudder and writhe inside you.

You can feel me coming so you push back hard against me and moan louder, your sex is so wet as our juices mix together. We fall to the floor laid in each other’s arms and stay there until our breathing returns to normal. I hold you not wanting to let go, knowing how much you will look forward to the next time. You lay there a while with your man, feeling secure, wanted and loved.