Written by wife of chalky364

25 Mar 2015

A few months ago I recommended a friend of mine from Church, Barbara, to my husband to work as his administrator. She was in her 50's , widowed and very old fashioned in the way she spoke and dressed. He would take his work to her house each morning and she would keep track on his appointments as a Business Consultant all over the country. Over a period of months it became noticable that she had really smartened up with new clothes, hairdo's etc but little did I realise that it was down to my husband who was waking her up each morning with more than a pile of typing. A friend directed me to the SW site where I discovered the whole history of their affair but I decided not to let on but await my turn.

It happened sooner than later. Every year my husband goes on a golfing holiday with his brother. My sister in law , Janice, and I do our own thing and this year we decided to go to Benidorm. By accident we booked into an 18-30s Hotel and were by far and away the oldest people there. We both look after ourselves and have smart figures with ample boobs which we decided to put on display for our first evening in the bar.

It wasn't long before we noticed a couple of fit young men in their 20's looking accross at us and laughing. They then came accross to our table with a bottle of wine and two glasses and asked whether they could join us. When we suggested that they didn't want to be with a couple of old matrons like us they said "to the contrary" and that they were bored with the airheads of the other young women in the hotel. Their names were Michael and James.

Michael positioned himself next to me and James pulled up a chair next to Janice and as the effects of the wine kicked in they were openly flirting with us. I then felt Michaels hand on my knee and his finger was tracing a gentle path up my thigh. I let my legs part just a little as I felt my pussy getting damp and he finally reached my knickers which he slid aside and put two fingers inside me and immediately located by G spot. I closed my eyes in ecstacy and gently rocked against his hand squirting gallons.

I needn't have worried about Janice noticing as she was also enjoying James full attention and more as her arm was clearly moving up and down giving him a gentle wank under the table as well as being finger fucked like me. it was clearly a plan they had worked out at the bar. I continued the bliss by moving my hand over to feel an enormous erection. I unzipped Michaels trousers and released his enormous cock. It was already covered in precum which I wiped with my hand and put up to my mouth giving him a grin before wanking him to a climax.

He then whispered in my ear that I had gorgeous tits and he wanted to put his cock in between them. I suggested that there was no time like the present and lead him up to my bedroom.

Once inside he started unbuttoning my blouse and unclipped my bra leaving my 40dd boobs hanging loose before him. I ripped down his trousers where he had already got another huge erection and he started sucking my nipples and squeezing my tits before pushing back on to my bed where he straddled accross me prick firmly encsconsed between my boobs with the its tip in licking distance of my tounge tasting salty and sexy. Within minutes he had shot his load again covering my face and body and I slurped his spunk before wiping it accross my own cunt in preparation for the next instalment.

By this time my pussy was screaming for action and I wanked him back into action and asked hime to take me 'doggy style' against the bed. I climaxed several times feeling this young stud giving me sensations that I'd never felt before in my life.

Eventually we collapsed together on my bed for a short break from action

I'd forgotten all about Janice and James so I texted her and suggested they joined us and to bring some more wine and to bring her mobile to take some photographs.

In a few minutes they arrived and it was clear from the state of their clothes and the grins on their faces they had also had a sexy couple of hours so I suggested we all had a shower to clean up. I lead Michael into the shower with me and left the door of the bathroom open asking Janice to take some pictures. It didn't take long for me to bring Miachel to a full erection again and he soon had his length inside me as Janice captured the action on Film. She then suggested that Michael made way for James while she had a go at Michael on the bed but not before she had captured me with my second young stud within a few minutes.

It was clearly going to be one hell of a holiday which I celebrated by sending my husband a text plus some photographs with the message - Glad you're not here and send my regards to Barbara.

This was the sweetest of revenge!!