Written by papertiger8

17 Jan 2012

Life may drag you through hell and back, but hope, fun and laughter can still hold sturdy by your side. Everyone deserves a person to hold them up through the tumult. Seek and you will find, often in places unknow?

For me it was the sound of my spade striking the ground which rang through the open upstairs window and woke her. I heard her getting in the shower and after I could see her looking out through the blinds. I stood there as I had been every morning for the past week, digging my way through a bed of rock, with nothing but a pick, a shovel and a bucket. Wearing only a pair of shorts and boots, with my tanned sweaty body, I moved rhythmically with each swing of the spade. The sweat ran in little rivers down my back. It was early morning but already I had worked up quite a sweat, and as she stayed there watching me as she had done many times before over the past week.

I began to fanastise about her thoughts, which grow ever more lustful as the days went on. She loved the graceful movement of my body as I worked. My body was toned rather than the rippling musculature so common in male porn films, and she loved it all the more because of it. She could see very slight love handles at my sides but far from being overweight, quite fit. It was these slight imperfections that did it for her. I was getting very happy and confident about myself, and for her, that was what mattered.

It was getting all to much in the sun so I went into the house looking for a cold drink ( I was told to do this when ever I wanted) I felt very brave at that point so I climbed quitly up the stairs to the top outside her bedroom.From were I was standing I figured that she couldn’t see me through the door jar, (but Unknown to me she could). For many days I had harboured fantasies of being watched, of being unwittingly caught or watched by a stranger. Now I could realise my fantasies.

Getting into a character, and letting go of who I was, and escaping from daily life’s restrictions was my dream. For me this was a very titillating aspect of role playing, it's about seeing herself in an entirely new light, done from behind a mask, escaping the real self. My fantasy options can become endless, each having it’s very own unique appeal, completely different experience visiting the world of fantasies. Starting with the reading of the many fantasies, then followed with a twist at the end, capturing everything and choosing which ones should act out. The self-discussion of feelings, motivations, expectations, and apprehensions as well as details of feeling safe, becoming more confident every minute of my role play, feeling safe makes the experience even more very real and exciting. Given my certain inhibitions which governs my every move, danger at any moment, what if? If it was not for this one outlet I would never let loose.

Nothing come close to this overwhelming experience, here I know there is no need to be politically correct or have to follow over peoples rules, just my pleasure rules, hope is important, but dreams and desire is the fire that sets action aflame.

As I took a deep breath I turned to look through the gap in the door she had her hand slipped between her legs underneath her thing satin sheets. My mouth starting to drool, and I felt weak in my knees. She spread her legs apart and pulled down the top sheet. I felt at that point she had seen me, so I turned round and run as quity as I could down the stairs, but thorugh my rush it was'nt all that quite. Frustrated, when I got home I showered and went to bed, I couldn't sleep. All I could do was toss and turn, wondering what in the world was the matter...with me....what was the problem?

She filled my head....She parted her legs, moving her right hand down her stomach, down to her bare pussy. She moved her fingers across her labia, feeling the dampness between her legs. As her middle finger parted her lips, she moved her other hand down, and began teasing her clit.

Still horny, I decided to take off my shorts and go out on the patio and rub one out...what the fuck....it was late, and no one would be around. As I stepped out onto the patio, I stubbed my toe on the metal chair, scraping it across the floor. "Shit." I sat down on my bed and took a sip of beer, and toyed with my cock, getting it hard. As I slowly jacked off I started thinking, "How cool it would be if I could just find a fuck buddy...a woman that would meet with me...we'd fuck, no commitment, no hassles.

I heard a noise coming from outside. I had to peek outside and see what it was. As I carefully opened the patio door fully open and peered out looking around. I noticed it was a full moon and I could see pretty well. I was about to step back inside when I saw her, standing behind a bush on my patio. Her eyes grew wide she must have been watching me masturbating. After the initial shock, I realized she was becoming aroused...my cock was big....very big, and the sight of me jacking off must have turned her on.

With my heart pounding in my chest, I walked out onto the patio. I found myself, touching her breasts, tugging at her nipples and caressing her as she looked at me. I could feel the dampness starting to leak form her sex as she had watched me stroke my long hard cock. Her fingers were soon sliding into her pussy as she watched me picking up the pace, I was feeling brave, and aroused, as she sliped into my room. She tooched my cock and my body tensed the cum just shot from my cock into the air.

I went to speak, but she held her finger to my mouth, as if to say, don't spoil the moment. She knelt down, watching the cum running down over her fingers, down onto my balls. I could see her mouth open, and she had this irresistible urge on her face to suck my cock which overpowered her. She lowered her head, licking the cum from her fingers, then started licking my balls as I tilted my head back, gasping. This is like a dream I thought as I felt my body tense. I felt an overpowering wave of pure lust envelope me as she licked and kissed her way up my chest. We began kissing and caressing one another like two wild animals rutting....gasping and grunting as pure lust overwhelmed us both, but the fear of complete lack of energy hit me.

I picked her up, and laid her onto top of the sturdy patio table. With her legs spread wide, I started kissing my way down her thighs, making my way to her pussy.kissing and licking everywhere but her pussy. "Oh Gawd...make me cum....suck my pussy....please!" So I ran my tongue over her labia causing her to moan, and start cumming. Encouraged by her passion, I parted her lips, licking up her juice's, tongue fucking her as I teased her clit. She started cumming again, grinding her pussy against my face....each orgasm more powerful than the next.

After her orgasms subsided somewhat, she rose from the table, taking a seat in a chair She grabbed my limp cock, pulling me to her face where she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, then deep throating it, making slurping noises as she sucked it , while she tugged at my balls. I had never met such a lusty, or passionate woman. As she sucked on what was left of my cock I mumbled, "Man...I wish we'd done this sooner....you are such a passionate woman." I felt her self esteem swell at the sound of my words, which seemed to turn her on all the more.

Afterward we enjoyed a cool refreshing shower where we hugged and kissed, eventually ended up on my bed, talking...we had so much in common it was incredible. Neither one was looking for long term commitment, but we were both open to the possibility down the road. Now we were both content with being fuck buddies, no commitments, no hassles, and no pressure. What luck to have found one another, living down the road from each other.