Written by carol

11 Jan 2009

i had a big bust up with my husband and stormed out of the house and drove around for a while .after a while i stopped cursing my pig of a husband and stopped at asdas near croydon for a coffee .after my coffee i walked around the shop aimlessly and just burst into tears .a security guard asked if i was ok .tothis i just held onto him crying .he took me to the staff canteen and sat me down .as we talked i calmed down as i looked into his big brown eyes .he told me to stay as long as i needed and went off .half an hour later he returned saying his shift had finished .i said thank you and gave him a peck on the cheek but this at the last second turned into a full on tounge job with him lifting me onto a counter and him standing between my legs .i lay back as i felt my tights being ripped open and felt something large force into me making me catch my breath .i was then turned over and entered again this time it was my bum getting used .when he finished he left me limp over the counter .i just got out without being seen by anyone .i have been back but never seen him since.