Written by Jim Cole

6 Jul 2009

I met this old couple in Spain on holiday, as we got to know them , I realised how fit and well they was for their age.

My wife first asked what keeps you so fit and healthy - and without hesitation she said we have sex everyday sometimes twice a day, we have a no holds barred marriage, he can fuck my arse or my fanny, I will give him a blow job or just a wank if he wants it, if I want him to lick my fanny, finger or fist me, suck my tits or anytime I want his cock - he obliges.

Now this really turned my missus on - and we had a long session in the bedroom( well it was raining as well) anyway I got to fuck her cunt and even her arse - which is a pissed out of her head shag normally.

my missus was now really interested in this sex chat - and was suprised to hear the old girl say she sucked and swallowed his semen everytime she could, she reckoned it kept her well, and then asked my missus did she swallow or spit - well the truth was my missus till then had never been a great oral lover.

The next day my missus bought the old girl into our room and told me that she was getting a lesson on cock sucking from the old girl,well just the thought had my cock starting to harden. I had no hesitation and dropped my shorts showing my cock to them both - to my suprise the old girl made the first move on the bed she said, and promptly took my cock into her mouth, well for the next 30 minutes I was the equipment for the lesson, bought to the edge and stopped,deep down the throat all my cock in her mouth - fucking hell this old girl was an expert, my wife in the final lesson took me to the limit and I shot my lot, and she took my load and swallowed it, she was going to pull away but was told no!! suck his cock, I am not sure said the wife - so the old girl took over - what a sucking and licking, what about you she said to me - how good at oral are you, she made me start with the wifes cunt and then gave me a lesson how she wanted it, there was I sucking and nibbling this old girls cunt as well, anyway by now I was cock throbbing - and the old girl just said do you mind if i use him (me) no said the wife and the old girl straddled me and pumped my cock like a good one - tell me when your coming the old girl said I want to taste your spunk, she did just that - and swallowed and cleaned up afterwards.

Unfortunately I only had one more session with the old girl before they went back to the UK - but the lessons we learnt have made out sex life great.

It just got me wondering just how much spunk the old girl had swallowed in her 40 odd years of marriage.