Written by Al & Di

8 Feb 2009

If your looking for a short story this probably isn't the one for you. But its true and We hpe you like it.

I have to confess; when my wife, Diane and I first got together I was very much the jealous type. I hated it when other men paid her attention. It was the only thing we ever argued about. But over the years my attitude most definitely changed. We’d been married a few years and done most of the things married couples do to keep things fresh. Sexy underwear, role-playing, sensual massage all of them seem a bit tame and safe now.

I suppose what started things off was one summer evening when we were walking our dog. It was a lovely warm summer evening and I’d been horny all day. But with one thing and another I’d not had the chance to get Diane into bed. Diane was looking really sexy, her long auburn hair was shining in the sun and the tight jeans she was wearing looked painted on to her peach of an arse and her gorgeous 36d boobs were bouncing beautifully as she walked. I was teasing her about what I was going to do to her tits when we got home. As it was quite a deserted little track I was teasing her that she should give me a flash. She didn’t take a lot of encouragement and stopped, had a quick look around then lifted her top and exposed her tits to me. I always get a kick out of looking at Diane’s tits, but especially when it’s a little naughty. She was in a thin, white, cotton shirt and I asked if she had the bottle to take her bra off so I could play with her jiggling breasts as we walked. Giggling, she agreed and undid her shirt and took off her bra. Before she could fasten it I was kissing her and stroking her naked breasts, the poor dog forgotten about.

“Maybe I should leave it like this” She laughed. Looking down at her open top with my hands inside it

“You wouldn’t dare” I said without thinking.

“You’ll tell me to cover up before I cover up” she smiled. This was a surprise, but I liked it.

“OK” I said “your on, loser cooks when we get home”

Moments later the dog was running ahead and Diane and I were walking hand in hand. Her thin summer top was completely undone and ever now and then the breeze caught it and fully exposed her breasts. I was torn between watching Diane’s tits and glancing ahead. I was both excited and scared about what would happen when we finally bumped into someone. We had turned round and started for home when it happened. In the distance I could see an old man with a small dog walking towards us. I glanced at Dianne. She’d obviously seen him but looked unconcerned.

“OK” I thought, “lets win this bet”

As his dog got near it sniffed at me and I bent and made a fuss of it. It yapped and happily wagged its tale

“Lovely evening, nice dog you have” I called out to the old man.

He looked in his early sixty’s. As he approached he must have seen that Diane’s shirt was completely open exposing her cute figure with its pierced bellybutton.

“Yeah it’s a warm one” he said, looking Dianne up and down. Then our pleasantries over we started to walk past one another. As luck would have it the breeze picked up momentarily and Diane’s shirt blew open. For a second or so her breasts were totally exposed. I can’t even be sure if the old guy say it but I hoped that he had. Suddenly my mind was racing with the thoughts that I wanted my wife to show her tits of to a stranger. As we got closer to home we bumped into more and more people. Diane made no attempt to fasten herself up and I was loving the excitement of what was happening. From the flashes I was getting of Diane’s thick and very erect nipples, she was enjoying herself to. But I think what excited me most was the lustful looks my wife got from every man we passed. Every man we saw wanted to fuck her and for the first time in our marriage, I think I would have been happy to watch them do it.

Back at home we didn’t bother with any food. We ran upstairs and stripped as quickly as we could. Before fucking fast and urgently. The passion of it took my breath away and it was clear that Diane had found something that really turned her on. Afterwards we lay there sweaty and naked with her pussy full of my spunk. She admitted what a turn on it had been for her and that she knew at least a couple of strangers had seen her breasts today.

“Because of the breeze?” I asked

“No, because I wanted them to see” she replied in a sexy purr.

Over the next few months we started taking more and more opportunities to let Diane flash. At first it was just skimpy tops and short skirts. Then it was shirts unbuttoned low with no bra so that when she wanted she could flash her naked tits or a short skirt with no panties. She became very adept at making sure that if she wanted a man to get a look, he did. I also started taking lots of pictures of her. When I suggested that I post them online she wasn’t sure but when we posted a few test pictures of her topless, she was delighted with the response. Soon we were posting pictures of her naked with her legs open so that any stranger could look at her cunt. Or sucking on my stiff cock, even with her face or tits covered with my spunk. Diane loved the lewd and downright filthy responses she received. She got lots of pictures of stiff cocks sent back to her. Even copies of her pictures covered with spunk were e-mailed back to us.

Just before Christmas that year my best mate John popped over with some Christmas presents. John split with his wife the year before. He’s a really good guy and I know that Diane like’s him and fancies him a little as when we were talking about making a home sex tape. She’d suggested John as the cameraman and giggled that he could have a blowjob in payment. Ever since that night the thought of John fucking my Diane had filled my head. He was driving but as it was a Friday and he had nothing to get home for I suggested he stay over and have a drink. He soon agreed and I opened a bottle of wine and poured us all a drink. I was already wondering if I could get Diane to flash him or even screw him. When John went to the loo I asked her straight out if she fancied giving him a flash. She wasn’t sure. In the past the men who had seen her naked had been detached at the other end of a computer. Or a stranger she’d picked to show herself off to. She’d never exposed herself to anyone we knew. As I heard John coming down the stairs I finally said.

“It’s up to you babe, if you want to have some fun we can. But it’s your call”

We finished of a bottle of wine and opened another. I got some cards out and we played a few hands. After half an hour or so Diane said.

“Its no fun playing cards when there’s nothing to lose”

“What do you wanna play for?” Said John.

“I don’t know” she lied.

I let the silence hang for a moment or two, wondered if she’d have the courage to say it. Then I heard myself say it,

“Lets play for cloths”

“What do you think Di?” John said. She blushed a little then said,

“Well I will if you will” and she giggled and took a large gulp of her wine.

I was so hoping Diane would loose and get naked quickly for us. But she was playing to win. After only half an hour of giggling and laughing as we played John was in his boxers I had just my shirt and boxers on and Diane had only taken off her shoes. Then thankfully she lost. She stood and undid her jeans. She faced John as she did it. As she stepped out of them she was no more than a foot away from john and the only thing stopping him from looking at her pussy was the thin lacy material of her panties. I glanced at his crotch and saw he was getting hard. Diane lost the next hand to. And slowly took off her top. She made sure to put on a good show for him and he couldn’t take his eyes of her. I threw the next hand and quickly took off my shirt. John lost the next hand and you could see he was nervous about getting totally naked in front of us. Especially since he by now had a very stiff cock. But before he could back out Diane was chanting,

“Woo! Yeah, Off, Off, Off!”

John stood and quickly pulled down his boxers. His cock was fully erect and looked very thick. I glanced at Diane and saw her lick her lips as she looked at his cock.

“Very nice” she said, “what shall we play for now John’s got nothing to lose?”

“You can give me a dare if I lose” He said “but let’s carry on”

“Are you after seeing my tits John?” Diane asked all innocence as she looked at him.

“Yeah and your pussy” he shot right back at her.

“Lets see if you get lucky” she said.

I last the next hand. As I stepped out of my underwear I was only semi stiff and Diane giggled that the sight of her nearly naked was obviously more of a turn on for John than me. Then I lost the next hand and asked her for a dare. She thought for a moment then said,

“Hold each others cock for ten seconds”

We both looked at each other and involuntarily glanced at one another’s dicks.

“Or we can stop” she said, teasingly

John gave a little nod and I secretly plotted revenge. I felt his hand wrap around my dick and took hold of his. I was amazed how stiff, hot and heavy it was and just prayed my cock didn’t stiffen in his hand. After ten seconds of acute embarrassment and Diane’s laughter we played on. Thankfully Dianne lost the next hand. She smiled stood and undid her bra. John was looking right at her. She held the cups of her bra over her breasts and said,

“Looks like you get to see my tits after all”

Then she let her bra fall to the floor. Over the previous months I’d seen Diane flash her tits to quite a few stranger and it always turned me on. But this was infinitely more erotic and exciting. Here was our oldest friend stark naked stroking his thick, hard cock as he looked at my wife’s naked tits. She was loving the attention and I began to realise this was far from the end. She lost the next hand to Finally she would be joining us in being naked. I was as stiff as John now and we both watched as she peeled down her skimpy knickers and stood naked in front of us. John was gently stroking his cock and looking at her neatly shaven cunt. We decided to play on and that the best hand would pick a dare for whomever they wanted. John won the next hand and thought for a moment. He looked at me obviously trying to make his mind up how rude he could go. Then he mentally made his decision and said,

“let me suck your tits Di”

“OK” she said without even looking at me and moved over to him.

For the first time since she married me Diane allowed another man to suck her fantastic breasts. She gave out a gentle moan as he sucked her nipples and stroked her arse. When I won the next hand I decided to push things even further.

“Suck Johns cock”

She pushed John onto his back and took hold of his erect penis. She looked at it for a moment then pulled his foreskin back exposing the thick purple head of his cock. Then she licked it. I shuddered. I love this woman and she was sucking another mans dick in front of me. Part of me was screaming but my dick was rock hard and I wanted to see more and more. It was like I was addicted to what I was seeing. After allowing herself to taste the end of his cock she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck his cock in earnest. John moaned out loud as his large glistening cock slid in and out of my wife’s mouth. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against her wet slit. She let out a low guttural moan and I pushed my cock into her soaking cunt. I then gripped her hips and started to fuck her. I was so excited I only lasted a couple of minutes before I filled her pussy with my spunk.

I then moved over to the sofa in time to watch Diane stop sucking Johns cock. She slid up his body then they kissed for a few moments before she reached down and put Johns cock into her cunt. All I could do was watch ad toss my flaccid dick as I watch my wife fucking my best friend. It was the most exquisite torture. I watched as he touched and kissed her most intimate places. Her neck, her breast, he fingered her and fucked her. For her part she sucked his cock, licked his balls and let him do what he wanted with her body. He took his time fucking her and smiled as she screamed that he was making her cum. Her body shuddered in orgasm and she shivered and groaned as his speed picked up before he finally filled my wife’s cunt with his seed. As he pulled out of her a mixture of his, her and my juices were glistening on his cock.

It took Diane a little while to recover her composure. She lay breathing heavily as John stroked her flanks and tits and was looking at her naked body. I don’t think he could quite believe he’d just fucked her. Finally the silence was broken when Diane looked at John and said,

“Shall we go to bed?”

I followed them to our bedroom. As they climbed the stairs Johns hands were all over my wife’s arse. A couple of hours ago he’d been nervous of getting caught looking at her. Yet here he was comfortable with her taking him to our bed. Diane was amazing my wife and my love taking my best friend to bed just cause she wanted to fuck him. In the bedroom we lay on either side of her. We both kissed her and our hands explored her body. But it was a strange moment when my hand drifted down to her cunt and John’s fingers were already inside her. Diane had a cock in each hand and was taking turns kissing us. John was hard first as soon as she felt him beginning to stiffen she let go of my softer dick and I got off the bed and went and took our camcorder out of its drawer.

Through the viewfinder I watched as she again took his thick cock into her pretty mouth. She sucked him for ages licking the length of his shaft and sucking on his ball sack. She took his balls in her mouth and gently sucked as she rolled her tongue around his hairy sack. Then she went back to sucking his cock and licking his knob. After an age of this John rolled her onto her back and Diane spread her legs for him. Despite everything we’d done this evening and over the last weeks and months, it still blew my mind how natural and easy it was for my wife to open her legs for another man. There was her most intimate place for him to see and use, as he wanted. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit for a few seconds then when she was virtually begging him to fuck her he slid the full length of his rock solid penis into my wife’s gaping hole.

He held her hips and fucked her slowly and rhythmically. He pulled his cock right out and then plunged it back up to the hilt with each stroke. Slowly, very slowly he picked up his speed. At first Diane was moaning as he screwed her but after a couple of minutes she was screaming and sobbing her way though multiple orgasms. Her whole body was flushed red and her legs quivered as though out of her control. Eventually I saw him push his cock as deep into my wife as he could and his buttocks clenched as he pumped her full of his sperm. Diane was totally shattered when he rolled of her. Her legs were still spread wide as the shook uncontrollably. John was sitting up panting and looking at Diane’s naked form. Without a word I passed him the camcorder. My cock was stiff again and I replaced John on top of my wife and slid my cock into her red puffy cunt. It was red hot and very slippery. I was more than aware that most of the lubrication inside her was being provided by another mans spunk. I didn’t start slow I just wanted to fuck her. To just use her cunt for my own pleasure. So I just gripped her tightly and fucked her as rough, hard and fast as I could. She swore and screamed but just encouraged me to fuck her as hard as I could. I was slamming my swollen cock into her and our bodies made an audible slap with each thrust I made. When her screams became muffled I looked up and saw Johns cock in her mouth again. She was sucking on his cock, covered as it was in their combined juices as he recorded the action. Just a few seconds later I emptied my balls over her belly and tits. Then rubbed my spunk into her skin as she sucked on John’s flaccid but still impressive cock.

We fell asleep not long after that. In the morning John fucked my wife again as I made them breakfast. She told me later after he’d gone that she must have fucked him to a stand still the previous night. Because she’d allowed him to spunk in her mouth and he’d barely managed enough for her to taste.

“Still there’s always next time,” she said.

She talks like this all the time now and I still cannot believe it or get used to it but I love it. She’s fucked a few men in front of me now and I really get off on seeing her enjoy another man’s cock. John has fucked her a couple of times since that night and I’ve even allowed her to stay the night at his place. She phoned me to tell me she had sucked his cock good and hard and was taking him to bed. Then gave me the details the following day and our sex was fantastic as we relived her letting John use her. I love my wife and love the new exciting life we lead. If you not sure about seeing the woman you love with another man. Try it! It will add so much colour to your lives.