Written by Kendrick

15 Apr 2013

I have always had a fantasy about sharing my wife. She is 32yrs old, from South America and has a curvaceous figure, pert tits and a lovely arse.

It started when she used to tell me about all the naughty things she did before she met me - the one night stands, the wild sex and on one occasion having sex with 3 different blokes in one night (without them knowing). Since we have been together she has calmed down and the sex almost became boring. To excite me i used to get her to tell me the stories about how she behaved - how she would meet guys and fuck them because she would get so horny - and she would never make them wear with a condom.

I remember when i first met her and how sexy she was when she was really aroused - she would let me fuck her hard from behind and she would stick her little arse up in the air, winking her bumhole suggestively at me. That never happens now.

But over the last year i started telling her how i fantasied about her with other men. The thought of her getting fucked and coming back to me used and abused. She laughed and said if i would let her do it, she would. Over the course of a year, the thought of her fucking a new bloke behind my back really turned me on. We used to talk about it and i actually made her promise me she would do it. She told me she would but i didnt think she would.

Anyway, around 1 month ago she went back to her home country in Argentina to go to a wedding. I couldnt go for financial and work reasons and we skyped regularly. During one conversation she revealed to me that she nearly carried out my fantasy the other night. I instantly got aroused and asked for more info. She told me how she met a guy and flirted a lot and that he lives in her home city and if she could find time she would meet him. I instantly got jealous but horney at the thought of some bloke fucking my wife - being allowed to fuck her hard and for hours on end (as we used to).

I let things happen between them by logging into her facebook account. I watched as the two of them made arrangements to meet in a few days time. I checked that she was being honest with me and she was telling me everything so i was happy that she wasnt cheating.

And on the night she arranged to meet him i laid awake thinking about all the things this guy would be doing to MY wife. It made me sick but hugely horney.

The next morning at 6am i got a text apologizing from her, saying she had met him and they had sex. She said how she didn’t enjoy it. I asked how many times they had sex – “barely once” and I asked if she let him cum inside her – “no” was her response. They she said she never wanted to talk about it again. So I left it a few days and watched as she messaged him again saying how incredible it was and how she kept his cum inside her the next day and how she hadn’t felt this sore in years. At this point I thought I had better intervene and stop this turning into an affair so I told her I could see her messages to him and I wanted it to stop. It did stop then – as far as I know and a week later she came home. She said she felt awful and got carried away with everything.

When we got home I wanted nothing more than to fuck her a lot. We started kissing and cuddling and when I went to put my dick into her pussy she stopped me and said “im sorry honey – I cant have sex now”. We started arguing and I began interrogating her about what happened.

She told me how she met him. She was wearing a short skirt, thong and top (no bra) and they went straight to his flat and began fucking almost straight away. Apparently he was HUGE and they fucked for 4 hours solidly. He did cum inside her numerous times and she was worried that she had not only damaged her pussy but could also be pregnant.

They also did the 69 position (which I am not allowed to do with her) and he came in her mouth (which I am not allowed to do) at the same time. The thought of his cum dribbling out of my wifes mouth also gets me off.

I was angry and betrayed but so turned on. She was so apologetic and said she just got carried away at a new big cock and wanted more and more. She was in tears at this point wearing nothing but her sexy lingerie and I could see how sore her pussy looked. It was so cute and so slutty at the same time.

Anyway, since then she has turned out to not be pregnant, her pussy is better and we are having more sex than ever and I love hearing about all the things she did with him and what she let him do to her.

I still get waves of jealousy but that just makes me realize how much I love her and how sexy she is.