Written by the old git

12 Jun 2007

I don't know if this will be published it may be to long or not exciting enough, but i hope it is as it will give hope to other readers who like me think only the stories you read about happen to other people or just a fantasy.

I am in my mid 50s single (divorced) and work for a catering company who supply to the hotel industry, i spend many nights away from home staying in hotels around the Lancashire coast to save on the long drives up and down the motorways, on this occasion i am about to tell you about i was staying just outside Blackpool in a lodge type hotel and as hundreds of times before feeling alone and pissed off with life i went to the bar to see if there were any women about, don't know why i bother as over the last 15 years i have never had any luck but it's now part of the ritual to look.

Sat one table was one of the maids, a big lass and i mean big not tall BIG she had a very pretty face and as i found out later was 19 years old, we started to chat and having a bit of a laugh, we got on well and as she was waiting for her bus i asked if she would like a drink, she replied that the staff are not allowed to socialise with guests and she should be going anyway as the bus would be along soon, meeting your boyfriend i suppose and going out on the town i replied, no just home to watch tv with the parents. Come and have a drink with me then away from here i suggested and to my amazement she agreed, we drove to a little pub off the beaten track had a few drinks and a bar meal as she told me she had never had a boyfriend and probably never would because of her size, i felt so sorry for her as she looked as if she was about to cry her eyes out and i told her not to be so daft i think you are a fantastic girl and if i was only 25 years younger i would be proud to be her boyfriend (all lies but made her feel better).

We soon got onto the subject of sex how long it had been since i had been with a woman and was gob smacked when she said she was still a virgin and would probably die one, her only enjoyment was to watch her dads stash of porn DVDs and in her words pleasure herself. We left a few hours later after a lot more talk on the subject and as we got into my car without warning she lent over and kissed me deep and passionately, it shocked me a little as it was certainly not expected but the even bigger shock was as she pulled away she said "would you take my virginity" ............... i didn't know what to say as she added you have been kind and not making fun of me i will do what ever you want.

It would have been no good in my car and couldn't go back to her parents place so we decided to go back to my hotel and she would go in at the back service entrance and meet me at my room on the ground floor, as soon as we were in the room we kissed and i asked her if she was sure and she said she had never been more sure of anything but could she have a shower first as she had been working since 7am and felt a need to freshen up and with that she went into the shower.

I sat on the edge off the bed wondering what i had done, i was in my room about to fuck a 19 year old virgin and i couldn't even feel my dick start to get hard when it should have been bursting out my pants in anticipation as i am sure it would if she was not so big. To late now i thought as she appeared from the bath room with just the white bath towel around her ample body she stood there for a few seconds as i looked at her smooth shaven cunt that was on view were the towel would not come together she then dropped the towel to the floor saying what do you want me to do? her tits were like rugby balls and nearly reached her waist but had a strange effect on me as i said get on the bed, as she lay down i pulled her knees up and open as wide as she could and my mouth was soon on her delightful cunt, it was so tight it took a while to get her to open enough to get a finger and my tong in working her clit, she was soon moaning and her body shaking as the first of may orgasms ripped through her young cunt, don't stop she pleaded i have never cum before make me cum again it only took a few mins before she was panting and biting the pillow to stop screaming out.

As i stood up she was smiling at me looking so beautiful as i removed my own clothes to reveal a nice hard cock, i am not over blessed but boast a 6 "1/2" and quite thick, as i stood at the edge of the bed i took her hand and placed it on my shaft and holding her wrist indicated i wanted her to slowly wank my throbbing meat, sit on the edge off the bed i asked i want to fuck your tits before i fuck you, as she held her tits together my prick was lost in the huge valley, this is the first time i have ever felt a prick she said you have made me so happy and wanted, with that i pushed her back onto her back and opening her legs again i started to slide into her wet and eager cunt, it was tight but with only a little force and small resistance i was in her up to my balls and god it felt so good, with long gentle strokes but pushing deep and hard we fucked and fucked for what seemed an eternity until i exploded deep in her virgin pink cunt, i kept my prick inside for a while soaking in our juices as i fingered her clit to yet another orgasm then pulling out with my prick dripping i offered it to her lips for her to suck the last drips of spunk out, at first she turned her head away not to sure but as i put my hand down onto her cunt again sliding a couple off fingers in and starting to wank her she turned her head parted her lips and slowly took about half my sticky length licking it clean of our juices.

This happened about 6 weeks ago now and we still see each other 3/4 times a week i stay at the hotel and get a quick fuck or blow job every morning when she is supposed to be doing my room and she comes down to Manchester to stay with me when she isn't working weekends, she has now also lost over 20lbs and learned the art of deep throat like a professional, we are going on holiday together soon and i will be proud to have her on my arm for all to see.

So guys never give up hope out there your love could be waiting, i don't know if this will last because of the age gap but we will have some good fun trying.