Written by Kathy T

3 Jun 2012

What He Surprised Me With…

Hi. My names Kathy and my kinky bf Dave has turned me into his little slut. To be honest, at first I was totally against all his wild suggestions but after much “smoke” and porn and kinky stories about flashing or playing around with others and stuff, I soon started to see how fun it might be

(not to mention how it was making me feel and how wet it all was getting me). It was all a big secret to all our friends and family. They would never believe “poor little innocent Kathy” was becoming such a sexy nymph! The thing we enjoyed best was playing with BBC. I remember at the beginning, saying to my bf “NO WAY!” but I felt I couldn’t tell him the truth.. That all the pictures and stories of BBC was making me hotter than I ever had been! I had always been hit on by black guys everywhere, really. High school, shopping, clubs, everywhere, but never even considered anything because of my upbringing. I cant believe how far I’ve come(or cum!! lol!).

Anyway, Dave called me one Saturday afternoon while he was out with his friends and told me to smart smoking and get showered and ready because he was bringing a surprise home with him. Intrigued, I asked him what? He just laughed and hung up on me. What a tease! He’ s done this same thing a few times and every time was a fun sexy time with videos or black toys or something so I did exactly what he said. I was on our bed smoking(a lot!! Which gets me hornier than anything!!), dressed in some of my favorite lace lingerie(with stockings and garters with heels!), waiting impatiently for my kinky surprise. My stomach was filled with sexy butterflies and my head swimming in naughty thoughts when I heard the front door upstairs open and shut. Instantly I heard my sexy bf’s voice then the voice of another!! I quickly panicked and grabbed my robe to cover up. In seconds, Dave walks in the room followed by a dark black guy with dreads and a baseball cap in baggy jeans and a white Tshirt. I stood there shocked and with my mouth wide open as Dave introduced me to this strange black man. “Kathy, this is Country and we just met at Brads. We got to talking and I kinda told him a lot about us… mainly you… and we thought it’d be cool to meet…” Dave was all smiles(and me still in shock!) when Country stepped forward and held his hand out to shake saying, “Damn Kathy. You look everything Dave said and better!” Dave had to grab my shaking hand and bring it to his as they laughed and he and I shook hands. Dave then broke the thick ice by saying we should sit and smoke which we did and it wasn’t long before we were all chatting and laughing like old friends. Country was a cool, quite funny guy who kept complimenting me every few minutes(making me blush!!) and sneaking looks at my legs and covered body when he thought I wasn’t looking, which was making me hotter and hotter by the second. Just then the phone rang and Dave said he was going to take it upstairs and smiled at me then ran off shutting the door behind him. All of a sudden Country slides back against the headboard and taps the bed next to him saying, “Slide up here with me beautiful, fine, white thing and lets smoke some more.” Lord knows I was high enough but I smiled and joined him. On my first inhale, he says “So Dave tells me you have a thing for black dick.” I cough the smoke out and we both laugh for a second when he asks me if its true. I look shyly away and nod telling him “I think so..” He grabs the pipe from my hand and stands up by the bed (placing the pipe on the end table) and tells me to take it out to see, for sure. I slide to the side of the bed in front of him and I look up at him smiling as both hands reach out to undue is pants. I look back down and see he has a massive tent from his hard black cock inside his jeans and I lose control and my hands slide from his belt to his poor confined black hard on and I begin to slowly rub on it through his pants. It felt so huge and hot and I started rubbing a bit harder and squeezing it every couple seconds and he starts moaning and quickly takes up where I left off(with his pants), causing me to chuckle a bit as I look up at him again with my sexiest blue bedroom eyes. His pants are quickly at his ankles as his super hard, super black, super huge black cock is right before my eyes, only inches from my face. “O my gosh..” as I stare at its beauty in awe and reach up and start stroking it back and forth in my two hands. He moans and tells me to suck his black cock and I look up at him smiling and tease.. “What? This big black thing? You want me to what?” He grabs me from behind my head and forces my face onto his monster black cock. I open as wide as I could and get his hot huge black head in my mouth and not much more. I’m sucking and loving the taste that’s seeping out his head. It tastes so good that I moan aloud and try my best to go deeper and deeper on his black cock. Thanks to thousand hours of practicing sucking on my favorite BBC toy, I get almost half of it down my throat. What a beautiful black cock my bf brought me as I tug on his huge hanging black balls with a free hand. I hear him say he cant take much more of my hot black cock sucking which drives me out of my mind and I start sucking and tugging even wilder. He calls me the finest white slut he has ever seen and to my disappointment, he reaches down and lifts me up to his face as he covers my sloppy mouth with his black lips and forces his tongue passed my lips. I gladly accept his tongue and give him mine as they swirl together in a passionate kiss. As I’m lost in his black lust kiss, I feel his massive black cock humping my stomach(almost to my breasts!!)between us so I reach down and continue jerking on it as we make out. “How you like my black cock baby?” I tell him “I love your black cock and wanna keep sucking on it till you cum and I lick it all up… its so yummy baby!” He says he cant believe it but pushes me back down to my knees and I grab that delicious black beast in both hands and attack it with my mouth. I get back at sucking for all I’m worth and his body starts to jerk and shake and he screams and unloads a gallon of hot sweet cream in my mouth which I suck and suck but some still comes out of my mouth and drops on my robe. He finally falls back onto the bed and when he see’s me slip the cum covered robe off me and see’s what I’m wearing, he says “Fuck Kathy! Get your sexy butt up and show off that fuckin outfit for me! You be wearin that this whole time you slut? Goddamn!” I stand in front of the bed and slowly begin shaking and dancing for him. I do a sexy turn showing him my lace covered ass and he starts moaning and whispering dirty names at me. Im going crazy with lust again, and when I face him, his black cock is in his hands as he jerks on it and it looks even harder than it did before! I turn my ass to him again and slowly bend as I pull my white lace(soaking!) panties down and off and turn to him again and crawl upon the bed towards his fabulous black cock. “You want more bitch?” I nod yes and smile as he points it at me and I crawl over him till his delicious black cock is back in my waiting mouth. I close my eyes and begin my loving assault on his cock. My hand finds its way to my aching sweet pussy and I’m almost about to cum with his fat cock in my mouth. I’m so close and I cant take it anymore so I let that delicious beast drop from my mouth and I climb all the way up my black lover and position my pussy right above his black cock. Our eyes met and he pulled me down to his mouth again. As we made out wildly I could feel his fat cock head nudging my pussy. I lowered myself slowly on his huge black cock. We were both moaning like crazy into each others mouths. Within two or three thrusts, I was all the way down his black cock and cumming like never before. I sat up with my hands on his chest and started grinding hard on his cock and it was hitting places I never had hit before! I was screaming in extacy(and cumming non stop!) Before I knew it, he had spun us around into a missionary position with his body on top of mine and his big black cock deep, deep inside me. The feeling had me dizzy as I locked my arms and legs around him and held on tight. He pounded me hard and deep for what seemed like forever when he asked me where he should shoot his cum. My head was in no shape to think at that point. I remember hearing myself say, “Inside me baby” but I don’t remember saying it. He was pounding me and we were in another deep French kiss when he shot his second load deep inside me. Ive never felt so full. I kept cumming. Even when he pulled out and rolled off me, I was still cumming. He was getting dressed when I limped off to the shower. Inside my shower I was joined by my bf Dave (with a huge hard on) and he bathed me and I sucked him off in the shower. He said it was a shame to send Country off so soon and so dirty and he left me in the shower and next thing you know, I was joined by a naked Country who said he has to shower than he’s leaving. Dave thinks of everything! I began to lather my new black lover up and when I lathered his black cock, it started to grow in my hands. I smiled and watered him off than I grabbed him by the hard black cock and walked him over to the sink where I sat him and bent over to suck him off, swallowing my second black load.