Written by Ellie

2 Oct 2008

Recently I wrote and told you about what happened on the first days of our holiday in Tenerife and I did tempt you that there was more happening with both these two men without my hubby Paul knowing so as I got a nice rating I decided to share another moment. Paul had been eager to book tickets for the New Years Eve Gala Dinner which were very expensive but as we had both packed something nice to wear so decided to treat ourselves to the last night of our Christmas break.

On the evening I had a bath early as the champagne reception was at 7pm. On the bed I had carefully laid out what I was going to wear and began to dress for the evening. As Paul shaved, I opened a packet of fine black seamed stockings I had bought in John Lewis over Christmas. They were silk and lycra and really felt nice over my legs which were beautifully smooth as I had had a wax in the spa the day before and the beauty therapist had even bared my entire pussy which was nice and tanned from our sunbathing up on the sun-deck. I stretched the stockings up each calf and pulled the dark welts tightly and clipped them into the delicate black suspender clips with tiny ribbon bows. I then took the black matching thong that was simply a fine stretchy lace string that slipped seemed to have a will of its own slipping inside lips of my pussy as I place it level with the suspender belt. I checked in the long mirror to see the seams were straight and felt horny.

The matching quarter-cup bra which I fastened acted a shelf for my breast to rest on leaving my nipples and most of my breasts totally exposed. I was already beginning to feel my pussy moisten as I imagined being in the company of so many men dressed so horny under my simple soft and floaty black satin dress. For those paying extra attention, I noticed that the suspender clips were visible as I walked.

Picking up my clutch bag and a final touch of lipstick we made our way down in the same elevator I had travelled in with the two men who had taken me in their room on the second day.

The dinner & wine was excellent and the hotel ballroom was magnificently lit with great music from the live band. Paul chatted with the wife of another couple to his side and I to the wife of the couple on my side. “Do you know those guys over on the other table?” she said to me in surprise. I looked over in to where she was staring and saw both the guys on the next table and they raised their wine and smiled as I glanced at them and I have to admit they both looked very handsome in their dinner suits and bow ties. The desert soon followed and the toast master invited couples to the dance floor. ‘Why don’t you dance with Paul?” the husband of the couple said as Paul who looked to me and I gave him an assuring smile. I told him that I needed to check my make-up and we both stood for him to take the women’s hand and as they went onto the dance floor and me to the washrooms.

As I moved to the other side of the great room a hand took my waist and moved me onto the dance floor only to find it was one of the two boys. Form surprise, I allowed him to move me into the busy dance floor sufficiently far away from Paul. His hands held my hips as we moved to the music and as the second song changed to a slower beat he moved closer and I could feel his erection. I kept a careful glance over to where Paul was dancing as the hands moved over my hips and within seconds his fingers were tracing a suspender clip. Again I could feel my pussy moisten to his touch and I felt helpless and was relieved to escape to the loo as the song ended.

With thirty minutes until midnight, the large glass doors all opened onto the terrace and the band announced for everyone to follow some girls dressed in traditional costume to head towards the beach front. It was truly beautiful and the beach was all lit with flames along the water edge. There was champagne flowing and different attractions like limbo dancing to a steel drum band. There was also live music and within a short while a conga line was formed. First Paul was pulled into the line. He tried to grab my hand but the line moved to quickly and we became separated. I moved along to find a place to jump in and suddenly a hand reached out and I was in but could not tell who it was. We moved along and suddenly I felt the familiar hands moving over my suspender clips. Too embarrassed to turn around the line moved further and further down the beach and just at the point that it turned back I felt the hands move me out of line and quickly out of sight behind sun loungers which had been stacked ready for the following day. I turned and discovered both boys were with me.

They instantly moved in front and behind me and before I could protest found myself kissing one of them as the other moved his hands onto the hem of my dress and lifted it to my waist. The other was quickly releasing his cock and as if both were aware that they had to seize the moment I felt the other quickly move his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I began to suck on the cock between my lips and the excitement overwhelmed me to push back as well on the hard cock already slipping its way inside. One set of hands now held my hair gently tugging to control the movement of the hard fucking I was getting. The other set of hands had released my breasts from the dress. The whole moment was intoxicating as I was totally aware that they were mostly turned on by my willingness, which they considered naughtiness, to allow this to happen. I felt my orgasm approaching which they both sensed and started to speed their pace, knowing that it would cause my soft moans that were already intensifying to reach a high level of excitement.

The boy behind me moved his hands from my breasts to my clit and he began to play with the button as I moaned even louder. The other hands in turn moved from my head to my tits and began to tweak my nipples giving both boys even greater control of my body and orgasm. I tried to imagine the vision that would have presented Paul; had he come looking for me, The hem of my dress hitched to my waist and my tiny lace thong caught half way down my thighs and my breasts pulled out the top of my dress and bouncing to the hard fucking I was getting in the moonlight of the beach. I screamed as the orgasm enveloped me and racked through my body and both boys forced their weapons as deep inside me as possible as spunk filled both holes.

I know that we all view New Year’s Eve as an anti-climax but I hope I will be forgiven for disagreeing on that particular occasion.