Written by Ed London.

28 Jul 2008

I have known my mate Mel all my school life, and now into out twenties, so when he and Sandra ( whom I had met first and felt her body first) decided to get married after a couple of years, I was the first choice as best man.

The usual pre wedding stuff was up and over and the big day arrived, the wedding and reception went well and the couple were both tanked up well with all the champas and vodka, the were staying the night at the reception Hotel to catch the afternoon flight the next day, I had booked a room as well on the hope I might pull one of the bridesmaids I had my dirty mind set on, the wedding party had all finished by 11 and Sandra,Mel and I sat around in the bar - I said why not take a few bottles up from the party instead of paying over the bar - yer ok mate said Mel, well it wwas just a short walk from the bar, but outside and up to the rooms we had booked, the cold air hit Mel and his legs started to buckle, so Sandra and I got him up to the room and on to the bed, Sandra started to strip Mel off, and was down to his pants - well his cock was so limp - that Sandra actually laughed, what a fucking wedding night present she said pulling Mels foreskin back to no avail - here I said and pulled my cock out of my half dropped trousers - thats why they have a best man - Sandra came over and kissed me hard and I grabbed her and pulled her tight - off with the dress she said - must be careful and the bride stood naked in front of me - now I had played a bit with Sandra before, Tits and a bit of fingering and she had tossed me off a few times - but here she stood ready for me, and I was rampant and she saw it - she was on her knees and took my cock helmet in her mouth, I had to pull out as I was ready to come there and then, your fucking hot I said as she led me over to the bed and pulled Mel to one side,

I fucked that lovely cunt like it was my first time and she didnt ask for any protection - so I came several times - the first up that hungry fanny - her cunt muscles drawing my cock in tighter and tighter, I made that extra push and we both came at the same time, I pumped as much love juice into her as I could and she reacted the same, and holding me hard she came again and again, the love juices running out of our cock/fanny union, I lay on top of her and we kissed like lovers do after sex and she moved my hands to her tits and said play with me, I played with her tits and nipples - tits soft as down and those nipples hardened to my touch, they were as I always remembered them, after a break to get our bodies in order, Sandra said you can have my arse if you want - its Mels favourite she said - he prefers it to my fanny most times - but I do manage an orgasm with him, so its the brides privelage I thought as I entered her rear passage and she went with my rythem, pumpinh into her was great and I filled her up with my seed and she had come a few times as I felt her, her cunt was soaking wet and I fingered her gently - then she pushed my hand in and came all over my fingers, I fucked her one more time before tucking her and Mel into bed.

When the Honeymoon was over - I asked her how did it go - lovely she said Mel did not ever get to go as long as you did but we had sex twice a day and I was satisfied, what about me = all I have is dreams of you to wank over now I said, Mel works overtime Saturday morning she said - I could give you that wank then - the thing is Sandra comes around my place as soon as Mel goes to work which is 5.45am and lets herself in with my spare key, the only time I do not have her cunt is when the periods are there, then its her arse and a wank and those lovely tits.

The great thing is Mel has hinted that a MMF with Sandra is be thought about with him and Sandra, icing on the wedding cake I would say.