Written by wannacummore

16 Dec 2008

The Swimmer

The dining area of the university was very crowded, these were early days, and no one really had the opportunity to form any real groups or relationships. I could have sat with those in my class, but figured I would spend enough time with them for the week, so elected to sit on my own. The food wasn't too desperate and I happily watched people try and find their respective perches.

As I sat watching people filter though, a tall brunette plopped herself next to me at the table. I was slightly stunned by her boldness, but quite pleased to have such lovely company. She had jet-black hair that was almost blue in the daylight, the fact that it fell to her hips made her even more alluring. She was quite a fit girl, obviously very sporty. We quickly stuck up a nice conversation and hit it off right away as we made our introductions, I learned her name was Louise. I was surprised how open she was, especially when she told me she was gay and not into men at all. I told her that I took it as a compliment that she would choose to sit next to me. I think I was safe for her, and in many ways, I felt the same way about her, it was sort of a relief for us both.

At the end of our break, we agreed to meet up for dinner at the same seats and continued our pleasant conversation. It was as if we'd known one another forever, we just clicked together and were so relaxed in one another's company. After our meal, we headed for the bar and met up with some of the others from the course. Most of the night, we seemed to gravitate towards one another.

It got to be closing time and I felt tired so got up to say goodnight, Louise asked if she could walk back to the housing block with me. Naturally I agreed, it was a fairly long walk back in a warm summer's night. I was astonished when Louise reached for my hand, but didn't withdraw either. It was nice knowing that she trusted me so.

When we got back to the block, Louise asked if I'd like to come up to hers for some tea or coffee. We sat and talked about our lives for a good portion of the night, we found that we had much in common and even a similar childhood. Perhaps, we discovered why we felt safe in one another's company.

Louise was quite a stylish woman, she told me she always wore black, as it was timeless. She suggested to me that I look at her, really look at her and she stood up. As I looked at her beauty, and asked her to turn around, I became aroused, this was quite erotic experience. Louise noticed the slight bulge in my trousers and giggled to herself. I simply told her it was very erotic to be asked to do something like this; to look at a lovely young woman, such a nice thing to be offered. We looked at each other for an eternity, and I made my way back to my room.

The next day we had off for the afternoon and I had planned on going into York to take photos of people and the various historical buildings. I met Louise at breakfast and she asked if she would intrude if she came along for the day. I hesitated, knowing it was my chance to have some time to myself. Louise sensed this and offered to not intrude on what I was doing and said she would be very quiet and respectful. Additionally, she offered to treat me to a meal in the evening, so I could hardly refuse her offer.

The day went quite well and I was pleased that Louise came along and to have her company. I couldn't help but to notice the attention she caught of not only men, but some quite nice looking women as well. At dinner we shared a bottle of wine and Louise began to discuss her sexuality. For me, it was interesting to learn why she was gay and even to learn about some of the things she liked doing sexually.

After we left the restaurant, Louise stopped in a newsagents and bought some very nice Belgian chocolate. A woman after my own heart, she suggested the chocolates would make a nice treat for us when we got back to the campus. Instead of going to the student union, we elected to go to the common area for some coffee and to enjoy our chocolate. No one was around and once our drinks were made the chocolates came out. Louise seductively opened the chocolate and then told me that she would like for me to feed her the chocolate. She said it was sacrilege to not be fed such lovely chocolate.

As I took out the first piece of chocolate, I looked closely into Louise's eyes, they were magical and mysterious. I'd never fed anyone chocolate before, so I was a bit hesitant as my fingers drew near her perched lips. Just before I got to her lips with the chocolate, I hesitated so she could take in the sensual smell in my fingers. When I did this, Louise let out a little moan of delight. I then traced her lip with my little finger very seductively, before letting her have her little treat.

Louise then kissed my fingers, which were now clutching warmly melted chocolate. When she had her first taste of the chocolate, she let out a little whimper. This was seriously turning us both on, it was lovely. Louise dated her tongue onto one of my chocolaty fingers and then took it into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the finger. It was the most sensual thing I ever encountered. Her hips began to gyrate and she moaned as if I was giving her a full on fuck.

The next piece of chocolate was my turn, she mirrored what I had done to her, but with one exception. Just before she was ready to feed me, she greedily took the chocolate away and sucked it into her mouth. I was a bit disappointed until she grabbed the back of my head and put her mouth to mine, as our sweet kiss caused us both to cry out breathlessly. Louise had the most expert tongue of any love I have known, I told her I was desperate to have that tongue explore the head of my cock.

With that, Louise stood up and took me by the hand to lead me to her room. When we got to the room, I held her and kissed her passionately for what seemed like hours. Her black dress fell to the floor to reveal a perfectly formed pair of 36C breasts and an athletic body. She stood in front of me in a pair of black lace panties and high heels. She looked like an angel.

As Louise stood in front of me, I told her I wanted her, but respected her sexuality. She confessed to me that she'd only ever had one man before and she wasn’t ready for such a thing yet. We agreed that we'd simply touch one another, but not go any further. I told her I was desperate to cum for her and she said she always wanted to watch a man cum for her. I quickly got undressed and she had no hesitation in grabbing my manhood.

Louise asked me what I liked to do when I fucked a woman and I told her that I liked deep penetrations doggie style. I pulled off her panties to reveal a lovely trimmed black bush with a gushing pussy swimming in the middle. I playfully put one of my sticky chocolate fingers and put it into her pussy. This made her scream out as she had her first orgasm. I then put the finger into my mouth and tasted her juices, they were divine. Louise grabbed my hand and stuffed my finger back where it was and then put the finger into her own mouth. She said she loved the taste of her own pussy and I couldn't disagree, it was superb, after all.

Next, Louise got into doggy position on the bed and told me to fuck her butt cheeks. She said she wanted to feel my balls slap her pussy. I quickly lubed up the top of the crack of her gorgeous ass and put some on my cock. I could feel the top of my cock teasing her bung hole as she literally screamed her delight. Her dark mane of hair was everywhere and I assertively pulled it for her, causing her to have yet another orgasm.

We were both desperate to feel my cum on her ass, so I let go and sprayed her with a violent torrent of my jism. It turned me on to watch my load drip from her crack, over her ass hole and finally onto her clitty and then onto the bed sheets. It was like watching a pearly lava flow down a glorious mountain.

Spent from our activity, we laid in one another's arms, as Louise's hand caressed my cock. She told me she was very pleased with my cock and she wanted to give me a treat, one she'd never offered any man before. I told her she could do whatever she liked with me and I would not pressure her into anything she was not comfortable with. With that, she swallowed my semi-limp cock into her mouth and then down her throat. I was afraid she would chock and pulled back, but she forced me back into place. As my cock reawakened, she began to violently fuck my cock with her mouth. How she managed to keep it going down her throat, I'll never know. It wasn't before long that I knew I would have to cum. I warned her I was ready to blow again and she pulled me from her mouth, only to let me spray her tongue and face.

At lunch the next day, Louise was very bubbly. She told me she really enjoyed the last night and wanted me to come back to her room straight after class and fuck her properly. I told her I would like that too and we arranged to meet at hers. As I entered her room, she was already naked and wearing only her high heels. She ordered me to get undressed, say nothing and fuck her doggy style right away.

As I put my cock into her moistness for the first time, the tension of her near-virgin hole was beyond words. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and then stopped to slap her ass very hard, saying she was naughty. She let out such a scream, the whole housing block must have heard. With that, I began to fuck her for all I was worth and she kept begging me to go harder and harder. She wanted a good pounding and that is what we both had. When we both exploded together, it was a symphony of sheer pleasure. Our juices dribbled from her well-fucked pussy for ages, as we sat and talked about our experiences together.

For the rest of the week, we spent all of our time together, knowing that we'd part company and never see one another again. We both knew we'd never be able to rekindle such a feeling or event like this, outside of this. When I stepped on the bus, my mouth was met with a delightful chocolate kiss that has remained in my heart ever since.