Written by Bobjj123

5 Oct 2010

Tim Morton sat in his room in the Cosmos hotel in Chisinau trying to read and ancient English edition of a mystery story that he’d found the day before in the hotel lobby. He was bored. This was not the way an agent of the CIA was supposed to spend his days, or, at least, that’s what he’d always thought. Nearly four years out of the university and having completed several assignments successfully, he’d expected more.

His orders were simple, i.e., go to the Cosmos hotel in this tiny, insignificant country of Moldova and wait for further orders. It’d been nearly two weeks since he’d left Washington, D. C. to carry out his orders and he was bored.

Tonight, he thought, I’ll go down to the lounge and have a couple of drinks and a good dinner. The thought pleased him. . .

So it was that at exactly 1800 hours, he entered the hotel lounge and surveyed the place. He noted that it was quiet, perhaps a half-dozen couples engrossed in their own affairs and a couple of unattached men who sat tables. Several hookers stood at the bar and noted his arrival.

After having surveyed the situation, he moved to the bar and took a stool near the end where he ordered a gin and tonic. The hookers, quite good looking women actually, moved on him almost immediately and he quickly rejected them.

the bar, a tall woman sat at the far end, conversing with the hookers. When she made no move on him, Tim’s interest was piqued. He eyed her carefully and found her to be quite stunning with long, blond hair in a ponytail. Her nordic features rather set her apart from the others there who had dark hair and rounder features. He could see her legs where they protruded beneath her tailored suit They were long and perfectly formed, covered with hosiery and stylish shoes with sensible heels.

Then, as he was ogling her facial features she suddenly turned and their eyes met. . . Tim thought he saw some sort of invitation there. . .or maybe it was just his imagination!

It was all quite troubling to him for some reason. . .Still bored, he continued to nurse his drink and sank into a mild funk while his mind went blank.

It was sometime later when Tim was aroused from his funk by someone touching his arm. He struggled to bring his mind back to the present as he noted that all the other hookers were gone except the stunning blond who was now beside him and touching his arm. “Thought you might use some company,” she spoke in near perfect English, “You’ve been sitting here for the last hour ogling me. . .

“Busted Was it that obvious?” he asked and she replied that she’d been watching him too so it was probably mutual. “So, What can I do for you?”

“Well, I was going to suggest that you might take me next door to the restaurant and buy me dinner.” she said. “ Thought we might have something to talk about.”

Tim had been alone for two weeks and the prospect of dinner with a beautiful woman was a very interesting prospect. Normally, while on assignment, he wouldn’t dabble in social matters but this woman was beautiful and he was lonely. “Let’s go!” he said.

As they left the lounge and started across the lobby of the hotel, the woman drew him to an exit door and into the street where she looked to see they were alone; then, she spoke, “I’m Nadia Herkagova and I’m a Russian agent sent here to make and maintain contact with you. I’ve been here for a week and had about given up your ever coming out where I could meet you. After dinner, take me for a walk outside where we can talk.”

Then, as they left the restaurant after a delicious dinner, good wine and pleasant conversation, Tim was alert. . .Obviously, she knew a lot more about him than he did about her. As they walked, Tim acted innocent of anything; he was just a student looking for some historical artifacts.

Nadia seemed somewhat miffed by their lack of communication as they walked and as they were about to pass a public seat she suddenly turned and embraced him as though she was going to kiss him. . . Then in a second motion pushed him on to the seat as she sat down beside him. Her eyes seemed to indicate something to his left as her hands went to his face and held him facing her. then, as she embraced him and kissed him she leaned close to his ear and whispered, “One of us is being followed. He’s to your left. . . don’t look!”

Suddenly Tim was fully alert. Knowing his mission and lack of understanding thereof, it might very well be him that was the object of the man’s attention. On the other hand, he knew very little about Nadia and it could also be her. The kiss though. . . . p[robably to divert the observer’s attention! Still. . . .!

He devised a plan and took Nadia’s arm to start their walk again. Then, as they returned, whence they’d come, Tim said in loud tones, “I’m going by the apothecary to get some things. . . why don’t you just go on.” Then they parted via different routes. Nadia would be at the lounge a full half-hour after he could be there and she could then observe which was being followed. Tim was also sure that he could spot his tail if he had one. . .

An hour later, as Tim entered the lounge, it was evident that it was him that was being followed. There could be no doubt but now there was a second complication as Nadia reported that she was also being followed. Then, as they sat at the bar, they considered their various alternatives. By now, It had become obvious to Tim that Nadia was a trained agent for someone even as her Swedish passport listed her as a widely traveled tourist. Until he could determine who to trust, Tim had decided to hold to his story of being a graduate student in history in Moldova collecting artifacts and amorously pursuing a beautiful Swedish tourist.

On analyzing what they knew, it seemed safer to remain together - safety in numbers! For the benefit of their followers, the would pretend to be potential lovers and headed towards a tryst in Tmm’s hotel room. Of course, they decided that since Tim’s room was probably thoroughly wired, they would have to be extremely careful.

So, they went to Tim’s room where they acted very cosy as potential lovers might be expected to act and covertly searched for possible wires. As they searched it was quickly apparent that Nadia was no amateur at this covert intelligence work as she found the first device in the telephone handset; then, a second in a light socket and a third in the television wiring. He wondered. . .

Then, having found the evidence they needed, Tim took her by the arm and said, “I need some air. Let’s go for a walk.” Outside in the hall, he took her hand and silently led her to the roof where he turned to her and said, “Look, You seem to know a lot more than you’re telling me. It’s obvious to me that you’ve been trained in intelligence work so, I’m ready to accept that you are a Russian Agent. So, What in the hell’s going on here?”

‘I know you to be Tim Morton. the CIA agent sent here to meet with Dimitri Medoff.”

“Who’se Dimitri Medoff?”

“He’s a member of a Russian underworld organization. In your country I believe they call it the Cosa Nostra or Mafia. They are in possession of some very important state secrets who’s existence were known only to the United States and Russia until now. and you’re here to buy those secrets for our governments.“

“So, Why wasn’t I told what was happening? When does my office let me know what I’m to do?

“In the morning, a bellman will deliver a briefcase with a very large sum of money, with instructions, to you here in the room. He will be observed and shortly thereafter you will be contacted by My. Medoff or his agent.”

“OK, so what’s your part in all this?”

“I’m here to see that you do your part; then, I intend to see to the punishment of these Russian gangsters!”

“So, why are we room mates tonight?

“I’m also ordered to watch you and see that the money and the agent doesn’t simply disappear a very rich man. The reason I’m in this room tonight is that I’m scared to be alone with so many people possibly bent on doing me harm.”

“How about me? I may want to do you harm!”

“Now, what could a trim, masculine sexy, hunk like you do to me anyway? I kinda like the thought,” she said as she approached him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. As she backed away and Tim saw the trace of a smile of her face he acted instinctively and moved quickly to embrace her and kiss her squarely on the lips. Reacting, Nadia accepted the kiss with her own gusto and their lips parted to allow their tongues to dance together.

As they kissed, Tim felt himself grow fully aroused. . .his cock standing proudly against his belly. It was when the kissed for a second time that Nadia brought her body against his and trapped the big man-meat between their bellies where she felt it through several layers of clothing.

It was this realization that she had caused the hardness pressing into her belly that brought forth her rising lust. . . Nadia was no virgin. There had been three men before Tim but all had been longer relationships with weeks and months of getting acquainted and seduction so that there was an easy familiarity when they finally came together to do the deed. Such was not the case here and she was concerned.

Then, she felt his tongue gently probing her mouth and seeking her tongue. It was exciting. . . She was excited. . . perhaps there was no reason for concern! Perhaps, just perhaps, this might be fun. . .Anyway circumstances had left her with no other alternative.

Meanwhile, from a window several blocks away, a man with a sophisticated, high efficiency telescope and night vision capabilities sat, observed the action on the rooftop and carefully noting the details. . .

After a time on the roof, in the cool night breeze, Nadia and Tim had grown more familiar with each other as the embraced and kissed and caressed and groped! When Tim suggested that they return to their room, Nadia was ready. . .

Then, back in the room, all talk was for the benefit of the various microphones that had been planted there by others. Yet, even as they talked, they played and continued with their love making.

Had they known about the man who sat far away observing through the window in their room that had no drape they might have acted differently but, of course, they didn’t.

As. their eyes met in common consent ,they started to undress, Tim had removed his shoes and socks and unbuttoned his shirt when his gaze fell on Nadia in her bra, panties and pantyhose and he realized that he was seeing her as never before. His eyes adored her. He felt a surge of lust as he stopped what he was doing and stood quietly adoring her.

Nadia was quick to notice his adoration and stood shy, posed before him. “You know, you’re really quite beautiful,” he said and she was suddenly proud. . . . proud of her body and herself.

Then, as Tim continued his silent adoration, there was a pause in there action which seemed to Nadia to be the time to further expose herself and she moved to Tim; turned her back to him and suggested he unhook her bra hooks.

As Tim complied , she moved away again while holding her bra in place before turning and exposing her breasts in a magnificent gesture the brought a surge of lust through him. By now, Nadia was wild with passion and excitement herself. . . She was doing things she’d never done before. . . She was giddy with excitement!

Across town, the man with the telescope began to take a special interest. It seemed obvious to him that this woman who’d come into the situation to meet with their contact was indeed the tourist her credentials had shown her to be but that was no reason to stop looking and miss the show.

So it was that they finally found themselves nude and wildly excited. Tim picked up the beautiful woman, Nadia, and took her to the bed where he positioned her in the center. Then, he climbed on to the bed beside her and began to caress and fondle her breasts.

Tim was filled with lust. He’d never felt passions so intense before and fought to control his actions so that he might enjoy the beautiful woman beside him. “Are you excited?” he asked as their eyes met.

“I can’t believe how turned on I am,” Nadia spoke, “It’s never been like this before. . .

“Me too. I‘m fighting to control myself until you’re ready to . . . .”

“I’m ready. Do me now. . . Nooooooooow!”

Her pleading had been the final straw that broke Tim’s self-control. He moved over her and between her widely splayed knees where he looked down squarely into her labia. He lowered himself to spread those pubis and begin mouthing her vestibule only to find himself grasped by the hair and pulled up and over her. “Not now! There’ll be time for that later . . .fuck me now. . . I can’t wait any longer.!”

Tim needed no further urging as he moved into position and placed his cock into her vestibule where he moved it about to soak the crown in her lubrication; then, he simply slid it into Nadia’s waiting vagina. Then, as Tim’s cock sank into her, their eyes met and communicated. They were now both overcome with passion and their eyes told them that this was not going to be a one-time thing.

There was concern in those eyes as each realized that this was a life altering event over which they no longer had or wanted to have any control. It was only two bodies pressed together, joined by Tim’s stiff gristle that mattered. It was only Nadia’s snug, soft, velvety smooth love channel that provided the erotic sensations that both craved.

Then, they felt it. . . Tim’s cock against her cervix and fully embedded. They rested, silently adoring each other with those eyes as their bodies grew familiar. Minutes passed. . .perhaps a quarter hour or a half hour as they lay joined and motionless except for the kisses and caresses that they gave each other. .

Meanwhile, across the city, the man and his telescope watched through the window. . .

he grew restless as he waited for some activity from the lovers.

As the lay together, enjoying the intimacy and enhancing it with kisses, fondling and adoring looks that drew them even closer and more intimate, both worked at enhancing this bond that was already more binding than any they’d ever known. Of course, as they bonded more intimately, their passions soared accordingly.

Both knew that this time had changed their lives forever.

Then, as their muscles tired and they felt the need to move, Tim began the undulating motion of coitus and Nadia quickly found the rhythm so that they moved in perfect harmony.

A minute later, or maybe two, Nadia began to cry out in a soft mewling of animal sounds and her movements took on an intensity as she began her rise to orgasm. Tim, sensing her condition, felt his own body begin to react and cried out, “I’m gonna cum!”

Their peak rolled over them like distant thunder as it drew closer and lightning streaks of passion flowed through them. Then, as the crack of thunder and the flashes of lightning that was their lust peaked in a crescendo of passion, Tim discharged the first of his many spurts of semen into her waiting belly.

Finally, as the last of the thunder and lightning of passion cleared away and the incredible intimacy that comes after the storm took over and they lay secure in each other’s arms. Now fully enveloped in an envelope of peace and serenity, they talked.

“So, where do we go from here?” Nadia asked.

“Well, we’re both smart people and have an excellent background in international relations. We might. . .”

Then, he was interrupted by a telephone ringing on the night stand beside him. As he answered he was greeted with the CIA to which he gate the required reply and went through the identification procedure. “You will be contacted shortly by a man who will identify himself as Mr. Xyddel, that’s X-Y-D-D-E-L, who will deliver a locked black canvas luggage bag. You will accept the bag and keep it withing your sight and grasp at all times. Sometime in the morning you will be contacted again by several men who will have several large, wooden boxes. When they deliver the boxes into your safe keeping, you will hand them the canvas bad. . . When the transaction is completed, you will keep the boxes in your possession until a man with the name, Mr. Xysen, that’s X-Y-S-E-N. arrives with a crew to take possession of the boxes. Then, you will remain at your station to await further instructions.”

Now, Nadia and Tim quickly showered and dressed as the excitement of their passions was replaced by the excitement of the adventure they were about to face. Then, they ordered breakfast and waited. . .

It was shortly after 0700 hours when The telephone rang again and a voice at the other end of the wire that said, “I understand you have some money for me.” to which Tim replied, “I understand you have some wooden boxes for me.”

“Bring the wooden boxes to the warehouse at 7000 Romanoff street where the exchange will take place. You want the money you be there.”

“1000 hours we’ll be there. Bring the woman with you.”

“1000 hours but the woman stays here.”

“The woman comes with you or I’ll kill her there.”

So the arrangement was made. When Tim and Nadia appeared at the warehouse, the truck with the boxes was already there along with perhaps a dozen ugly looking men with guns.

Their leader motioned for Tim to stop his car and come forward with the bag which he did. Then, the men moved the boxes off the truck and on to the floor of the warehouse and the leader with his driver laded the canvas bag into the trunk of the big, black Mercedes and motioned for Nadia to get in the car.

Tim immediately objected. “You’ve got your money. The woman’s not part of the deal.“

The leader spoke sternly now, “ I need her as a hostage just in case you decide to call in reinforcements. You’ll get her back when we’re well clear.

With that he loaded the protesting Nadia into the big car over Tim’s objections. then, at gunpoint Tim stood back and allowed the car to drive away.

A minute later, there was a gigantic explosion and flames shooting a hundred feet into the air as the big Mercedes was demolished by an explosion. . . an explosion which no person could possibly survive.

Back in CIA headquarters in Virginia, a week later, an angry, sad, depressed, Tim Morton sat facing his superiors. He was in no mood to be toyed with as they tried to explain that they’d no idea that Nadia would be taken hostage in that auto and that their intention was to get the money and the gold back.

Then, Tim found himself speaking up loud and clear, “. . . take this job and stick it were the sun don’t shine. You’ve killed an innocent woman and try to excuse it as though it was some minor incident. I’m out of here. . .”

So it was that three months later, Tim found himself the owner of a large lodge in the Fann Mountains, an hour’s drive from the capitol, contracted with a half dozen Eurasian countries and several from around the world to gather intelligence for them.

When Selina Makoff arrived from Estonia, Tim was duly impressed. . .beautiful nordic features, tall, well proportioned, with a blond ponytail that reached past mid- shoulder, she was an intelligence officer and very loyal to her homeland - a fact that was to catch Tim’s special attention, that and the fact that she reminded him of Nadia.

He often observed her about the lodge and derived pleasure as he observed and thought of his lost love. Then, Selina was fired from her job, charged with leaking sensitive information. Knowing the charge to be false and in need of an interpreter, Tim hired her. . .

Selina was a good woman and . . .