Written by vickyp131

4 Dec 2014

Dear readers.

Thank you for the great commemts on my other stories. Yes they are short but if i keep them that short you want more.

One thing you should know is that all my stories r true.

This story is about a man we will call A. A is mid 30's,tall,great body and a great suckable cock.

I had met A for a social a week before our meet at my place. He seemed so shy he couldn't look me in the eye. But his eyes glittered with feeling. As tuesday arrived i became so nervous. What was i going to wear. We hadn't discused protection or what we both wanted. As soon as he pulled up i knew this was going to be more than just sex. A friendship maybe.

As soon as i opened the door his rugged hands were all over me and our lips finally eachother. It was electric. The jolt went straight to my pussy. I needed him anyway i could have him. I lead him to thr bedroom and thats when we lost all our cloths.

By the time we found the bed we had our hands all over eachother. My dom side kicked in at that point. I pushed him down and slowly kissed my way down his body to his cock. It was so big i had to taste it. His precum tasted so sweet. Just looking at him made me go weak. He had such a sweet face. After a while we both just wanted to hold eachother. Asciblay in his arms we talked about anything and everything. As i began to settle into his arms he found a jolt of energy.

Suddenly i was my back with my legs spread wide and his mouth on my pussy. He knew just how i liked it. Hard and slow. He then began to fingure fuck me. It felt so good. I was begging to cum. But he stoped and climbed about into my arms and began to slowly kiss me. This continued for another two hours. Even though we didn't fuck we both left very happy. Maybe we were both shy or it was just the begining of something magical. I know this is a short story but i just had to sharr. Thanks for reading.xxx