Written by Kevin

21 Oct 2014

We have been married thirty years and over the years I have always gone on to my wife Sue to tell me about her sexual exploits before we met. She has always been reluctant and said the past is the past. I knew she was no virgin before I fucked her. I first met Sue in the bank she worked in and she had a part time job in her local pub. Then she had a fantastic figure, lovely round soft tits, 36d and shapely legs. Her figure has improved with age even after two kids. She has a 38dd bust and still got her good legs. Now she shaves her pussy. When we were courting I would often turn up at the pub about an hour before she was due to finish, have a couple of pints on the house, while I watched her serve customers. She was nineteen when I met her and when working in the pub would always wear low cut tops with a short skirt or a tight short dress, sometimes with stockings. She loved being a prick tease with everyone. As I said I have always tried to get her to open up about her past sex life, but she has always brushed it a side. About two weeks ago she met up with some old friends from the time she worked in the pub and when she came home, pissed and told me to fuck her there and then in our hallway. She bent over and pulled her skirt up exposing a naked arse and pussy. I got my prick out, had a quick rub and slipped it into her moist wet pussy. I thought I was having sloppy seconds, but it was sloppy thirds. She then told me she was ashamed and had a confession to make. I came up her and as I pulled out, loads of spunk oozed out of her pussy.

We went into our lounge and Sue told me that she had just been fucked by two blokes, one an ex-boyfriend and one a very good friend. This is what she told me. Roger was one of two boyfriends she went out with before me. The first boy Pete, she went back to his house regularly and went up to his bedroom and they kissed and cuddled. She did take her top off and allow him to play with her tits by massaging and sucking her nipples. She only rubbed his stiff prick from the outside, he never took it out or asked her to do anything else. She only went out with him for a couple of week. She then got a part time evening job in her local working 2 or 3 times a week. She met Roger, who was the same age as her, eighteen. After work they would go in his car to a local lover’s lane. They just snogged and run their hands over each others bodies. It progressed to getting in the back seat with her tits out, knickers off and him between her legs, licking her pussy bringing her to her first orgasm. She really enjoyed it. He then produced a condom, rolled it onto his prick and lay on top of her as he fucked her. She was no longer a virgin. This romance lasted about 5 months and they fucked about 4 or 5 times a week, either in his car or in her bedroom when her mum and dad were out. She would either strip for him, allow him to finger her, suck her tits and pussy. Give him blow jobs and fuck her. While going out with Roger she had a thing with Dave a barman in the pub who was 5 years older than her. At first it was just sexual banter and sexual comments. He was engaged to be married. Sue knew that blokes liked it when she wore low cut tops. Blokes seemed give her more tips when she exposed more flesh. It was Dave who suggested that she wear stockings and shorter skirts. Blokes liked the flash of boobs and a flash of stocking top. One night when they were working together, she had a low cut top on, short skirt and stocking and was getting excited about seeing Roger and felt extremely hot and gagging for sex. Roger rang the pub and told her his car had broken down and would not be able to see her that night. She felt let down and desperate for a fuck. A barrel needing changing so she went down to the cellar to change the barrel over. As she was bent over the barrel fixing the pipe she felt hands run up her legs, caress her bare flesh between her stocking tops and knickers. It was Dave, she told him not to stop. He reached her knickers and slid a finger into her pussy crack. She was moist and moved up and down on his finger. She was enjoying the finger fuck. Dave pushed her over the barrel, pulled her knickers off, pushed her skirt over her exposed bum, got his erect prick out and fucked her in the cellar. He withdrew and came over her bum cheeks. He kept her knickers and made her continue the shift commando. Whenever they worked together she would either give him a quick wank or blow job in the cellar or they would have a quick fuck. She came most times he fucked her. They became fuck buddies.

I came on to the scene and started dating her. Sue then asked me if I ever thought it strange that she was highly sexed whenever I met her at the pub. I told her I thought she was just being the good girlfriend, no knickers, stockings, sometimes bra less. Then she told me most of the times I came to the pub, spoke with her and then she had to ‘change a barrel’ she was in fact fucking Dave. That’s why she was knickerless and in the mood for sex. In fact Dave fucked her most nights before I picked her up and even on the nights I did not. She did not want to tell me about her past sexual exploits as she really loved me and did not want to lose me.

Sue has now asked if we can experiment and perhaps invite Dave and Roger over, either one at a time or both together and have some sexual fun. I