Written by Happyman

4 May 2011

We have been married for 20 years and the other night while fucking my wife Emma, I asked how many of her old boyfriends had put their pricks up her pussy and played with her tits. It was something that I had asked before but never gone into real detail. It had never ever really bothered me before as I knew she was not a virgin when we married, but just suddenly curiosity got the better of me and I felt turned on finding out. Emma is 42, with a trim size 14 figure with 38DD tits and a shaved pussy. As I pumped away in and out of her pussy she told me she only had 2 boyfriends before me.

The first, Mark, aged 18, when she was 18. She had been going out with him for about 4 weeks, when one night he took her back to his mum and dad’s house while they were out. They went to his bedroom and snogged. He felt her developing tits by rubbing his hands over the outside of her t-shirt. He asked if he could look at them. She told him he could and she pulled off her t-shirt, undid her bra and released her tits. This was her first time she had exposed them to a boy. Mark felt them and played with her nipples. While one hand was playing with her tits he undid his trousers with the other hand. He pulled his trousers and pants down fully exposing his erect prick and balls. The first erect prick she had seen in the flesh. She put her hand on his prick and as she did so she felt it jerk and he came shooting his spunk over the bed. That was as far as she went with him and soon broke up with him.

Her next serious boyfriend was not for a couple of years when she was 19. She met Rob, who was 22 and had a car. On their first date he took her to a country lane and parked up in a secluded wooded area. They kissed and cuddled and he felt her now developed 38dd bust. He slipped a hand up her jumper, found her bra clasp and undid it. He pushed her bra up and found her tits. He then moved his hand to her skirt and travelled up her leg to her pussy. He was rubbing her pussy, when he pulled her knickers to one side and slipped a finger into her moist cunt. He finger fucked her as she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his semi erect prick. She had a large thick prick lying in her hand. She guessed it was about 6 inches already and not yet fully erect. She wanked him and he was soon stiff at about 8 inches. He soon came, shooting his hot warm spunk over her hand and his trousers. They then left and he took her home. She felt sexually frustrated and it was then she knew she needed more than just a finger up her pussy. On the next couple of dates they just kissed and groped each other. It was not until about a month later when her parents had gone on holiday that she invited Rob back to her house after they had been out with friends and she felt she had to lose her virginity. She took him up to her bedroom and did a sexy strip in front of him. When she was naked she helped him strip. She said he looked great naked with his big pole sticking up, bouncing against his stomach. She made him lie on the bed and performed her first oral on a bloke. She licked up and down his shaft, taking time on his purple bulbous end. As she knelt beside him on the bed she felt his finger slip into her pussy and run his thumb around her arse hole. This was turning her on even more and she took him into her mouth and mouth fucked his prick. He started to thrust in and out of her mouth, making her gag. He then stopped finger fucking her and grab the back of her head as she felt his prick come in her mouth, gushing hot creamy spunk down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down on the bed. He then got down between her legs and licked her pussy, finding her clit and gently licked and sucked it. After a couple of minutes she came and her body bucked. Her first orgasm. Rob got up and went to his trousers and pulled out a packet of condoms. He took one out and rolled it onto his still erect prick. He climbed on top of her and eased his prick into her warm moist cunt. He then slowly fucked her. She had now been deflowered. For the next 6 nights they fucked every night in various positions. She went out with Rob for the next 6 months before she found out he was seeing someone else and they split up.

She had been single for a couple of months and was desperate for a fuck, when she bumped into Darren, Rob’s, best friend. He invited her out for a drink and collected her and took her to the pub. Rob was there. All three sat together and had a few drinks. She had more, as she was drinking shorts. Rob then started telling Darren how good a fuck she was and how big her tits were. She then asked Darren if he wanted to fuck her and she wanted to go back to his flat. She thought this would really annoy Rob. Darren told he did and she and he left. They got to his flat and as they got into the hall way she pounced on him. Kissing him and running his hands up and down his body. He started stripping her and as he released her tits, took one in his mouth and sucked on her nipple. She was unbuckling his trousers as she felt his hand up her skirt and start pulling her knickers down. She pulled his trousers and pants down, he stepped out of them as she let her skirt fall to the ground. She then pulled his shirt off over his head. They were both naked. She knelt in front of him and took his erect 6 inch prick into her mouth. She put her hands around him and grabbed his buttocks and he went in and out of her mouth. He then pulled her up and led her into the bedroom. He lay on the bed and she got on, on all fours and continued to suck his prick, as he played with her large dangling breasts. It was then she felt a large prick enter her cunt and fuck her. She released Darren’s prick from her mouth and looked behind her to see Rob, naked, fucking her. He fucked her for 5 minutes and then told her to mount Darren. As she stood to lower herself on to his prick, Darren was rolling on a condom. She lowered herself on to his prick and he started to fuck her. She was facing Darren, when she felt Rob’s prick by her arse. She felt a cool liquid be placed around her hole and felt Rob ease his prick into her arse. He then fucked her and came up her arse. Darren then came. They then spent the next 2 hours fucking. Emma had about 4 orgasms that night. But it was when Rob told her that he had to go as his fiancé would be expecting him home as he was getting married in two days time as she was pregnant. It had been a set up, a two man stag night and Emma was the slut they wanted to fuck.

Emma still has a great sex drive and likes to fuck every night still. I have come in her mouth, cunt and arse. But because of that night many years ago she will only entertain having sex with me and no one else.