Written by TomSmith01

28 May 2012

Hi there, I’m Tom and I want to tell you about my dear wife’s first experience with another man. I’m almost 65 and she turned 63 a few weeks ago. Life has been difficult for us recently (for various reasons) but in over 40 years marriage we’ve never had what could be called a real sex life. We went to see a counsellor a few years ago and after we told him about us he asked how we were still together! I haven’t been a great husband over the past few years and had become very restless so I made contact with several ladies online but never actually met them. Our online conversations were fun and I imagined I actually had a sex life. My wife found out and was very angry but we’re still together and I expect us to always be together, for better or worse.

For many years now I’ve wondered what it would be like for her if she had sex with another man. She always got angry and stopped talking to me if I ever mentioned anything like that always saying she wasn’t interested in any other man. I tried to tell her she might actually enjoy it and that it might help our sex life but she would have none of it. Just before Christmas I found out that she had registered with match.com and she described herself as lonely in her profile and her best features were her legs, I don’t agree with that, she has lovely breasts. She could be lonely I suppose, I work long hours although I retired a few years ago but now I have my own business and it’s hard going. I’m out of the house for at least 12 hours a day and also work on a Saturday morning. When I confronted her she did her usual by reminding me that I had done the same, she can recall everything I’ve said or done over the past years, I don’t expect her to forget what happened but it can be quite annoying. I told her I wasn’t angry and that if she wanted to meet any of those who had responded then she could. She could meet them for a meal or a drink and if she liked him and perhaps wanted more then she could bring him home or we could arrange to meet up in some nice hotel. She didn’t say anything at all and I wondered if she was actually thinking about it but you never know with my wife. She didn’t mention it again until about 2 weeks ago. I knew she had been back on match.com and had seen that there were 2 e-mails for her but didn’t know she had actually looked at them. She said she had contacted one of them and had spoken to him. I had noticed an unrecognized mobile number on our house phone, turns out she gave him that number and when to phone her when I wasn’t there. She said he sounded really nice and that he had asked her if she wanted to go for a meal and a drink, she said she wanted to and was now asking if it was ok. I said yes and reminded her that if she wanted more to let me know and bring him back to our house or book into a nice hotel. She said she had arranged to meet him next weekend which was only 2 days away. I was excited and very nervous, was she going to have sex with him? When the day arrived she told me that they were going to a local restaurant which was within walking distance and she wouldn’t need to drive or for me to go and collect her. She spent all day getting ready, she showered and got her hair done then started getting ready for him. She wore a lovely black dress which was just below the knees and she put on her lovely new pink silk knickers, I wondered if they would be on all night or would he be only the 2nd man to take her knickers off. She put on her lovely high heeled sandals and looked absolutely stunning, she could have got any man she wanted. At about 6 o’clock she said it was time to go and I asked her if she was nervous. Of course she said, she’d never actually been on a date before and didn’t really know how it should go. Should she offer to pay ½ of the cost? Should she not drink or eat too much? what could they possibly talk about? although he said he had similar interests to hers in the profile. I told her to phone me if she wanted me to go to meet her or if she wanted to take it further. She said she would and kissed me before she left. I watched her walk down the lane towards the road and thought she was beautiful, a nice slight waggle of her backside made her look extremely attractive. I was so uptight, a mixture of nerves, jealousy and I’m sorry to say was aroused at the possibility of what might happen. She thought she might be home about 11 o’clock but would keep in touch. It was a long night, I couldn’t settle, I switched through all the channels on tv just looking for something to watch and I had a few drinks wondering what was happening. The phone rang about 10.30 and it was my wife. She asked if she could bring him home with her and when I asked if she was sure she said no then hung up! About 20 minutes later the security light went on and I looked out of the window. There was a nice car, a BMW I think, and they were both in the front kissing each other. It hadn’t taken her long considering her reluctance over the past years. They didn’t see me as they continued to kiss and it was very obvious she was enjoying it (I hoped our neighbours didn’t see anything!) They eventually stopped and got out of the car, she adjusted her dress (I don’t know if his hand had been between her legs or not), gave him a quick kiss then took his hand and walked into the house. I had left the back door open for her and I stood in the dark in the kitchen waiting for her. I heard them in the utility room and it was a few minutes before they actually came into the kitchen. I heard them kissing in the utility room and heard him saying he wanted to fuck her! and she said “sshh”! He was immaculately dressed, had nice hair and looked quite tanned, I thought he might have been in his early 50’s. He introduced himself and shook my hand and said my wife was a beautiful woman and I couldn’t disagree. I took his jacket and hung it up and was really excited about what might happen. My wife had had a few drinks and was obviously “relaxed” but wasn’t drunk so I told them both to go into the living room while I made up some more drinks. I poured my wife a strong gin and tonic, myself a strong vodka and a bottle of beer for our guest and took it into them. I was at the glass panelled door and looked in and they were already kissing again, he definitely had his hand up the front of her dress in between her legs this time and she had her mouth open for his tongue, something she had never done for me. She was moving up against his hand and was obviously ready for whatever was going to happen. I watched for a minute or 2 and they moved apart quickly when I coughed and took the drinks in for them. We made small talk, a lot of rubbish I suppose because we all knew why he was there. I’m not sure I liked him, he was very sure of himself and I don’t think this was the first time he had done this kind of thing. After about 10 minutes I said he could kiss her again if he wanted to and he took her drink from her and kissed her, gently at first then harder as she kissed him back. I watched them for a few minutes during which he squeezed her breasts and she rubbed his cock through his trousers then I suggested they go upstairs to get a bit more comfortable. My wife looked at me then got up and walked over and gave me a kiss and I just nodded that I was ok with it before she took his hand and took him up to our bedroom. I waited a few minutes, had another drink then followed them. They were already on the bed when I arrived, my wife still had her knickers on but he had stripped and they were lying on the bed kissing. My wife had his cock in her hand, her legs were open and he had his hand inside her knickers gently rubbing her pussy. I knew it would be wet for him because she always got wet very quickly during the few times we had some sort of sexual contact. He moved to her breasts and sucked her nipples, I had never seen them as big, before she pushed his head down towards her pussy. He took his time, kissing and licking her lovely body as he got closer to her pussy. He kissed the front of her knickers and I could see the outline of her pussy through them so knew she was very wet. She raised herself up so he could take her knickers off then she put her feet on the bed and opened up so he could see what she was offering him, again something she had never done for me. He pushed her legs further apart, told her it was beautiful then started kissing and licking the inside of her legs before he finally licked her pussy and clitoris. She doesn’t have many hairs between her legs these days but I think he kissed all of them before she let out a loud moan then started moving up against his face as he licked her and it didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm of the night, it was obvious that she was ready for it. She was quite noisy as she came before she pulled him back up and they started kissing again. Soon she started moving down, I didn’t know what would happen because she had never put my cock into her mouth once during our marriage. She got to his cock and held it in both hands, it was quite impressive and certainly much bigger than mine. She kissed and licked along the length of it before she looked at it again, closed her eyes and for the 1st time put the head of a cock into her mouth. She must have been ok with the taste because she took it out and kissed and licked the head of it before it disappeared into her mouth again. By this time our guest had moved slightly so he was able to kiss and lick her pussy again and I watched them noisily eating each other in a sideways 69 position. This lasted for a few minutes and she had managed to get most of it in her mouth when I saw her tense up and come again on his face. She kept rubbing her pussy against his face before she moved back up and they started kissing again. A few minutes later I heard her tell him she was ready for him. They continued to kiss before he moved up between her legs then he kissed her pussy before he lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He kissed her feet (which she loves) and the back of her legs before he rubbed his cock along the length of her pussy then he moved forward slowly and tried to put the head of it into her, only her second cock ever and 2 weeks after her 63rd birthday. It didn’t go in immediately so he held it then moved forward again and it started to enter her, she told him to stop because it was too big and he leaned forward to kiss her. She had her hands on his backside and her legs round him as he kept still until she got used to the size of it and she pushed up against him. I watched as this new cock slowly entered her and eventually it was fully in and I could see that it was really stretching her. He kept it fully in for a minute or 2 before he slowly let her legs down and laid on top of her as they kissed. She was really kissing him now and I could see their tongues touching and licking each other. She took her legs away from round him and I heard her tell him to fuck her and he certainly did! He started slowly at first then got a bit faster and a lot harder and she was certainly enjoying it. We had never had sex like that and it was obvious that she liked it as she told him she was coming again. He continued to push it into her fast and hard then he slowed down before pulling his cock back out of her. He had come inside her and I could see it running out of her well fucked pussy. It was the first time in many years that a cock had come inside her and I looked at the expression of satisfaction on her face as it slowly ran out of her. I looked at my watch and he’d been in the house barely an hour and he had already made her come 3 times and he had come inside her. I wondered what would happen next, I wanted him to come all over her face and I wanted her to let him come in her mouth but I didn’t know what else she would do. I went to get some towels so they could clean up a bit and when I came back through with them they were already kissing and touching each other. I left them the towels and went back downstairs to top up the drinks again. I took my time and wondered what I had done, she had just been fucked by another man for the first time and things would never be the same again but hopefully they could be even better now. I was quite happy for her to have some sexual pleasure and wanted to ask her what she had thought of the night so far. Going by the noise she was making it was going well! When I went back up they were in a 69 position with him on top and his head between her legs while she had most of his cock in her mouth. To think that only an hour ago she had never even put the head of a cock in her mouth now she was sucking it as hard as she could in between kissing and licking it. He started pushing a finger into her backside, something else she wouldn’t let me do and although she was wriggling about a bit she made no effort to stop him, surely she wasn’t going to let him put his cock into her backside? I had wanted to try that years ago but now my cock isn’t hard enough to do it, but his certainly was. They did this for a few minutes and I thought she was going to let him come in her mouth but she took it out just before he exploded and he came over her breasts, her face and her hair before he moved round and opened up her legs and licked her to another orgasm. They collapsed on the bed and wiped themselves with the towels I had taken in for them. If my wife noticed I was there then she didn’t make it obvious as I heard her telling him it was the best sex she had ever had (that wouldn’t have been difficult!) and that she wanted it again and soon. He laughed as he pulled her on top of him and kissed her hard, his hands opening her up from the back and I could see his juices still running out of her. He did this for a few minutes then pushed her head down towards his cock, it wasn’t as big and hard as it had been but I think he wanted my wife to get it ready for their next session. She kissed his body on the way down paying particular attention to his nipples before she got to his cock. She rubbed it gently as she was kissing the head of it and you could actually see it getting bigger as she did this. She kept putting it into her mouth and sucking it hard as she slowly took it out. She did this for a few minutes and it was getting very big and hard again. He pulled her back up him and they kissed again then he pushed her onto her side and moved round behind her. He lifted up her leg and put his cock back into her from behind. In this position he was able to fuck her as he squeezed her breasts and kissed her all at the same time, it was unbelievable and she was really enjoying it. She was kissing him hard and I thought she was going to swallow him as she opened her mouth for him. It didn’t take long for her to tell him she was coming again and he slowed down and fucked her very slowly through her orgasm, she was so loud when she was coming he had to kiss her to quieten her as his cock was just slowly moving in and out of her as she was pushing back hard on it. She was really enjoying this taste of real sex and I knew she would want more tonight and after. They didn’t move for a minute or 2 then he took his cock out of her and moved back between her legs and rubbed his cock up against her pussy. She was making small moaning sounds all of the time now and she was obviously very aroused. I heard her tell him to hurry up and moaned loudly as he pushed his cock back into her. Soon it was fully inside her again and she was moving up against him as she told him to fuck her again. He laid down on her for a minute or 2 then pushed himself up then started fucking her and that was them for about 20 minutes or so. She said later she came 3 times as they fucked each other, he never took his cock out of her the whole time as they kissed and fucked, often at the same time, before he quickly took his cock out and rubbed himself until her came over her breasts and face then moved his cock to her mouth, she didn’t hesitate and soon she was sucking it and letting him finish his orgasm in her mouth. He kept moving in her mouth for at least 5 minutes and this time he said it had been the best sex he had ever had.

To be continued!