Written by TomSmith01

11 Jun 2012

I hope this satisfies the grammar and punctuation police!

They both lay on the bed exhausted after their exertions, my wife made no move to cover herself up and just lay there with her legs open so I could what was running out of her. I hadn’t managed to come inside her for more than 20 years so it was obvious that she liked it. I don’t know if it was for show or not, just to let me see that I had driven her to this situation where she was having sex with another man. I have to say that as long as she was happy then so was I, you can’t suddenly stop loving someone that you’ve loved for about 48 years!

She got up and went through to the en suite and I heard her peeing then putting the shower on. I showed our guest where the big bathroom was so he could freshen up as well if he wanted. He thanked me and I left them and went back downstairs and poured myself a very large ice cold vodka and drank it straight down without any mixer! I was in a turmoil, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t really jealous although she had already done things with him she hadn’t done with me and I knew things could never be the same BUT I was aroused by what I had seen.

I didn’t want to join in, I was “happy” to watch the “show” as long as she was still my wife.

He came back down first, he had his trousers and shirt on but was bare footed. I asked him if he wanted a drink, he said yes and I got him a beer. We made some sort of conversation and he told me he owned a small business locally, I had heard of it and told him so. I asked him about match.com and he said he always looked for women who described themselves as lonely, they were the “best” and were always reasonably available for a meeting then possibly sex but not many of them were as attractive as my wife. He said he was having sex with 6 of them on a regular basis.

I have to admit he looked good, better than me. He had nice hair, a nice body and a bit of a tan, don’t know whether natural or not. I told him she was a good wife but I’d neglected her recently and that was why she had described herself as lonely. I asked if they had spoken about him staying overnight and he said no but if there was a 2nd time then it might be something to discuss, I was quite relieved,I didn’t want him with us all night.

Then I told him he was only the 2nd man to have been inside her and he was stunned, he had never thought there were many women of my wife’s age who had only ever had one sexual partner. He didn’t say much more after that then my lovely wife came back down. She had a loose fitting wrap around on and looked absolutely stunning, she had her expensive perfume on as well and smelled fantastic. She sat down beside me and cuddled into me and held my hand. She asked me if I was ok and I nodded yes then I asked if she wanted more and she said yes. She gave me a peck on the cheek, told me she loved me then walked over to him and pulled him up and kissed him and it wasn’t just a peck on the cheek. They stood kissing for a minute or 2 before she started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest. I thought she was going to go all the way down to his cock and give him oral sex there and then but she stopped, moved back up and put her arms round his neck as they kissed again. Her wrap had fallen off by this time and her breasts looked magnificent as he held them in his hands, gently squeezing them then rubbing her nipples against his chest. She obviously really liked this and moaned loudly as she opened her mouth for him even wider. I don’t know why she said her best feature was her legs in her online profile, her breasts are magnificent and they looked swollen and even bigger because she was so aroused with what was happening. Her nipples were really sticking out and for a woman of her age they were unbelievable !

She had pale green knickers on, I don’t know when she got them because I had never seen them before, it was obvious that she had been preparing for an evening like tonight. She was rubbing herself against him and I thought she was going to fuck him where they stood. He put his hands down inside her knickers on her backside and massaged it for her then started pulling her knickers down. She made no attempt to stop him and stepped out of them when he had pulled them down, she was naked in front of him and me and I couldn’t believe what she was doing. He started to move down and sucked her nipples into his mouth before he made his way to her pussy. He kissed it then pushed her legs apart and put his tongue back into her as she moaned loudly. She closed her eyes and put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him into her then literally fucked his face until she noisily had another orgasm. She was breathing heavily and after coming on his face pulled him up and kissed him hard, she must have liked the taste of her pussy because I saw her licking his lips and sucking his tongue into her mouth as well. She opened his trousers and after a bit of a struggle managed to take his cock out. It was big and hard, 2 things mine wasn’t but never mind? I have to say that at this time I thought mine was bigger and harder than it had been for years.

She started rubbing and squeezing it as he put his hand back between her legs to massage her pussy, kissing her breasts at the same time and they continued like this for a minute or 2 until she moved down, kissed his cock and put the head of it into her mouth before she picked up her knickers and wrap around and led him back upstairs without even looking at me. She said later she couldn’t because the only way she could do it was to pretend I wasn’t there.

I didn’t wait long until I followed them, after what she had already done I was desperate to see what else she would do. When I got into our room he was standing at the side of the bed and my wife was on her side with his cock in her mouth as he played with her breasts. She had most of it in her mouth as she sucked it for him, occasionally taking it out and licking the head of it or rubbing her nipples with it. They kept this up for a few minutes and I could see he was ready to come again before he stopped her and moved on to the bed next to my wife and pulled her onto him. We had never really had sex with her on top, she felt self conscious about it but it didn’t seem to be a problem that night. She positioned herself so his cock was at her pussy entrance then put her hand round it and pushed herself onto it. She moaned out loud as it slowly disappeared deep inside her until it was fully in and she just moved against it, rubbing herself against his hairs. He took her hands and I heard him tell her to fuck him. She started moving slowly up and down on it but every now and again stopped, just pushing it into her as far as she could then she moved forward to kiss him and he put his arms round her to hold her down and proceeded to fuck her. He moved slowly to begin with then went quite fast, in and out of her, until I saw him tense up and it was obvious he was coming inside her for the 3rd time. He eventually stopped and let go of her and as she moved back up his cock came out of her and was still huge. She moved back to kiss it for him again as she moved so he could lick her pussy. Although he had just come inside her they gave each other oral sex again for a few minutes before she got up, kissed him and disappeared downstairs. That was her finished for the night, it was obvious that she’d had enough.