Written by TomSmith01

18 Jun 2012

Some of you have seen my first 2 descriptions of my wife's first time with another man so now you can read how it finished.

I didn’t know what to do, he was lying on the bed and my wife was somewhere downstairs. I eventually said that he could tidy up and I would see him downstairs when he was ready. I went downstairs and found my wife was in the conservatory with the lights out so I didn’t want to disturb her, there would be plenty of time to discuss what had happened later on. Soon he came back down, full dressed this time and I got his jacket for him and said goodbye. He wished us well and said that if we wanted a repeat performance then my wife knew how to contact him. I went back through to the conservatory but my wife wasn’t there, I found her upstairs stripping the bed and I asked if she was ok. She nodded yes but I think she was crying! She remade the bed and went back into the shower, she could possibly wash off what had happened over the past hour or so but the consequences would last a lot longer. When she eventually came back out, it seemed like forever, she said she didn’t want to discuss it there and then but she would when she was ready. She got into bed and I kissed her then unbelievably fell asleep.

For the next few days she was very affectionate to me, kissing me and telling me she loved me then on the Wednesday when I got back home from work she had the conservatory open and some drinks ready. She had already had a few and had obviously built up to what she was going to tell me. She started off by saying the date went well enough and she had felt quite comfortable in his company. She told him I knew where she was and that I knew about match.com. He hadn’t seemed too surprised apparently and said lots of women were unhappy with their lives in general and often their sex life as well. She told me that she had decided not to take their date any further and that she wanted to go home. He said to have another drink and he would give her a lift home when she was ready and she was ok with this. They had a drink and everything was ok, he understood her reaction and said not to worry about it, he had enjoyed her company. When she was ready he paid the bill and they walked out to his car and as my wife went to get into it she stumbled slightly and he caught her and kissed her. She kissed him back and she told me she knew then she would have sex with him. They continued to kiss standing against his car, my wife said they must have looked like teenagers, fumbling and touching each other then he put his tongue into her mouth and she said when their tongues touched for the first time she felt a tingle between her legs. She had her arms round his neck as he squeezed her backside and rubbed her pussy through her dress. They got into the car and that was when she phoned me to tell me she was bringing him home with her. When they got to our house, as I said previously the security light came on and I could see them kissing and my wife said that was when he felt her pussy for the first time as he rubbed the front of her knickers. Then they came in and as they say, what happened next is now history.

She said that although she enjoyed what had happened she had never thought that she would have been such a enthusiastic participant. She had thought they would just have sex the same way as we did then he would go away. She said she was sorry and would do anything to make things right but I reminded her that it had been my fault and that I had actually encouraged her to meet him. She also said that it would never happen again but I know that she’s contacted him at least twice since that night but don’t think they’ve met again. She knows how to delete incoming calls to our house phone but not how to delete outgoing calls.

Well that’s my description of what happened, I’m still not angry, it was a great experience for both of us and if anything happens again and I am there when it happens then I’ll let you all know.