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An amazing new adventure

"Whilst experienced with MFM threesomes and comfortable performing in front of a husband I’d new been part of a group of men looking to satisfy one special lady"

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I was early, nothing new there, and the anticipation was intense. I’d never experienced a gathering of a group of men who were going to pleasure a single lady before. Lots of lovely MFM threesomes where typically the wife of those I met would be the centre of attention, but this was new to me. I am confident in the company of men but never a group before.

I need not have worried. I was first met at the door of the house in this smart suburban street by our host. A gentleman with a smiley face welcomed me and showed me into the lounge where I met Mr K, husband of Mrs K, who was already upstairs with our Master of Ceremonies was readying the lady who would be the centre of attention. Our 4th gent knocked on the door and was let in and the three of us introduced ourselves to each other. Our ages ranged from 40’s to 70’s but all were clean and confident and looking forward to being introduced to Mrs K who, dressed in stockings, suspenders bra and matching panties, would be led downstairs by our MC to greet us. We had all seen pictures, supplied by Mr K who very much enjoyed arranging these get togethers for his very attractive wife. With a slim build but perfect breasts she had a pretty face you would immediately look twice at, but typically her manner was not that of a woman who demanded sex in such a way as we about to provide.

We stripped and waited as we heard the pair descend. The door opened and our mouths opened. Mrs K was stunning. A gorgeous body so sexily displayed, and her reaction was to smile and say “Oh my goodness, I’ve never had this number of visitors before. She walked in and we drank in the view. Cocks were already to attention and our MC suggested she give each of us a squeeze. Mrs K moved to the centre of the room going from cock to cock and was introduced to us since our host, our 4th and I had never met her or her husband, or indeed each other. After we all explored her body with our hands our MC removed her panties, and we took turns to touch her beautiful pussy lips.

It had been explained since the change Mrs K wasn’t able to fuck and anything passing inside her was painful, so we were only to caress her body and pussy lips. We all moved upstairs to a large double bedroom with the bed centrally positioned. Mrs K lay in the centre and our MC had our host go to the left while on the right both gents knelt with cocks in each reach of Mrs K and our 4th moved to the centre and began to kiss the mound and play his tongue up her pussy fold. She took the two cocks offered and then raised her head to lick the tip of each and then suck noisily the head of each man. Mr K had. As agreed, began to film, and photograph the proceedings. He would take his pleasure later in reclaiming his wife when she had been satisfied by the group.

Over the next few minutes men changed places and all had their cocks sucked to almost bursting point. Our MC then asked for a change of position and lay on his back in the centre of the bed. Mrs K sat astride him, cowgirl fashion. By now her bra was off and only the stockings and suspenders remained. He had a great sized cock and as it lay pointing to his chest, she applied lube and slip her pussy lips up and down the length. It was an incredible sight and I imagine the feeling for both was out of this world. I almost expected it to slip inside and disappear or to spurt a great jet of cum across his chest. Her tits were swinging and not wishing to be left out I offered my cock to her lips which she licked, kissed, and then took it inside. It felt fantastic and as I cupped her tits, I was ready to cum.


We constantly changed places and after a while of kneeling up Mrs K needed a rest so lay down on her back and once again, we took turns to suck her nipples, kiss her thighs and I enjoyed going down on her pussy. The consensus was now isgood time for the gentlemen to show their appreciation. They each took a turn to kneel over her and while they wanked their cocks she played with their balls and encouraged them to spurt. Each did with an amazing volume, and she was soon covered from chin to belly button in hot spunk. I was between her legs and using the lube to tease her clit. She relaxed and mouthed how wonderful it felt and I slowed the pace, almost teasing and established the rhythm that suited her. I felt her body shudder and tense and applied the final few strokes with my tongue. I was then invited to kneel and have my cock sucked and I emptied my load over her flat stomach while rubbing my hands up her amazing stocking clad legs.

Everyone had experienced a great time. I could never have imagined how a large group could be so respectful and gentlemanly while doing, such things to a demure lady who could have stepped off the page of a lingerie catalogue. My preconception would be of rough types with a greedy girl, but this was so far removed from this. My own climax was so intense. I suspect, since the proceedings far outlived the typical timeframe of a seduction my cock had been exercised in a way unlike before and I would definitely like to experience this again.

Written by Sunray

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