Written by wifesharer2010

17 Nov 2010

This is the continuation of Sarah’s adventures in the hot-wife and cuckolding lifestyle originally posted on 10th November 2010 under ‘first experience of wife cucking me;.

Well, Friday was a very nervous night for me; I arranged to be out when Sarah was being picked up by Paul so as not to cause any embarrassment for either of them. We discussed what she was going to wear when he picked her up, I suggested a short dress with no knickers on, and that she should suck his cock on the way there. She was reticent to do this and instead plumped for the standard jeans and shirt combo, but she showed a bit of her wonderful cleavage.

She got picked up in Paul’s Red Porsche (what a twat!) and whisked off into Birmingham for a filthy night in the Malmaison.

I was running through the events in my head, wondering what she was doing; I was in a permanent state of arousal all night but managed to resist the temptation of wanking as I wanted to keep as much cum in my balls as possible.

The next day I got a text at about 12 ish saying she’s be back at 1, and I should arrange to be elsewhere. I was so excited and I managed to stay away until 1:15 to make sure there was no embarrassment. I walked in through the door and she just smiled at me in that dirty little way she does. She is a very pretty little 5’4 blonde with a curvy size 8-10 figure, beautiful legs and fantastic 36DD breasts. She looked glowing, and really hot. I wanted to fuck her right there and then, but instead we had a small chat.

‘So how was it?’ I asked, expectantly.

‘Good, really good,; she said, holding my gaze.

‘Go on then, put me out of my misery!’ I exclaimed.

‘Well, we got to the hotel and straight away we fucked on the bed. I forgot how big his cock was, I was struggling to get it all in at first but I was so horny, my pussy opened all the way up to accept the full girth and length of it. I loved his cock in my pussy, stretching it all open. We fucked for about half an hour until he came in my pussy - he flooded my cunt with his spunk, it was the most amount I’ve ever seen, it ran down my legs when I went to the loo. He said “I really needed that, I haven’t come in two weeks!” I could tell from the thick spunk now running out of my pussy. We got dressed and then we went down to the Mailbox to get some food. We only stayed out about 2 hours and then came back to the hotel and we fucked all night, another six times!’

‘Fucking hell,’ I said, shocked and turned on. ‘Let’s go upstairs and you can tell me all about the rest of it,’ I said.

‘Can’t, I’m afraid, I’m too sore from his cock, he stretched me so much my pussy is really red and sore right now.’

I showed my disappointment until after a minute of my sorry faced antics, she gave in and we went upstairs. She stripped off and I saw what she meant, her pussy lips were so wet and red, I’d never seen them like that before.

‘You’ll have to lick me first though, to get me in the mood’ she said, naughtily as she lay backwards on the bed and opened her perfect legs to show me the fun she’d had the night before.

I greedily lapped up her pussy juices and finger fucked her incredibly loose pussy, licking up all of the juices that escaped from her cunt in the hope that it was a bit of Paul’s cum. Her pussy was really loose and I was so turned on, my cock was the hardest it has ever been, it was almost hurting. Her cunt looked really sore, but I didn’t care, I needed to fuck her pussy, I wanted to be in the area that Paul had so greedily taken advantage of 7 times the night before.

There was nearly no resistance, partly because she was so wet, but mainly due to the fact that Paul’s huge cock had almost split my slutty wife’s cunt in two from his fucking.

We locked eyes and she began mumbling about how hard Paul fucked her and what it was like to be filled with another guy’s cock, and how much she loved having a lover.

I didn’t las very long, probably about 10 minutes. Knowing that Sarah had had Paul’s naked unsheathed cock in her and that he had filled her on numerous times with his cum was too much for me. Her pussy was super slippery, I could tell she was in a bit of pain, but I thought it was apt for her to get a bit of punishment for being a slut and enjoying a huge cock all night long.

I eventually came over her pert arse, there was so much cum it was unbelievable. I looked down at Sarah's perfectly shaven but well fucked pussy; it looked really messy and sore, I loved it. It was red and puffy and looked so inviting.

We lay in bed for another few minutes until we decided to get up.

My favourite comment was the one she asked just before we went downstairs; ‘Can I keep him?’

I love my slut wife.

More to follow.