24 Jul 2016

After being on this site for sometime I had given up hope.That was until 3 weeks ago when I received a message out of the blue from a husband fairly local to me,he explained briefly that he and his wife C were looking for the ideal candidate for their first threesome and asked whether I had any experience,and if I had any ideas on how,where and when etc.

I answered his initial message saying honestly no I hadn't any experience,but would assure them both that I would adhere to any boundries and remain very very discreet and respectful of both their wishes.As for the how,where and when I replied as soon as possible,the where and how I would leave to them but again I assured them I would not let them down.

Within 10mins the reply came!

We will be staying at a certain hotel next Wednesday evening could you meet us there at 6pm.

I replied immediately saying yes no problem and forwarded my mobile number,just in case they couldn't make it.

For anyone else that's been in this situation you'll all ready know that the time drags and much as you want to know how things are going to pan out you have no idea.

At last its Wednesday being self employed I take the afternoon of (my minds not been on the job anyway), home for a good brush up and change,and set off for the arranged meet half expecting a cancellation text,which didn't arrive! phew. the hotel was a very smart one in a spa town about an hour away.I pull into the carpark 30mins early and prepare for the wait.

within minutes a text arrives I almost dread looking,but its from D (husband) i'll be down in the bar in 5mins if you'd like to meet for a drink,i reply ok see you there.

I arrive in the bar to be met by D who then orders me a drink and orders a bottle of cooled Prosecco for 30mins when C will join us.I am steered by D to a quiet corner of the bar and we sit and get to know each other.He seemed a really nice chap and it just made me think why would he want to share his wife with me or anyone for that matter.Almost as if he read my mind he explained that he and C had a fantastic relationship,but often had thoughts usually when making love of sharing their lovemaking with someone else,and they had both decided that rather than using it as mind stimulation that they would like to try the scenario out for real,he continued the rest my friend you know.

He then went on to explain how he and C would expect the evening to go so that none of us would have that awkward feeling of when we were going to retire to their room.

A waiter arrived with the bottle and placed it on the table along with glasses.A few minutes later I saw C for the first time,wow what an impression she was fairly short about 5-5' 2'' I would guess,shortish blond hair,a great figure not skinny but certainly not oversized,what drew my eyes most was the smart dress zipped from top to bottom very sexy.

D introduced us a peck on the cheek she smelt devine,wine poured we sat and chatted comfortably for a good hour,and this is where the earlier chat paid off D suggested we carried on our chat over another bottle in the room which had already been delivered there by the waiter.Great idea said C lets go,the three of us heading for the lift,in the lift I complimented C on her stunning looks and her dress,to which she replied it was purchased specially for the occasion to give easy access,wow I thought I was burning I must have been glowing red at that comment.

We stroll from the lift to the room the lady in the centre with a male linked either side.D unlocked the door and in we go.

C standing in front of me for a few awkward seconds while D pours the drinks,now or never with her back to me I put my arm around C and gently kiss her neck,she tipped her head backwards and lifts my right hand up to her breast squeezing it to encourage me to carry on,i needed no help I raised the other the other hand and cupped them both while contuing to kiss her neck,D turns around and just stares saying I've wanted to see another man to touch you for so very long C and its all as good as I could hope for.

Spurred on by his words I take hold of C's zipper and start to ease it down with D her husband only 3-4feet away,just seeing the look on his face as I stopped briefly half way down to slip my hand inside to feel the swell of C's breasts above her bra,stroking over her tummy and lightly brushing my fingers down towards her panties as she let out a small groan of encouragement,then on with my journey with the zipper down past her waist feeling the fabric of her panties as I continued until I reached the bottom and I was on my knees,i gently eased her around to face me undid the last bit and open it came D looking on I awe me still on my knees I shuffled back a little to take in the view.

a beautifull matching set of quality underware consisting of a half cup bra,matching knickers no suspenders but lacy topped hold ups,i just had to lean forward to nuzzle her barely covered pussy.

Stand up requested C I did as asked,we need to even things up here with that she slowly unbuttoned my shirt rubbing her hands over my chest as she did so,then slipping it off my shoulders as D looked on in awe,as we kissed and fondled each other,i spoke and told D what a very lucky man he was,he of coarse agreed as he unbuttoned his own shirt in readiness.

C in the meantime was undoing my trousers but rather than removing them she let them drop to my knees and reached inside my undies and took hold of my rampant cock,i honesty could have spoilt the whole scene and cum on the spot but managed to hold it and calm down.

I have just re read this and it sounds boring (certainly wasn't at the time I can assure you) we havn't even got down to anything yet but we do,if you'd like the rest let me know and i'll add it.