Written by Jastongue

17 Aug 2009

My partner and I had just been away for the weekend in South Wales. A spur of the moment last minute thing without the kids for a change.

We didn't do much, just the usual sort of thing of enjoying the local countryside and a bit of shopping. The hotel room was quite nice and luckily we didn't have to leave too early on the Sunday morning, so we were quite well rested. The funny thing is, we didn't get up to anything at the hotel itself over the weekend – I guess we were so tired from the normal day to day stuff the rest of the year, we were happy just relaxing.

It wasn't until later that Sunday morning AFTER we had checked out of the hotel that we started to feel horny. A shame, because the hotel room would have been ideal to have a little fun in. Now we were only 3 hours or so away from being back at home with the kids.

I'm not sure how it started, or who started it, but as we were coming along the M4 we found ourselves rubbing each others legs. I was driving, but still managed to get my left hand up underneath her skirt so that I could feel the inside of her thigh and then proceed to see if I could reach anything else....!

She in the meantime had started rubbing my cock through my jeans. This feeling combined with my fingers just managing to get their way inside her thong a touching the outside part of her pussy was making me go really hard!

We looked and smiled at each other and I noticed that she had a top on that I reckon would pull down really easily! I pulled my hand out from her skirt and started rubbing her lovely 38c tits through her top. By this point we were going across the Second Severn Crossing and were heading onto the quieter (on a Sunday outside of the holiday season) motorway that leads down to the M5 south.

After a couple more minutes of fumbling and a little giggling on both of our parts, we found ourselves on the little two lane motorway with hardly anybody on it apart from a few trucks here and there.

I proceeded to pull down her top and managed to do get her breasts out by just pulling the cup of the bra down. The result was that the lorry drivers we were passing would have got a nice view of her tits literally “hanging out” and my fingers pinching and pulling at her lovely big brown nipples.

We laughed more and I decided to slow down as we passed the lorries. About 55 – 60 seemed a good speed so that we just eased passed them so anybody looking down at us would get a good look! Some of them didn't notice, but it was funny looking at the faces of the ones that did see us! One lorry gave us a big “toot” on the horn and flashed his lights at us!!!

I joked with her and said “Christ, if we break down now, you will probably be fucked by at least 5 lorry drivers!”

As we neared the M5, we came up to a land rover that was only doing about 50 mph. We both stopped what we were doing and she pulled her top back up in case there was a family inside. I stayed in the outside land and we crept up along side of it. We were pretty sure that there was just one guy in there. As we were side by side, he looked over and slightly down at us (our car is lower than a land rover) wondering why we were going so slowly.

She looked round at me and said “shall we?” to which I replied something like “fuck it – why not?!” and I was surprised to see her pulling her top back down and getting her tits out. Well – I say I was surprised – I wasn't half as surprised as the poor sod driving the land rover! I never quite understood/ visualised the expression “his jaw dropped” until then....

Unfortunately our play had gone slightly too far... I think I had drifted over to the left a bit – not into the other lane, but onto the actual lines... the poor bloke in his surprise swerved very slightly to his right towards us and just enough just to clip our nearside. It was only a very slight clip, but being a much bigger car, gave us a rather nasty jolt. I think my hard on must of went from 60 – 0 in about a quarter of a second....

She let out a bit of a scream at the same time.

As with most accidents, sometimes luck goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. On this occasion luck was with us and somehow I got the car back under control. It seemed like it took about 3 minutes, but in reality I think it was only 3 seconds!

Before I knew it, we were pulling onto the hard shoulder with our hazards on, with the land rover pulling up behind us. I found myself getting out of the car and walking to the land rover. She stayed in the car. The guy was just getting out when I reached there and there is always that split second feeling of nerves in these situations when you're not sure how the other driver is going to react. Are they going to be cool, or are they going to start f-ing and blinding at you?!

Luckily the guy that got out was level headed and we both found ourselves saying “are you ok?” and saying stuff like “wow that was a close one” and “what damage do you have?”

We had a very quick inspection of each others cars and revealed that we had a medium sized dent and he had a much smaller impression of where we had met. I clocked that the Land Rover was less than two years old and immaculate otherwise, so this was probably still quite serious damage for him.

We quickly agreed that although it was quite on the motorway, this wasn't the best place to be standing. Our car was still drivable as the damage appeared to be only cosmetic. We discovered we were both going to be heading quite a way south on the M5, so we agreed to meet up at the services just after the Avonmouth bridge to exchange details.

I got back in the car and said - “shit that was close!” to which she said something like “yes – I'd say”. As we drove off we checked we were both ok. I then told her we were going to stop at the next services to check the cars properly etc. She started to giggle at this point and said “oh no – he's seen my tits!” I started laughing and realised that I had temporarily forgotten what had caused us to have our bump in the first place. She started asking me if he was angry with us or anything like that. I explained he was fine and was concerned if we were ok etc.

As we got nearer the services she asked a few more times if he was angry with us or not. I kept replying that he was fine... but a small part of me was worried that he might be one of these blokes that could get moody very quickly....

It started to rain as we came into the services. It wasn't very busy, but I pulled into the car park in a section without any other cars nearby. My initial thinking was what we would have a bit of room to inspect our vehicles without others getting in the way. As I came to a halt, a part of me wondered if I had done the right thing parking in such a quiet place. The land rover pulled up a space and a half away from me.

It was tipping down with rain and I could see the guy writing on a bit of paper. I said that I would go and sort it out and she said she was bursting for the loo. She grabbed a brolley out of the back and cursed me slightly (for parking so far away) before getting out and making a dash for the services.

I got out and the guy waved to me to come over to his car. He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in. We exchanged details and he was very apologetic, saying he was to blame as he had hit us! Who said land rover drivers were all pigs?!

I got out and decided to join her in the services. I guessed that she had stayed in there waiting for me to phone her and say everything was ok. I grabbed my jacket and made a run it as well.

When I got there, she was waiting just inside at the front. I explained everything was ok and we decided to sit down and have a coffee. I filled her in on what was said and she seemed very surprised that he was taking the blame for it all.

Just as we were finishing, we noticed the guy coming towards us with a coffee. He apologised again, but this time to the both of us. We told him not to worry and that everything was ok. I couldn't help notice that she didn't seem as embarrassed as I thought she would be.... considering she was flashing her tits at him not 40 minutes ago! He ended up sitting down with us and we started having a chat.

We introduced ourselves and he told us a bit about himself. His name was Dave and he was a 48 year old (about 5 years older than us) divorcee from further down the road in Exeter. He had just been visiting an aunt over in Wales. We told him about our short break that we had just been on. The “tit flash” thing was not mentioned.... however I'm sure I caught his eyes wondering to her bust several times.

I should mention that we have had a couple of “soft swings” with two other men in the past. It usually involved us shagging in front of them and end up with her giving them a blow job. These had been people that we "knew a bit" from the past – not people we would be bumping into each week of course!

During the chit chat , I found myself wondering if she fancied him at all. He seemed quite intelligent and good looking (I am straight by the way!). The randy feeling that I had an almost an hour ago started to return. I looked at her to see if she may be feeling the same way, but it was hard to tell.

As neither of us are not experienced in arranging threesomes with complete strangers, inevitably it ended up with the conversation coming to a polite end and us saying our goodbyes. We got up and left leaving him at the table finishing off his drink.

The rain had lifted and we started giggling about the whole thing before we even got back to the car. As we drove off I started to ask her if she fancied him. She denied it at first, but in the end conceded that he wasn't bad at all. I started to joke around by asking if if I should ring him up for threesome one night (having all of his details now!). She laughed it off and kept changing from “you wouldn't dare let me” to “well – we don't really know him” and “what if” etc.

We got home about half an hour later and by this time I think we were both feeling as horny as each other! Unfortunately the kids were due back at some point in the next hour or so, so it seemed unlikely we were going to do anything about it. She decided to go up and take a shower.

Whilst in the shower, I got a text saying that the kids were having fun and wanted to stay with the grandparents until after tea. Well – ideal I thought! I shouted the news through the bathroom door and shouted something like “oh great”. She didn't sound quite as happy as me and I wondered if she wasn't feeling so horny now....

I went back downstairs and just as I went into the lounge the door bell went. I opened the door and was very surprised to find Dave standing there. “Hi, I think your misses dropped some money at the services.” and held up £20. I thought for a moment how odd this was, but remembered my manners.

“Oh thanks, that's really kind.” I exclaimed.

“I had your address of course, typed it into my sat nav and noticed you're quite close to the junction; it was no bother, just 5 minutes out of my way.” he explained further.

Out of politeness I considered asking him in for a drink... a naughty thought also crossed my mind which also helped me reach a quick decision. “Why don't you come in for a drink?” I asked. “I'm sure she would also like to say thank you”.

“eeerrmmm – yes ok - thanks” he said checking his watch.

I then found myself standing to one side and letting him in. My heart started to beat a little faster as part of me was wonderring if he had planned this.....!

I closed the door behind him and led him through the lounge and into the kitchen. He started complementing me on the decoration etc. I boiled the kettle to make coffee/ tea and so started the usual sort of “well we did this 2 years back....” , “the lounge isn't quite finished yet....” , “we would really like to extend....” etc etc type chit chat.

I was putting in the sugar to our drinks when she came down from upstairs. She had a white short dressing gown on and her hair was wet and hanging down just past her shoulders. She looked rather surprised! “Oh!” she exclaimed, “hello again!”

I briefly explained what had happened and I have to say – his story sounded even LESS credible than I had first thought! She simply smiled at him and said thank you. I offered her a drink, but she declined. She went into the living room and sat down on the sofa. I was rather surprised and excited to see that she opened he hand bag and took out her red nail varnish. The reason for my excitement was that some 9 months previous, was how we got our last “soft swing” going.... dressing gown on and varnishing her toe nails on the footstool.

I was not disappointed, she pulled the footstool round, leaned over and started slowly applying the varnish....

I passed the coffee to Dave and “casually strolled” into the living room chatting about something random or other..... He followed and I indicated to him to take a seat in the armchair.... rather conveniently opposite her. I sat on the sofa at the other end to her. I tried not to make eye contact her and just looked over at Dave continuing the small talk.

It was quite amusing to see him trying not to make it obvious he was trying to look more closely at her!

I think we had got onto the subject of wallpaper – or some rubbish – when I looked across at her to ask her opinion on a related matter. She was leaning over and I could tell that Dave was getting a serious cleavage display!

I caught his eye staring over and smiled at him. I shuffled over next to her and put my arm around her. My plan was that if she was not in the mood to do anything, then she would surely say something now as we were duplicating the start of last year's performance!

I was pleased (but nervous at the same time) that there was no objection.

I moved my arm back a bit and started rubbing her back. She decided at this point to carefully stop doing her nails and carefully screw the top back on and pop it in her bag. She sat up and leaned back on the sofa and I removed my arm out as she did so.

She looked over at Dave and then turned to me and started passionately kissing me. I put a hand up to her head, pushing towards me with a little force. After a minute or so, I started running my had up and down her right side. I moved onto her bottom and started to squeeze her buttocks in between rubbing the back of her right thigh. We both had our eyes closed whilst doing this and I could tell that she was getting really turned on. I sort of thought “good” and “oh my god” at the same time!!!

I opened my eyes a bit, stopped kissing and pushed her back slightly. She opened her eyes and looked at me smiling as I reached down to undo the belt around her robe. I then pulled the robe open to reveal her breasts and now – FULLY erect nipples! I pulled her back to me again and started licking the side of her neck and nibbling an ear. As I did so, I started running my hand up and down her right breast and occasionally pinching at both of her nipples.

I looked back over to Dave and was slightly startled to see that he had moved from the seat and was sitting on the floor quite close to us. He had a big grin on his face and said “wow – you are one lucky guy to be playing with those! Can I see more of them please?”

I turned round to her and nodded and with that she stood up and dropped the robe off all together. She smiled and looked Dave momentarily in the eye and then looked downwards slightly embarrassed as he took the full view in. Dave was getting a full view of her in a pretty black lacy thong and nothing else!

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Very nice,” he replied, “I would love to see the rest though.” At which point she giggled some more and said “I bet you would you dirty man!” To which he replied straight away “You're the dirty one; flashing your fucking tits around like that in public and now showing yourself off. I bet you're desperate for a good fucking aren't you?”

Without being invited, he wriggled over and sat up on his knees. He started rubbing the back of her legs with both hands. His head was so close to her bare tummy – she would have felt his breathing! She gasped slightly as he moved in, as she (like me) was slightly surprised at such boldness. This was different to the other times and we both twigged that this guy had been in this situation before, was full of confidence and he knew full well what he was doing. I had a slight feeling unease that I was no longer in control of what was going on.

His hands moved onto her bottom and he started kneading them slowly. He was doing so in quite a gentle way and she closed her eyes and increased her breathing. Her arms awkwardly hung down at her sides. In a bold and confident voice he looked up and said “I'm going to have a look at that pussy of yours now.”

With that he tugged the sides of her thong and took them down to the floor in one smooth move. His head came back up and he was about 2 inches away from the top of her pussy – staring right at it. I could tell that she had just shaved in the shower a few minutes ago. He started rubbing her bottom again with both hands and started to kiss the area where her pubic hair should have been.

I looked across at her and she sort of looked a bit shocked, suprised and sort of happy all at the same time - if that makes sense. I tried to take control of the situation again (if I WAS ever in control of it!) and instructed her to sit back down on the sofa. He stopped and let her do so. She kept her legs together and looked slightly awkward. "Why don't you see what Dave has got?" I suggested.

Dave climbed back on his feet and stood in front of her with his arms on his hips smiling down at her waiting...... Christ - this bloke is really cock sure I thought!

She looked up smiling and said something like "ok if you're sure dear!"

She lent forward and started feeling around his groin area. He was wearing jeans and a belt, with a white t shirt. I sat down at the other end of the sofa - partly worried that he might think I was bi or something! Another pang of worried came across me in that we hadn't laid down ANY ground rules and had no idea of what this guys preferences were!

I was trying to work out how big his dick was - not for any gay or bi reasons, but because I was wondering if I was going to feel inadequate - lol! She decided to undo his belt and with a bit of fumbling unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He was wearing boxers and I could see he was at the "semi" stage. She rubbed his cock through the shorts for about 30 seconds staring up at his face. He stared right back with the same smile and said something like "yeah that's right - make it hard you randy cow!"

She pulled his boxers down to his feet in a similar way he did with her thong. Out it popped and her breathing increased a bit and she took hold of it in one hand and started to rub it gently near her face. After a few moments he was fully erect and I was pleased to note that it was only a "little bit" bigger than mine at about 7 inches. I noted with interest though that his balls were noticeably bigger than mine; a fact that I'm sure hadn't gone unnoticed by her as she was now groping them!

She pulled back his foreskin and popped it into her mouth. She looked quite happy and got down to sucking about half of his shaft and rubbing his balls. He started making agreeable noises and held the back of her head with both of his hands, and started to help her move it in and out. Worried that he was going to stuff the whole thing down her throat (she doesn't do deep throat!!!) she held the base of his dick with thumb and a couple of fingers in an effort to keep some control!

After a couple of minutes of pleasant slurping noises and watching his cock becoming wet with his spit - I decided it was time to join in otherwise I might end up a spare part! I took my jeans and pants off, stood up and moved over to them gently wanking myself off as I went. She looked up at me, stopped sucking & holding him and wriggled over to the middle of the sofa. I stood just to one side of her and he moved over to the other. She held us both in each hand and took turns in sucking us - changing every 30 seconds or so. Fuck - it felt fantastic! She looked just like a pro sitting up straight and masterfully working us off like that!

After a few minutes he rudely said "I need a good look at that cunt of yours now!" He took his cook away from her and pushed her back and to the side on the sofa. Jesus - I don't believe this I thought! He opened up her legs and knelt down so that he could go down on her. I decided to stay in the game and pushed my dick back in her mouth. I looked down and could see he was wasting no time in getting his tongue right into her now soaking wet little pussy. She was squirming around and moaning already. Her cock sucking reduced a bit as she was now "into her own feelings" a bit more, so I proceeded to stick it in and out of her mouth myself. I also rubbed it on the side of her face and neck. She must have been really turned on, because I could tell she was building up for an orgasm.

I started rubbing her tits and pulling at her nipples as Dave continued his tongue lashing of her quim. He moved his tongue up slightly and started working on her clit. He also working a crafty finger into her pussy hole and was going in/ out and poking around skillfully in there.

She started to cum and I was pleased that it was going to be a nice loud one and she wasn't going to hold back on it. Her body trembled as she increased the volume of her moan. At exactly the right moment he took his finger out of her pussy and he pushed it into her bottom which was opening slightly as she came. Her moan turned into a scream. "FFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!" she cried out at the end!

I realised at this point that the kitchen window may have been opened and one of the neighbours might hear! I quickly ran out and saw the little one at the top was open. We're not over looked, but I sort of waddled over trying to cover myself with one hand! I reached up and managed to shut it with the other.

I was only gone about 20 seconds, so I was quite suprised to see that the cheeky sod had moved her around a bit and was sticking his dick into her vagina!!! Bare back as well!!! When he had it all the way in, he grabbed a leg in each hand, held them upright, but apart by about 12 inches (so he could watch it slide in and out I guessed) and proceeded to fuck her quite fast and hard - much faster than I would start with in fact.

I think this took her by surprise just as much, but all she could really do was just gasp a lot and take her fucking. "Jesus..." she managed and panted and gasped as he slammed in and out of her. I think I stood there just hypnotised by the scene. He just banged her rapidly and the room was full of the sound of her moans and the slapping of their skin. I was again gob smacked by the size of his balls - not stupidly big like in some freak porn video - but just an amazingly big pair of bollocks.

After a while he stopped and said "Get on all fours you slut I'm going to fuck you doggy style now." He pulled out and moved away to get her up. He kicked his shoes and clothes out of the way. I saw her cunt which was soaking wet with her juices and a little open. She didn't say anything, took a few moments to catch her breath, she got up with a bit of a wobble and went down on the floor as instructed. Dave moved the foot stool over so that he could slide his cock in and rest one leg on the stool. This enabled me to get a great view of her pussy and the next round of slamming it was about to take. He grabbed hold of her arse on both sides and entered her pussy. It made a bit of a farty sound as some air came out in this new position. We don't tend to do doggy style that much as I am a bit clumsy and can slip and hurt her in this position sometimes.

No such problem with Dave. This guy was a pro. He held her lovely arse and just shagged her - like a piece of meat. She was REALLY making a lot of noise now and seemed to be enjoying it a lot more in this position. I could tell she was building up for her second orgasm . I thought how ironic this was as I was usually the one doing the work and the guest would be watching / wanking!

She had a very loud and long orgasm - and he did not change his pace through it either. I was really hard now and wondered what I should do next! I moved round the front of her to see if she would give me a blow job. Like before, she was so into herself and what was happening, panting, moaning etc that this was not possible. I took my chance where I could to stick it in and out of her mouth and rubbed it against her cheeks and neck.

Dave changed position slightly by taking his leg off the footstool and knelt with both legs on the floor. He put one hand on the middle of her back and humped her squarely. I decided to stop waving my cock in her face for a bit and rubbed her tits from the front and for a bit. I pulled her nipples and then had a thought. I laid down with my head just under her tits and my body and legs stretching out in front of her. I sucked on her nipples and rubbed her tits.

She orgasmed a third time and I was just aching to cum now. I stood back up and just growled (taking a leaf from Dave's book!) "I'm going to cum on your fucking face". I did as I said and wanked myself off on her. I don't think I'd ever cum so hard in my life. I got a lovely spurt diagonally across her face and onto part of her hair. There was a nice blob on her chin that started to drip down. Some had gone in her mouth and I could see it on her tongue. I grabbed her hair and shoved my dick into her gob. Dave slowed up a bit whilst I did so. I let out an "aaarrrghhhhh" type noise of satisfaction.

My cock started to go limp and I took a step back. She was starting to loose energy now and she lent down more towards the floor, her hair drooping down over her sticky face.

Dave stopped fucking her and told her to lie down face up on the floor, she wearily complied and he then said "Open you legs slut - I 'm going to give you and even bigger fucking load!" Again she did as she was told and was gasping for breath - she looked really worn out after the full on shagging she had just received.

Again - a worry through my mind - I was snipped and she was not on the pill! We had not found anything out about this guy!!!! I think she was so "knackered" that she was just needing it to be over now... she had never been fucked that hard before for so long!

He went inside her again and started pumping her again after a few moments he let out a groan, she half screamed again as Dave pumped his cum right into her soaking wet pussy. Her pussy was making wet farting noises again as he emptied his massive balls . He pulled out and said "Hold it open so that your man can see how much you've taken.

I couldn't believe it! It was filled right up with his white spunk! It was already flowing out of her muff, down the crack of her arse and making a fair size stain on the carpet! He crouched over her and made her suck him off. He was still hard and there was loads of cum on his cock. He shoved it in and out of her mouth and his excess cum joined mine around her mouth and chin.

He was there for longer than I expected. In fact he seemed to be getting a second wind much to my (and her surprise). He started to say filthy things to her again and after about 5 minutes pulled out of her mouth and wanked himself off over her face in the same way I had. I started to wonder how much he had blown up her quim as a massive explosion of seamen erupted ALL over her face, neck, hair and some on her tits! We were both quite shocked - we had seen a few three on 1 and four on 1 style porn movies and the sort of sticky mess on her now looked like she had been in one and had just taken a load from several studs!

She said "oh shit!" and laughed, wiping cum off her eyelids. "There you go!" he simply stated, "You were fucking gaging for that you dirty little whore!"

Dave had finished his stuff and started getting dressed! I in turn passed her bath robe to her and said something dumb like "wow - look at you!"

She was shaking as she put it on. She tied up the belt and rubbed her face on the sleeves. Even after doing this for a minute or so, there was dried and drying white blobs in loads of places. She said "I think I need a shower again!", I've got cum running down both legs as well!

Dave's tone of voice changed almost at once. His politeness returned and he was no longer seemed a stud that had just been fucking her silly and in saying such obscene things.

He thanked us for the drink and "the company" as he called it. He politely informed us that if ever we wanted to meet up again, just to contact him (we had all of his details from the earlier accident). He went on to say (in the same polite manner) that if we were down near Exeter, we should definitely call him as he had a couple of friends that would happily join us!!!!!

He did not outstay his welcome and left shortly after.

We were amazed and did not quite know what to say to each other! She enjoyed it (though she admitted she did not want to do that sort of thing too often) and truth be told I did as well. I told her not to shower as I wanted to see how much cum had leaked into her bum later! I let her wash her face and hair though as the kids were due back that evening!

When we got to bed much later she had dried cum all down the insides of her leg and her pussy was still soaking wet. I wasn't disappointed about her arse either.... a lot of Dave's spunk had worked round to her bottom and had lubed her little hole up. We don't often have anal sex (maybe 3 or 4 times a year), so I was really pleased when she started letting my gently poke my dick in her ring (I think her pussy was a bit sore from earlier). She started making some very arousing noises as I slowly managed to fit myself up there all the way. I pumped her gently as she wanked the top of her pussy off. I had her on all fours on the bed and was going right in and out of her bottom.... Dave's seamen had certainly done the trick for us!!!

I fucked her like this for about 15 minutes until I came again. My spunked went right up her bottom and it felt so good.

I looked down at the bed and found that more of Dave's spunk had come out of her quim and he had managed to get a decent stain on our bed without him being here!!!!!

I was a little concerned that she hadn't come, so I plucked up the courage to turn her over and lick the top of her pussy. It was really warm and wet! It felt a bit odd now having some of Dave's cum in my mouth - but not a turn off as I thought it might be! I could tell I wasn't going to have to be there too long as she started to tense up in a familiar way. I flicked and licked her clit and then stuck my finger into her pussy just as she came. She pulled my hair for all it was worth and came heavily in my mouth. Fantastic!!!!

We haven't phoned him up yet and he doesn't seem to be a stalker.... Maybe we will contact him in a couple of months.....