Written by Papalb

8 Sep 2017

This continues the "MEETING ON TOUR" story

Sharing her between us Alex and I on each side of her caressed and kissed her and she was soon aroused again. Alex moved down and opening her legs began to finger and lick her clitoris and she was soon moving and moaning as she climaxed on his tongue. She tastes as good as she looks said Alex, it’s great to find such a sexy woman so willing to please us. We are going to please her too l said she loves the attention and is never happier than being serviced with hunger and lustful desire.

Jean I want you doggy kneel for me darling you know I can get deep in you that way. Kneeling l held her hips and my penis entered her eased in on her juices she moaned and l started to pound her slowly going deeper each time. In the new light of dawn l saw Alex watching me as he stroked his sizable member and it was growing as l watched. Jean saw him and reached to hold his now hard cock. She held it as I was riding her and the sight of it growing harder as she squeezed his cock having mine deep in her. With an extra thrust l began to climax, my seed spraying her insides as the walls of her cunt wept her juices. Withdrawing from her Alex was eager to take my place as l moved over he replaced my cock in her spunk filled cunt. She gave a scream as he was big and hard and his force of entry told me he was well aroused by both of us. By the time he came loudly her moans had built and she was shouting to him to flood her and he did that groaning he came holding her hips she looked truly well fucked as both of them lay there breathing heavy.

We lay together and drifted off to sleep l think all of us slept for a few hours and when l woke the sun was streaming in. l looked to see Jean and Alex asleep arms entwined their bodies glowing.

Alex had an erection l was wondering what dreams he was having and l thought l had better shower after the enjoyable experience. In the shower I stood enjoying the semi warm water flowing over me and was soaping myself when l realised the day must be half over. Drying myself l wrapped a towel round me and returned to Alex’s bedroom to wake them. Entering the bedroom there was no need to wake them Alex was deep in her again and she was loving the way his member made her moan and scream for more. My God Jean l said Alex will think you’re a nympho l know he has a nice hard cock but you cannot have it all the time mine keeps stirring as I watch you two at it. Jean looked up and said he’s not had sex for ages and it seems so right to enjoy it as long as we can. I’ll second that moaned Alex but by Christ l will need some of that calis to keep it up. Yes added Jean but now we need liquid that last climax was a bit thin so make some coffee while we shower please. OK I replied I’ll look to it and serve it on the patio.

The kitchen was straight forward and the coffee machine easy to operate so there was nothing to go wrong. Taking a tray with the coffee pot, cream and sugar through to the patio l was joined first by Alex fresh from the shower who poured his coffee and said thank you. That’s ok I said, not for the coffee alone he replied, I was wondering what you would say and do but l wanted Jean from the first moment we met. When you retired to your room I admit I tried it on and when the response was positive caution left and I was lost. It was a relief when Jean said it would be all right, you knew she wanted me and it would be ok. Never have I met a sexier woman and you are lucky to have her, thank you for the sex of my lifetime, saying that he man hugged me and to my surprise he kissed my neck which seemed totally natural. Responding in kind l stroked his naked chest feeling his nipples were raised as were mine.

Well Jean said as she appeared you boys bonding having shared my bed and body. ? She looked fantastic and had on a see through robe and was naked under it. Now we could be bonding that way would you like that I said. Sounds extremely sexy to me said Jean. That gives me a whole new range of sexy thoughts said Alex giving me a strange look. Then added have not had experience of that sensation since school was he bi sexual l thought or just great full he had use of my wife and wanted to repay me now that was a thought. Setting Jean up with a coffee we sat together on the sofa and l admired the thrust of her breasts against the silky material of her gown sharing the view of my wife with my new friend Alex. Looking at us Jean said l think we should stay for a few days and just enjoy the experience of being free sexually to be as greedy as we want. I agree with her said Alex stay as long as you want to, well we seem to have an agreement I said.

After coffee Jean went to see what Alex had for breakfast and quickly knocked together a selection of bread, cheese, and jams to have with fruit juice and more coffee. On the patio we picked over the food and Alex said we will go shopping for supplies today if my car is fixed or if not you can drive us into town as the village shop is just basic. I replied that was a plan and Jean said you two guys go and do that l fancy some poolside time and get some sun on my white bits. Pity we could enjoy watching you toast in the nude l said, you can see the results later she said but l need to rest up too. We will be fine said Alex, let’s get changed and we will see what’s what with the garage.

The car was not ready so Alex and l went off to town in my car having put our other cases in the bedroom to make room for the shopping. In the supermarket Alex bought a load of food and l bought a lot of wine, beer and spirits. I told Alex this was only fair as Jean was fond of Campari soda and was able to drink a lot of it without trouble. Loading the car we decided to have a drink and a roll in a bar nearby. Sitting outside Alex having ordered we started chatting about what we were doing on our tour through Europe and the thoughts of sharing Jean’s charms.

As we finished our drink and snack we returned to the car and drove off towards the villa Alex said did l make a mistake or was there a spark between us earlier. I looked at him and said l think there could have been did you think so. Pull over for a minute Alex said I need to tell you something that may take your eyes off the road. At the next lay by l parked and turned to him, ok we are safe now so feel free to shock me. Well Alex said when you were making love to Jean l had an urge to caress both of you. But l really wanted to feel your cock as it went in and out. Then this morning you brushed my nipple and l wanted you to play with them don’t misunderstand me I love to have sex with a woman but you aroused a different need in me. Are you sure it’s not that you enjoyed Jean so much with my permission you felt a need to see if you could return some pleasure to me I replied. No he said adamantly it was a sexual feeling l got all right. Yes I replied l understand l loved to watch you and had similar feelings and thoughts. We will have to see what happens then with Jean then l said.

Leaning over Alex undid my shirt buttons and gently pinched my nipple and l felt it harden as did my cock a moan passed my lips as he kissed my neck and I reached over to feel the bulge in his trousers. He opened his shirt and seeing his hard bullet like nipples l started to suck them. O God he gasped can we last till we get back to the villa. I so want to share you with Jean it seems so right, have you ever had anal sex with another guy. Yes said Alex have you, no l replied I have had anal sex though with a woman. With Jean asked Alex, we only tried once and it hurt her so no but l have known a couple of women who liked anal so l have experienced it. Let’s get back Alex said I think we could lose control at the moment as l want you that way but in comfort. Tidied up we returned to the villa and while Alex put the supplies away l went through to the patio with Campari, soda, ice and three glasses.

I saw Jean on a lounger naked and glowing hope you have not overdone it l said come and help me with these drinks. As she got up and walked towards me l saw that she was freshly trimmed and she was shining with sun oil. Better cover up or you may have two randy guys looking to ravish you l said. Laughing she slipped her silky transparent robe on and said maybe that’s what I want and thrusting her pert breasts out told me to pour the drinks. Mixing three large ones she asked me how we had got on. Fine I told her and we had a nice man to man chat, he was wanting reassurance that l was ok with it. You are of course Jean said come clean what else is happening between you two. As well as you lover we have an attraction for each other, which I’m sure you will like darling. Jean said can l watch you, l do find it so sexy seeing two guys l think my preference is to watch you have a 69 oral, we will see what happens l laughed.

Alex came through what’s that he said, l was just making her cover up did not want her to burn her white bits too much. No said Alex sunburn could be painful but we would both rush to help her with the application of soothing cream. Now boys do not worry about sunburn but you can cream me later I’m sure. Well your rested now it’s us that had the trouble of shopping are you happy to cook us a meal tonight I asked. No need said Alex l was thinking we would go out to eat again I would prefer that rather than you spend your time over a hot stove. That’s a much better idea of yours Alex, Jean said but l will do breakfast in the morning. Well then l said were are we going tonight same place replied Alex it’s not too far and you know the food is great and we will be welcomed for our business.

Later getting dressed to go out Jean said l think when we get back we should play cards for a while, a game of chance for truth or dare, you have a plan then I said. Wait and see Jean smiled as she sorted out a dress to wear, I was casual again but knew she wanted to dress to please. Not wearing your little black dress then darling l said. No Jean replied I’ll surprise you so get out and join Alex and make sure he knows I’m feeling lustful and want some excitement later. I may let you boys enjoy me together and see who gives me the better climax. You bitch I replied heading for the door.

Alex was in the lounge and offered me a drink yes please I said Jean is getting ready and wants to surprise us. What does that mean asked Alex she would not dress till l left she wanted to surprise us and I was to make sure you knew she is looking forward to us sharing her tonight. Oh yes he replied and also sharing you that’s been on my mind as well will she be ok with that? We will have to see, have you got some cards she has a few ideas she says for our entertainment. Yes I do Alex smiled l fancy strip poker do you he laughed.

Suddenly Jean appeared and both Alex and I had a case of the dropped mouths. She was wearing a Basque and a long tight fitting skirt her 36d breasts pushed up forming a cleavage to die for. Well boys close your mouths and put your tongues back. Jesus l said you will have to wear a jacket or we will all get arrested but that’s a wonderful sight. Alex added l second that it’s very daring but its more something to entertain lovers in than a visit to a rural restaurant. OK Jean said I will wear a modesty top just till we return but I’m pleased with its effect on you two. That skirt looks so well fitted are you wearing panties l asked. You will see later maybe Jean replied with a wink.

The journey to the village went quickly and the owner seemed pleased to see us and fussed around us getting an eyeful of Jean’s cleavage. As he went to order our food l said you have another admirer there Jean keep your jacket on or he will do himself damage. She laughed and said into every one’s life a little rain must fall if you have it flaunt it. Pouring the wine Alex said what’s the request for cards then. Just an idea l had Jean said you will find out about it later. The meal was excellent and the wine was flowing freely. Then it was time to return to the villa wishing the owner good night we paid the bill then went to the car.

Jean got into the rear seats and said Alex and I should sit in the front, I saw nothing wrong with that and we set off to return to the villa. As l drove l saw in the mirror that she had taken off her jacket and was looking so dammed sexy that l slowed down as it was proving hard to keep my eyes on the road. Jean said in a sexy voice can you stop somewhere off the road for a minute, why l said maybe l need to pee she replied. Do you l said you should have gone before we left. Just up ahead there’s a track into the woods Alex said you can pull in there. OK I said and there was the track pulling in l switched off the lights and told Jean it was clear. Getting out Jean walked behind the car and in the mirror l could see she was taking off her skirt.

Coming back to the car she opened the door and put her skirt on the seat, there she said that answers your question I think. Looking at Alex she said l want you to take me here over the bonnet of the car. Then l will take my husband as soon as you come inside me. Then we will go back to the villa and l am going to let you share me till the dawn now take me. Alex was out of the car and holding Jean he laid her over the bonnet and moaned as he penetrated her with his engorged penis. Her stocking clad legs wrapped around his waist as he stretched her and plunged deep in her. The way she responded was fantastic moving in time to his thrusts she lead him to go faster and faster till his back arched and he growled like a wolf as his seed flooded her. Laid on the car she smiled as she pushed him away and her arms outstretched she reached for me.

I was hard and ready not as big as Alex I penetrated her and felt her warm walls accept me as l entered on Alex’s hot seed. There you wanted that did’nt you she gasped as l in a frenzy of lust thrust deep in her. Yes l gasped, you know I’ve wanted that and now twice in two days you have given me the ultimate feeling. No I screamed as my seed was released into her yes yes she moaned as she contracted round me and grinding her pelvis against me said let us get back and we can continue this wonderful pleasure further. I withdrew my softening cock and as l did so a mixture of juices flowed onto Jean’s thighs. I’ll drive and you can keep her warmed up in the back l told Alex, I think she is now ours for the night so keep her warm. Alex and Jean got into the back of the car and l drove out onto the road and headed for the villa. As l drove l kept looking in the mirror and could see Alex was using his fingers to keep Jean in an aroused state and she responded by rubbing his shaft up and down. Arriving at the villa we went straight into the lounge and Alex got us drinks and l went and got two Viagra tablets and also two more for later. Jean was sitting in an armchair and she looked so wanton in just her Basque and hold up stockings. Giving Alex a Viagra l took mine with a drink of fizzy water and passed him the bottle cheers l said long may we stand. Jesus said Alex I’m hard enough already yes l can see that but she is more than ready for you look. Jean was holding herself open and the pink flesh of her fanny was glistening with her dew.

Alex you kept my pot boiling now l need you to either penetrate me or get between my legs and give me some oral sex. I have no need of Viagra I took a Calis in the restaurant and my clitoris is rock hard. The choice is yours it’s your turn. Wow said Alex whatever the lady wants is that ok with you, yes I replied we take turns till we need to rest go on do you want her here or in the bedroom. Let’s take her into the bedroom Alex said you can help me strip her l want her naked. Come on woman the bedroom awaits as do we. Leading her through l undid her Basque as Alex caressed her now freed breasts, we each removed a stocking and as she lay on the bed we removed our clothes. The three naked bodies caressed and pressed against each other then, Alex lowered himself between Jean’s open legs. As he entered her l held his shaft guiding him in then as he pushed into her l stroked her clitoris making her scream with pleasure. I lay back and watched as my wife was writhing under another man and felt myself getting harder and my desire raging out of control.

Alex arched his back as Jean’s nails raked his back at the moment of climax both of them came together and once again Jean was flooded. As Alex rolled off her l placed my hand over her slit, my fingers playing in her cum filled cunt. As she moaned l entered her again it was easy penetrating her filled as she was with hot seed. I looked down on her sweat streaked body and again saw Alex caressing her breasts totally lost in both love and lust l thrust at her as she contracted round me. Come on she gasped your so near come with me darling l want you deep in me. I needed no urging it was heaven this wonderful woman was mine and l could share her and get pleasure from seeing her being used for our joint pleasure. Too much the dam burst and my seed joined Alex’s in her swollen cunt her response was to contract around me and hold me tight to her.

Laying there our breasts pressed close Alex’s hands were trapped between our bodies and as he caressed us both l felt a tingling and as l looked over to him he kissed first my neck then Jean’s face. His other hand was caressing my buttocks and as l pressed my erect cock into Jean he found my mouth and kissed me his tongue exploring my open mouth. Jean moved beneath me and l realised l was responding to her movement and Alex’s hot kissing and caressing. Go on she whispered you know you want to explore your new found desires do it I want to see you Suck each other. With that she eased me out of her and Alex’s hand closed over my hot cock and he took me in his mouth.

The feeling of his hot mouth on my penis was electric and l gave myself over to the sensation as waves of pleasure spread through my body. Looking over to Jean l was amazed to see her masturbating as she took in the sight of two men having oral sex. Caught up in the passion of the moment l reached for Alex and caressed him feeling him grow harder as l stroked him. As l started to come l arched and heard Jean sigh as she climaxed a cry from Alex confirmed l came in his hot mouth and on his face. God said Jean that looked so sexy l don’t think you two need me anymore, oh yes we do we said.

Laying together we all seemed to be happy with this new situation and Jean said I think you two should try the 69 position. Why I asked well for one thing I want to watch you and the second you should taste Alex as he pleasured you. I laughed well that would be fair but then we would be neglecting you and much as l like seeing Alex having you l have always wanted to really share you with a suitable man and to do that you need to be aroused to do it. What do you mean asked Jean you know I smiled you will be the filling in our sandwich. Oh my God Jean exclaimed we have talked about it but l never thought you were serious. I want you to think about it darling I know you have not had much pleasure from anal sex but it would be so much pleasure for us both.

Yes Jean replied but l have to suffer the pain while you two get the pleasure. OK so what would you like to do then I asked? I fancy Alex being the filling in the sexual sandwich Jean replied. How Alex asked easy you take me and your taken in the ass by Len. Oh my God you are desperate to get us together that way are you not I said. Yes Jean said I think it would be sexually arousing for me then you two can take your pleasure as you want. That’s the price of my being shared by you two. A price worth paying said Alex looking at me just think each thrust you make into me makes me go deeper into her and the thought of being the filling makes me so horny its fine with me, what say you Len. Well I have enjoyed anal sex with a woman on a few occasions as Jean knows she’s not keen though she watched me enjoying it with her friend who loved anal sex. I have not yet done it with a man but if it pleases her to watch then I’ll do it and I think I’ll enjoy it.

The three of us together on the bed was very stimulating Jeans breasts glowing from her sunbathing were being caressed by Alex then he took her nipple in his mouth and she moaned and reached out to play with his now hard cock. I reached over and started to play with Jeans damp slit and she opened her legs to give access to her little hard clitoris. Her moans and sighs told me she was ready to be penetrated again by her new lover. Are you ready Alex she needs you in her make a start and I’ll get ready to have you. I’m more than ready Alex moaned and getting between Jeans legs I guided his cock into her wet pussy.

Alex gently penetrated her l got some gel and eased it round and into his puckered arsehole. That feels good he whispered so l gently applied more gel inside. Getting behind him I rubbed more gel on my erect manhood and holding his arse cheeks open l pushed my cocks head into him and he moaned yes as l started to use him. Jean screamed as Alex’s cock was forced deeper by my thrusts. Oh my God she said he came then but he is still fucking me he’s so big and so deep it’s wonderful.

Christ Len Alex gasped it feels good can you come in my arse and I’ll come in Jean please fuck me good l want it. The demon was free a woman having two lovers who also had each others bodies to pleasure a true threesome. Where else would this journey take us l wondered as l felt my balls tighten and my sperm shot into Alex as his filled Jean who held us both tight as she climaxed yet again. This was an outstanding climax all three of us had climaxed within seconds of each other as Alex kissed Jean I kissed Alex’s neck and withdrew from him feeling my sperm flowing from him. Freed of my weight he withdrew from Jean and l saw his member gleaming from her jucies. I could not resist holding him and squeezing it and saw the last drops of his come dribble down it.

That was fantastic Alex said there was very little pain and that passed to be followed by such pleasure I wanted it to last longer but all of us coming like that was outstanding. Jean’s breathing returned to normal and she held her breasts and said look at these nipples they need my two lovers to sooth them just hold me close and caress me together to show me how much you want to share the pleasure of my body which l give you willingly l want to sleep between you and recover to take more pleasure.

Easing down on her right side Len told Alex to go on her left and pressing against her said how doe’s that feel are you happy. Oh yes more so will you spoon with me, rolling over her breasts were cupped in my hands and I felt her glorious nipples hardening. Mumm you really are so sexy darling l thought you wanted rest .Yes I do but spooning with you facing Alex makes me think that not making you feel bad but if l am to be used by you two Alex is so big that it would be really painful for me. I did think that dear and I wanted it to be that way and if it is too painful then I’ll stop. Don’t you dare Jean said you gave me what l wanted now let me be my lovers plaything but arouse me and use lots of gel if l scream remember its pleasure ok.

Alex pressed against us and Jean sighed as his hard cock pressed into her and she responded by squeezing his nipple. Oh my God Jean moaned just caress me darlings play with me make me want you both together now. That’s easy for us my love how can we resist the call of your sexy body l said as l we both want this with you our plaything. It was so sexy her between us as we explored and pleasured her together. Soon Jean was wet and moaning as our fingers, lips and tongues set the blood flowing hot and needy through us all. Lay back Alex l said and he lay on his back his cock standing up like a pole and l gently squeezed it wanking it up and down till he was gasping in expectation.

Mount him Jean I said I’ll Guide him into you, as Jean straddled him I grasped Alex’s manhood and as Jean lowered herself l wanked it up and down. When he was right in her l stroked her clitoris and listened to her squeal of joy as Alex rose to impale her. As they copulated l got behind Alex and Jean pushing her down on him l opened her cheeks and rubbed gel round her rosebud gently inserting a finger covered in gel into her. A shard intake of breath from her and l responded saying there darling your giving me my desire I will stop though if it gets to much. No said Jean l want you to have this with me my love l owe you as much for what you do for me.

Putting lots of gel on my cock l positioned myself with my cock against her rosebud and pushed gently into her. Jean moaned as l entered her it was delightful, through the thin wall dividing her fanny I could feel Alex’s cock going in and out. With a final push l was in her and joined in the copulation of three people lusting for each other. What Jean felt was two men wanting, no needing her body stiff hard cocks thrusting at her hands caressing her lips kissing her as she was lost in a sea of pleasure. The feeling of my cock rubbing Alex’s cock matching our speed and coordination as Jean was moaning and moving between us. This pleasure could not last l felt through the thin membrane of skin Alex jerk and heard him say “no “ as his seed sprayed her cervix then I felt my sap rise and l unloaded what seemed like a gallon of sperm into her now well greased anal passage as she screamed with pleasure and climaxed.

I eased myself out of her my cock soft and my ball sac drained rolling to their side l saw her smile.

Her smile was for me and Alex as she withdrew from him and lay between us l saw his cock slowly shrink its power now spent as was mine. Well that was what l call a threesome said Jean and l have to say the two of you in me was awesome. I was surprised at how pleasant that was your gel worked Len not as nice as Alex’s cock in me but together it was fantastic. Now you two take me to the shower and let’s wash together l fancy 4 hands soaping me plus feel free to caress me in any way you please. Help l laughed we need food, drink, rest and more Calis if your wanting more now let’s take it easy for a while I for one needs to recover are you really up for more now.

more to follow if you like it so far