Written by Ben

28 Mar 2011

Hi all. This is a bit long and boring, so forgive me if you get bored, but i tried to make it as possible.

This is about my wife, a 27 year old reluctant model.

Sue's been my wife for 8 years and my best and trusted friend since she was 18.

Shs's 5'4" tall, has shoulder length red hair, has a slender size 10 figure with small firm breasts. I'm very proud of her stunning good looks and she has such a friendly nature that everyone likes her.

I'm a keen photographer, and although i enjoy capturing land/seascapes i really enjoy taking nude shots, but due to finances, i normally ask/beg Sue or Karen a friend of ours, to pose for me.

I was speaking to a chap in hospital recently and he also liked photographing his wife, but to make the photo's more interesting, they include other people in the shots. They then pick about 15-20 of the photo's to make a photo story.

Their only problem was finding trusted friends to join them.

I mentioned the photo story idea to sue when she came to visit me, but she didnt want to talk about it as she was too worried about my health.

Fast forward 8 weeks and i'm feeling a lot better and my heart is behaving its self.

I'd not forgot the photo idea and asked Sue about it once again.

She could see the appeal, but was concerned about the content being too rude, finding someone we could trust and would be happy to pose with her.

Karen was the obvious choice but Sue thought it best if we could also find a guy, but one who would be happy to pose, but only pretend to be an intimate with her.

So in principle she was for it, but where do we find such a person, or persons?

Well in our case it just happened. Karen phoned for a chat as we hadn't seen her for a while.

Sue asked the usual health and how are you questions and Karen told her all was great and the reason she hadn't been over lately was because she was seeing more and more of Tony, a guy she worked with. He'd just come through a very nasty divorce and was happy to take things slowly and keep their friendship quiet for a while, in case it caused problems with their workmates.

By the end of the phone call it was agreed that Karen would come over the following weekend as Tony was visiting his mother down the south coast.

Friday Morning finally came and we went off to work, Sue said she'd stop off at the supermarket on the way home as she wanted to get a few extra goodies in as Karen liked lots of fruit,bottled water and red wine.

Sue hardly drink alcohol and i'm not allowed to, so we always get either a decent Chilean or Aussie as everyone seem to rate them.

The drive home was a blur, my head was full of questions and scenarios. Would the girls pose for me and if so, hoe raunchy would they pose?

I parked round the corner and Sue put her car in the garage so karen could park on the drive.

Sue was busy in the kitchen and as i sat sipping my cuppa i said i would put my camera on charge in case Karen felt like posing with Sue later or in the morning?

You may have a problem there she replied adding, Karen phoned her at work earlier to ask if she could bring Tony as he'd had to change his plans.

Like a prat, i asked without thinking "where he'd sleep, as we only had two bedrooms.

Karen arrived and was looking happier then we'd seen her for months. Tony was actually a nice guy and made an effort to fit in.

During the meal, Karen said out of the blue, i hear you were hoping to photograph sue and I?

Blushing and mumbling a load of embaressed comments, i knodded yes but said it was not a problem if she didn't feel like it, neither of them would let the subject go and seemed determined to make me squirm.

Sue then added oil to the fire by saying Tony wouldn't mind joining in.

Looking at Tony i could see he was as surprised as me, but said yah what ever i can do to help.

Sue said in that case what about Tony playing the part of a plumber or a gas man?

Karen said it was a bit same o same o, but what about her being a visiting dress maker?

within minutes we had all agreed on the stories outline.

I went to sort my camera equipment out whilst the girls went looking for props. Tony came through to my study and asked about any ground rules and do's or don'ts?

I told him to chill, let the girls dictate the story and just go with the flow.

The scene was set, Sue had changed into an old summer dress i thought she hated, Tony was sat in the armchair pretending to read a paper and Karen was fiddling with sissors, tape measure and a box of safety pins.

It was agreed i wouldn't direct, just click away and let the story unfold as they wanted it to.

Karen knelt in front of Sue and pretended to measure sue's legs and waist. After a few more measurements she reached for the sissors and snipped up the side of the dress.

This revealed the length of sue's leg and the side of her pants.

Turning her around she did the same to the other side.

The hem was raised to well above the knee and safety pinned, then Karen cut along one of the dresses shoulders.

As the flap of material fell forward it revealed her bra. After a bit of adjusting the flap was pinned in position to reveal half the bra's cup.

Karen moved around to the other side, finger on lips as if in thought, then a few more measurements and it was decided to lose the bra.

Karen unzipped the back of the dress, unhooked the bra and after a movement so quick i didnt get a decent shot, the bra was off and the dress pulled up again.

The pinned flap had fallen to reveal the orb of Sue's boob to just above the nipple. Karen repined it but in stead of showing sue's nipple she'd covered it even more.

She then cut along the other shoulder seam and arranged the material like a sash.

After placing saftey pins down the length of the gaping side seam, Karen stood back and asked sue to give her a twirl.

She then asked Sue's pretend hubby what he thought?

Tony stood up and studied the altered dress.

Karen pulled the dress about which revealed sue's breast. Her nipple was crimson and hard.

After a few more adjustments which revealed the odd glimse of Sue's other boob Karen and Tony stood back.

After a bit of pointing and tugging on the material Karen cut around the dresses waist line. The Skirt part of the dress fell to the ground.

Karen asked Tony to pull it back up Sue's legs and hold it in place while she pinned it tight like a skirt.

Next the top part was raised and after a few folds they agreed to shorten it to just below her boobs. There was a bit of accidental touching at this stage and the bottom of sue's boobs were just visible in places along the jaggered edge.

Tony stood behind Sue and raised the material so Sue's breasts were clearly visible.

Taking hold of the top's front, Karen cut from the bottom of it up to the neck. As she joined the two half's together with pins Tony was holding Sue around the waist and kissed her neck. Sue responded and turned to kiss him on the lips. Tony ran his hand up her body, under the material and settled on her boob.

As they stood embrassed and tony was carressing her breasts i focused in on his fingers as the pulled and pinched her nipples.

Karen then moved forward and unpinned the top.

As she eased the top from Sue's shoulders she bent forward and began to suck and bite on Sue's other nipple.

Tony now ran his hand down from Sue's breast, over her stomach and under the skirts pinned waistband.

Kissing Sue's body on the way down, karen knelt before her and began to unpin the skirt. As it fell away I felt a stir in my trousers as i saw that Tony had his fingers inside Sue's pants and was clearly fingering her vagina.

Karen reached up and taking hold of Sue's pants, she slowly eased them down.

Tony's fingers were well inside Sue and i was memorised as a watched him fingering both her fanny and nipple.

Stepping out of the pants, Sue turned to face Tony and they kissed and carressed each other.

Karen moved behind Tony and although not easy to get to, began to unbutton his shirt. As she tugged it from his torso I was suprised to see how muscular he was.

His build hadn't gone un-noticed by Sue as she ran her hands over the contours of his arms and chest.

Karen had then managed to undo his trousers and as she pulled them down, she had hold of his pants as well, so in one slow movement he was naked.

His dick was larger than mine and was trapped between them as sue held him tightly against her body.

I don't know if he pushed her or she voluntarily knelt, but either way she kissed her way down his body until she was kneeling before him.

After looking up at him she took him in her mouth and began to suck his erect and vein-y penis.

Karen was slipping her pants off, having got undressed, un-noticed by me as i'd watched my wife suck another mans dick for the first time.

karen knelt besde sue and began to kiss tony's grion area, every now and then they'd swap control of who had Tony's dick between their lips.

I was taking photo's throughout and only hoped they were in focus.

The girls then started kissing each other and leaving Tony stood there with a hard on sticking out like a road side sign they embraced and explored each others bodies.

Tony gestured as to what i wanted him to do?

As it was their story and had already gone beyond what i'd hoped for i just raised my shoulders indicating i didn't know and nodded towards the girls on the carpet before him.

He dropped to his knees and began touching the girls.

Karen pulled him towards them and Sue shuffled about until Tony was lying beside her and began kissing her breasts whilst he fingered her exposed fanny.

Karen began to slowly wank him with one hand whilst she carressed Sue's boob with the other.

I saw Karen push Tony so he was kneeling between Sue's thigh's, and as he fingered Sue's fanny, Karen sat astride of Sue's face so her fanny was above Sue's mouth.

I managed to get some great shots as Sue began to eat Karen.

After a few minutes Karen moved back so she knelt on the carpet, then bending forward she began to kiss Sue's lips, I remember thinking if she could taste herself?

They mummbled something to each other and as Karen laid back on the carpet, Sue, lifted a leg over Tony, as he was busy fingering her, she then turned over and knelt between Karen's legs, she then began to eat her friends smoothly shaven fanny.

Unsure what to do i saw Tony hessitate before positioning himself behind Sue.s raised and exposed fanny. She shuffled her thighs apart, he shuffled forward and tried to catch my eye, but i didn't allow him to make eye contact and continued focusing on Sue as she ate Karen.

Obviously in a bid to test the waters, i noticed Tony shuffle a bit closer and rub his penis around Sue.s exposed and vacant fanny.

She stayed where she was.

He gently parted her lips and slid a finger inside her.

She wriggled her hips against his finger.

He moved again and holding a bum cheek in each hand, he slowly pushed himself inside her.

She pushed herself back against him and he began to move quicker and deeper inside her.

He must of shagged her for a good 10 minutes before she squeeled shuddered and came so violently her knee's gave way.

She must of realised she'd broke his rythem but instead of repositioning herself, she moved around until she was biting and sucking on Karens nipple.

Tony practicly fell onto Karen and after a little shuffle he pushed himself inside her.

As he literaly pounded away inside Karen, Sue moved so she was sitting on Karens face and facing Tony, and whilst Karen began to eat her, Tony somehow managed to reach Sue's raspberry like nipples and begin to suck her. He kept losing contact with the nipple as he thrust into Karen but Sue held them ready for him.

I think they all came together, and were soon laughing and getting comfy on the carpet.

Sue asked me to get a box of tissues then put the kettle on whilst they cleaned themselves up.

As i took the tissues in Sue said "Well if thats the test shoot, roll on the real thing tomorrow."

at that they all laughed again and asked if i got some nice shots?

I will get sue to write about saturday night as she is much btter at writing than me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx