Written by lee

8 May 2016

It was a gay club in Birmingham I went every weekend with friends it was the rave scene everybody was off there heads and the music was hard dance

There was a new doorman on he was fit dressed in all black combats black tshirt nice firm muscle body and cute clean shaven face I thought yes I'd do you he had the cutest Arse Iv ever seen on a guy

In the que waiting to get in I noticed him looking up and down everybody and I caught his eye he looked kind of shy I think he was straight ( yea right ) hi are you a new boy I asked ? Hahaha he laughed yes he said in the most sexiest Irish accent omg I almost filled my pants

Kelly who was with me noticed me taking a fancy to him she said hey Iv heard he's straight and that put a downer on it right away

Later that night inside as I was raving on the main dance floor I looked over through the crowds to see the doorman looking over at me so I danced like I didn't know

I walked over to him placed my hand gently on his bum and said you do realise you have the finest Arse in this club ( or words to that affect ) he just smiled and said thanks and walked off

About an hour later I had to go to the toilet and as I stood at the urinal in the almost packed toilet the empty urinal next to me was soon occupied by him there he was and as I held my cock injoying a pee his eyes dropped down to my cock I caught hI'm blatantly staring down at my now semi cock naturally I looked at his it was nice

So we both finished and went back to the club

I was now sure he wanted my cock and I was going to ensure he got it so I made it my mission to get this hot Irish guy sucking my cock

Which if you want to I shall reveal how it came about to happen

After a few weeks of seeing him at the club I stood behind him at the 3 people deep bar dark inside and music pumping I stood real close behind him and my crotch which now had my cock rock hard throbbing in my pants was pushing against his bum he didn't even flinch nobody could see because it was so dark I whispered in his ear ( your Arse is mine ) and he just smiled again and walked away !!!!! I followed him and he walked straight to the toilets I gave him a second and followed him in he stood at the urinal with his cock in his hand I stood at the one next to him unzipped my now semi hard cock and looked down at his cock which looked like it was hardening I caught him looking down at mine and now mine started to get solid I smiled at him as he looked a little nervous ....... shall I continue?????