Creating an event / party

You can create your own event whether you are having a house party or organising a site meet up.

Start your own event

You can start your own event by mouse clicking Events / Swinging Parties on the top of the site, under the Entertainment heading.


You can decide whether the event is private or whether it is a social. Private events are only open to those who you decide to attend. Socials on the other hand are open to any one.

Title and Description

The title is what the event will be shown as throughout the site. It might be an idea to show the date and location as this will help any one who is looking to attend an event at a first glance. The description should include as much information about the event but for safety reasons, you may wish to keep the specific location strictly between those who are attending rather than writing this for all to see.

Date of the event

This obviously needs to be accurate so attendees know when the event is.

Location details

Enter the location where the event will be. It doesn't have to be accurate as you will give the address details out nearer to the event by mass-messaging the attendees.

Who can attend the event

You can limit as to how many users can attend your event and what their account type is. If you want the attendees to be an even spread, putting in a limit might be best. If someone may bring a partner who isn't registered on the site, allowing guests is an option.

Post your event

Once you are happy with the event information, mouse click 'List' to complete. You can revise the event once it has been submitted. However it may be important to get it right first time because once submitted the site Moderators will approve whether it will go ahead and be published on the site. This normally takes up to 24 hours.