A munch is a purely social event held in a totally neutral environment, often somewhere like a pub, where members of Swinging Heaven get to meet each other. As there's no play involved everyone can relax which gives newbies a chance to ask questions of the more experienced without any fear of getting jumped on, and gives the regulars time to catch-up with old friends and make new ones.

You'll find organised Swingers Munches 'stickied' at the top of the Let's Meet Up forum. Usually they are centrally organised by one or two people who are more than likely well known members of Swinging Heaven. The exact location is kept strictly secret between the organisers and those who have been invited; strictly secret before and after the event. Organisers will usually only give out the exact location information to those who are invited just a few days before the event.

Getting an invite most likely involves getting registered on the forum and PMing (sending a Private Message via the forum) to the organiser asking to be invited, or adding your name(s) to the list by replying to the Munch thread - it's that simple.

A Munch is open to all - couples, singles, Gay, Bi, CDs, etc., there are no limits. The exception to this is the brand new newbie, i.e. those who have just joined the site or have not been an active participant on Swinging Heaven. This is only to prevent gawpers, journalists and those who are just TOO curious. Remember, if you are keen to attend a Munch and meet other swingers, but are considered too new for this one, join in and keep posting because there'll be another Munch coming along shortly.

We have a strict rule that anyone organising a Munch on here is doing so solely for current and active Swinging Heaven members, and is not promoting, colluding or otherwise involving any other website, club or group. Only people from Swinging Heaven who have been specifically invited are allowed to attend the Munches that are advertised on here.

Note: If someone is currently banned from Swinging Heaven, they are not eligible to attend.

Munches are a great way to finally meet all those people you've been chatting with on the Swinging Heaven Forum or in the Swinging Heaven chat room - and then who knows where it might lead!

Fancy organising a Munch?

Firstly, does anyone on here know you? You will have to be known as an active member on this site before people can trust you to organise a Munch properly. Remember, people travel all over the country to attend these and spend a lot on travel and hotel costs. They won't do that to attend yours if you are not known. Also, you should be a good organiser and make sure you have enough spare time to do it properly.

Where will I hold it?

The Munch needs to be held in a private function room, or separate bar area of somewhere like a pub or social club. It should have its own bar area, and be separate from the 'general public' bar, preferably with its own toilets, and area for disco and buffet (if you chose to put a buffet on). Perhaps consider trying to persuade the landlord to close the pub to the general public and fill the place with us! Whatever you do, the idea is to separate as far as possible your member guests from the general public. Discretion and privacy are very important to many members of Swinging Heaven.

Security and Discretion

You should take into account members' security and discretion when choosing the people to provide the disco and control of access. Many very successful Munches have had these services provided by members of Swinging Heaven attending the Munch.

How do I get this started?

Having found a suitable venue, explain to the owner what you hope to do and discuss things like buffets, DJs, control of access, disabled access and private party status. Does the owner know about swinging? If he/she does, then be open with them about who will be attending. If not, perhaps book it as a birthday party.

Is there a cost involved?

We all love a freebie, but you may incur costs for buffets, DJs, hire of the room, door/bar staff, etc. We do not allow any functions which are run to make a profit. However, we don't expect you to be out of pocket either! Don't just think of a number and say you'll keep the balance or give it to a charity. Work out costs per head. In the past it's been OK to 'pass a hat round' as the only source of income for the night, to put towards the cost of bar/door staff or the DJ. OK, but don't do it several times during the night for each category. Once and once only.

Afters Parties

Any Munch organised on this site is for Swingers who occasionally like to 'play' with each other, although this is not what Munches are about, they are just for meeting people in a relaxed, no pressure environment. So, while it's perfectly reasonable that people might want to arrange for something else to happen afterwards, this is not to be part of the Munch and must not be arranged in the same thread as the Munch - nor can the separate threads be hyper-linked to each other. Any afters party will most likely be private, and therefore entrance is not guaranteed and groups can be restricted, for example, only a few single males. There may be an entrance fee involved and it may be held in a sex club, which newbies may not feel comfortable about. A Munch and any afters parties that may be organised are totally different to each other by their very nature and intent, which is why we want to keep an element of separation between the two on the site also, this is important. Munches should not just be treated as 'feeders' to afters parties!

Who do I allow to go?

Rule of thumb is regular and current members of either the Forums or the chat room. As mentioned earlier about newbies, if they are too new or not regular participators, then sorry, tell them no and maybe next time. As the organiser, you decide your 'cut-off' date for how new people must be not to be invited and how many posts someone is expected to have made, but have flexibility and ask if someone who is a regular can vouch for them. After all, as we said above, Munches give the newer members a chance to meet and ask questions of more experienced members in a relaxed and neutral environment.

Note: If someone is currently banned from Swinging Heaven, they are not eligible to attend.

How much detail do I publish in the forum?

The date, approximate location (e.g. Manchester) and maximum allowed to attend, if necessary. The exact details of the pub/club etc, should only be sent out by PM about a week before and ONLY to those invited. You must also stress to those invited NOT to pass on the details to anyone else, no matter what excuse they come up with. Don't forget people may want overnight accommodation, so it's worth getting a contact list of local hotels and B&Bs ready as early as possible so that people can book ahead. But these details must be sent by Private Message ONLY and not published in the open forum or discussed in the Chat Room.

How do I get my Munch thread 'stickied'?

All Munch threads are stickied at the top of the Let's Meet Up forum. For your munch thread to join them it can't be more than 4 months until the actual event. Assuming your Munch thread and organising adheres to the above criteria, and it is within 4 months of the event, simply ask a Moderator to sticky it for you. Behave responsibly.

You are reminded that with a few exceptions already identified , a Munch is open to all Swinging Heaven members. Some people will be new to this others will be experienced Munchers and lots of people will fall somewhere in between this. Please do not use Munches to engage in anything that should be done in private. Avoid over exposure of a sexual nature, any form of indecency whether or not of a sexual nature.

Important note: For an event to be called a Munch on this site it has to adhere to the guidelines set out above. If you are in any doubt about anything set out in these guidelines - please contact us. Failure to adhere to the above by Organisers or those attending, could result in you being banned from attending or organising future events, or possibly, your profile being banned from Swinging Heaven.

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