Firstly, this site isn't really ‘ours’ and it isn't heavily focussed on, or solely based around, us. Swinging Heaven is about you and about being a part of a friendly swinging community. Yes, it is maintained by us, along with a lot of help from a few Moderators and chatroom OPs, but it's your site, and is only what it is because of YOU!

That said, people still sometimes wonder who we are, and this little page is here to tell them.

We are pretty much as normal as you get (honest!). We develop SH by day, and by night working on the Swinging Heaven site design and coding. Registration is free because we feel it shouldn't cost anything to register as a member of an online community site like this, but some services need to be paid for - please read our rant on that particular subject here.

It's difficult to know what else to tell you without sounding too self promoting or self obsessed, so I think we'll stop there.

If you want to contact us personally then please click here.