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Fantasy fulfilled

"My friend arranges a threesome"

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Author's Notes

"Sadly mostly fiction, more of an If only. Hope you enjoy it"

Part 3

After that  memorable night where my friend finally dominated and sissified me, we now met on a regular basis and we're more daring with each other, well mainly him!. By now my then girlfriend had moved away to university so I had ample free time to be Christine and made the most of it dressed when at home, it felt so liberating and sensual. My friend knew this and made full use of my new sexual freedom.  I got a text from him late Thursday asking if I could come over Friday as he had a surprise for me ending in XXX, Intrigued with the message I replied ok wondering what his surprise was. 

I arrived on Friday, eight o'clock prompt as I normally do, knocked on the door, it opened and what a shock,  was it the surprise mentioned in the text?

Standing before me was my friend, dressed in a  black wet look dominatrix outfit, his rampant cock pushing the short hem of it outwards, a sudden stiffness in my boxers  was a good sign! So this was the surprise I asked?  partly he replied and ushered me into the flat which looked slightly different with the soft lighting.

Ok he said, there's something we'd like you to wear tonight, I hope you like it, it's on the bed. Caught up in the excitement I hadn't registered what he had just said with the 'We' bit but just did as I was told and made my way to the bedroom  Once in the bedroom, on the bed I saw the usual, stockings and suspenders, some very see-through panties that left nothing to the imagination, a very nice silk pleated skater skirt, yes I really liked that and a black satin  blouse, finished off with the shoulder length blonde wig. Okaaaay, not my usual dress but being the sissy slut he was turning me into I didn't say anything. I took a shower to freshen up then I slowly put my clothes on and to be honest, I looked very sexy indeed! Here he said, let me make you up, I hadn't quite mastered applying makeup so thankful for that. He also applied some black nail varnish, another first for me.

 When finished I looked in the mirror and, well,I looked very slutty, my friend rubbed his hands up and down my sides, saying ' you'll do' and gave me a soft kiss on the lips which had the effect of stirring my sissy cock into life again. I was wondering what he had in mind for tonight, the thought and anticipation was now getting the better of me as I wanted him to take me right there and then.

Calming down a little we had a coffee and chatted about stuff then the conversation came round to threesomes, I did admit in the past to him I'd always thought of that with him but never had the courage to ask  but tonight was going to redress all my doubts I had about this.

Well he said, the surprise I have is for us to be joined by a friend of mine who's taken a shine to you . He saw the photos I took of you and asked if he could meet you. My heart jumped a few beats, someone else knew my secret, a sudden panic then the  realisation that the one of my fantisies  I'd drempt about was possibly going to become reality. If you don't want to, I can call him and tell him not tonight, take your time, in a flash I said yes! Oh my god, what a slut I've become! I thought to myself.

He told me the clothes I was wearing tonight were by request of his friend, hmmm I thought , set up! But more excited at the fact I'd be the centre of attention of two horny cocks.

About  9:30, there was a soft knock at the door, My friend went and let his friend him, they kissed passionately before saying , this is Steve, he was mid 40's, about  6 foot , athletic build , shaved, head wearing a pair of trousers that were either a size too small or he had a very large cock judging by the outline, a moment of fear came over me as my friend was large and sometimes i found it difficult to accommodate him but this!! he  came over and gave me a peck on the cheek, stood back to admire me and said what a beautiful Sissy I was and felt my bottom through the silky skirt making it glide over the sheer panties and stockings underneath, I'll be honest with you, It felt good, REALLY GOOD,  the material of my sheer panties desperate to keep my small yet rock hard cock contained within. He felt it and complimented me on how hard it was and the fun they were going to have with me.

He also complimented me on my photos, and explained it was him that developed the photos being an amateur photographer, you really didn't take these kinds of glamour shots to your local chemist to develop! We all laughed at that which broke the ice and I felt more relaxed.

I did wonder when my friend said about him seeing the pictures he took of us that night,  mystery solved.

By now, introductions over we now sat on the sofa, me in the middle with a glass of wine watching a video of a crossdresser threesome  and started to get excited I could  be the centre of attention tonight and wondering what they had in mind which made it the more Intense for me as my panties were now beginning to show signs of pre cum oozing through the very see through material yet to be revealed by the pair. As we watched the video a hand rested on my stocking clad knee, quickly followed by another hand on the other knee. Rythmaticaly  they slowly stroked along my legs, the feeling for me was ecstatic, more pre cum started to slowly ooze out from my cock into my panties. Steve couldn't resist it any more and moved in for a kiss whilst now stroking my erect nipples through the silk blouse. I reacted positively which encouraged him to be more daring with his exploration of my body. Several months earlier I'd not even considered kissing another man but here I  was, passionately exploring his mouth as our tongues flicked over each other.   My friend had now moved his hand up and over my skirt, it felt amazing as the skirt slid against my stockings as he did so. By now my cock was straining to burst through my panties, I'd never been so hard or excited, what a slut I was and they both knew it.

Steven broke off teasing me and stood up in front of me, he removed his shirt to reveal a nice toned body, then he undid his trousers and they slipped down to reveal he was wearing hold ups and a pair of ridiculously small red panties that had no chance of containing his large cock,bigger than my friends,  it was sticking out the side, quite a lot if it! a sudden fear and excitement of the prospect of being impaled by it swept over me. Once his trousers were off he knelt down in front of me, running both hands slowly up my legs until under my skirt, he lifted it up to reveal my panties with a large damp patch on them, he made a moan of approval as his hands now moved over the damp patch spreading my pre cum over my still pantie encased cock. He slid his hands up to my panties waistband and hooked his fingers over them then proceeded to pull them down, my cock, swollen and painfully hard sprang up and slapped against my belly, Hmmm he said, looks like you need some relief as he slipped my panties off. He repositioned himself to the tip of my cock, still moist with pre cum from their teasing. My friend now undid my blouse and was rubbing and sucking my nipples, I was surprised I didn't cum there and then but tried to hold back the best I could. However, Steven had other ideas about that and slowly started sucking the top of my cock. The sensation was making me tremble with excitement, then he started to lower his head lower, taking more of my small sissy cock into his mouth. Holding the base he started in Earnest to milk me,I tried not to cum but he knew what he was doing and within a couple of minutes he got his reward as I shot, with some force, into his mouth and down his throat. He spent a few minutes making sure he got every last drop of spunk out of me. My arousal hadn't stopped though, my friend was still playing with my nipples, twisting them, sometimes quite hard, then stroking and sucking it felt wonderful 

This had the effect of getting me aroused again quite quickly.

Steven took his chance and got me onto the sofa on my hands and knees, head  facing off the back of the  sofa . He positioned himself behind me , lifted my short skirt and pushed my legs apart to gain access to my now willing body. He put some lube in my crack and slowly inserted his fingers, one at a time to stretch me a little to make his entry as easy and pain free as possible. He managed to work 3 into me, sliding in and out until I guess he was satisfied he could get his 8 inches into me. The time came and he started to rub his cock around my bottom until he found my hole, he pushed to enter me but my body refused, he tried again with a little more pressure, still he couldn't penatrate me, a little more oil applied to his now hard, and swollen cock he tried again, this time the head opened me  enough for  it to pop in, now he slowly tried to shove that monster into me, my body tried to deny him but his persistence won through and slowly, if not with some discomfort, inched his way in, pain slowly subsided as he drove that monster home and stopped there so I could get used to him. meanwhile my friend had positioned himself in front of me and offered his cock to my willing mouth which devoured it as deep as he could push it in. Oddly enough I did gagg on that occasion but he pulled back a little so he could start to slowly use my willing mouth whilst Steven started to slowly pull back then in again. Quite pleased with this as it was my first spit roast and I was now starting to enjoy it being the attention of two horny cocks looking to seed me.

Whilst my friend was fucking my mouth at a steady pace, Steven was a bit more erratic, slow thrusts deep faster thrusts making my little cock swing in time with his thrusts, enjoyable all the same, my friend was about to seed me , he moaned lightly as the head of his cock swelled and the tip started twitching releasing my prize, he held my head as the first powerful spurt  hit the back of my throat making me swallow immediately, then pulled out to cover my face, his sperm now slowly dripping down towards my lips and chin.

I prefer to savour the taste and texture but on this occasion, he denied me. I was their cum slut and they were going to use me as such. On seeing this, Steven changed his pace again slightly faster and now gyrated his hips with each thrust to get as deep into me as he possibly could. His pace increased, then he made a loud noise, indicating he was about to flood me with his sperm. His last thrusts before he came were deep inside me, slight pain again as  I'd never been penetrated that deep, then another loud shout as the first spurt of cum was Injected deep into me, his cock twitching away as it did so, the warmth of his sperm very evident deep within me, he grabbed my hips tightly as the second jet of sperm shot Into me, then another and another, I can only describe it like a grease gun pumping away inside me! It didn't feel real, he just kept coming in huge spurts! I counted 6 then a few more smaller ones. This man had flooded my sissy body  with his sperm, none had leaked out so either we had a perfect coupling or he had really spunked deep into my body.

We stayed coupled together for a couple of minutes whilst Stevens' erection subsided and my friend got a towel to catch any spunk that might leak out as Steven withdrew. Slowly he did, some  sperm came out but not what they were expecting, why were they expecting a torrent of sperm? They knew something! I went to the bathroom to clean up, my makeup smudged and with dark lines of mascara down my cheeks,then it happened, his sperm  slowly starting to leak from my still gaping hole, not just a dribble, but quite a lot which ran down my stockings, now laddered and holed by Steven as he had held me tight whilst he came into me. I wiped it off but more replaced it. Several attempts later it had slowed down but still leaking,  I wondered just how deeply Steven had inseminated me. Whatever the answer, I enjoyed it and wanted more, now I really was becoming that sissy slut my friend enjoyed so much.

I went back out to see them back on the sofa waiting to see thier handywork, my stockings with a stream of spunk down my inner thighs and my makeup ruined by my friends spunk still sticking to my face.

My friend asked me , did you like our surprise then, thinking it was the spit roasting, I said yes, then the penny dropped as he told me Steven is a very heavy cummer as you've just found out. 

Steven stopped a while and chatted to me about things he liked and what he'd like to do with me which got me aroused but I was too tired and a little sore so he bid his farewells and left leaving us alone. I slipped on a long nightie and shared the bed with my friend as I didn't want to go home that late.

We got up next morning and I was still leaking a little of Stevens cum, a damp patch on my nightie gave it away, my friend patted my bottom and laughed, told you Stevens a heavy cummer. I laughed back and wondering what Steven had planned for me, it didn't take too long for the answer!

To be continued 

Written by Christine63

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