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From disappointment to "The lazy Otter"

"night to remember"

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Over my long life i have loved the life of a Transvestite, It has never just been about the clothes, unlike many crossdressers ,i have all a woman yearnings, The longing to be held close and loved, to be kissed and fondled, It was by choice that i chose a life of cruising, The dark laybys, Walks in the forest , The lorry cabs and the back of transit vans, The prearranged meeting with a gentleman only to find on arrival he has invited two of his friends, It can be scary. It can be rough, But I know through experience that at the end of the day the men that i meet are looking to orgasm, And as long as that arrive at that point in whatever way they chose it usually ends ok. it all part of my chosen life, I thought this had all changed this week, for some time I have been chatting To a gentleman from a site for mature gay men, He was there looking for a regular partner, He is married to a woman that lost all interest in sex years ago, He had always held an interest in transvestites, watched many videos and confessed to often masturbating over them, After years of being a hen pecked husband he had decided that he wanted a mature girl he could be completelt dominant with,He was very much into kissing and foreplay, Well positioned to book a travel lodge on a regular basis , If i accepted i would be his first Tranny girl to make love to, In fact he confessed that since his wife he had only masturbated, I read and reread his messages, we exchanged email addresses, He messaged every day, Wonderful, romantic messages ,declaring how he was going to kiss and stroke me, because i would be his first and only girl he begged me to dress slutty, just like the girls on the porn site he had been watching, Deep red lipstick, Because he had gone without for so long i was to accept there would be sex on the first date, I thought omg he's ticked every box so far, Our meeting was arranged for thursday night, there was no time to find and book a travel lodge so we agreed to consumate our relationship in the back of my Mercedes vito van, For me a very fitting location, We arranged to meet at a picnic site at Brandon Creek close to Ely, He seemed beside himself with excitement , It was eight oclock in the evening when i arrived, the picnic site was desserted but as soon as i parked his car pulled up behind me, He had been parked up the road waiting, As i exited the van he approached ,There was no question to who i was and he grabbed me and hugged me close, Cathy, I have been waiting all day for this moment, i have sat looking at the pictures you sent me, I loved the one of you kneeling down sucking that mans cock, I want the same darling," He kissed me, his tongue filled my mouth, as he was holding me his hand was opening the side door of my van, I should have seen the warning signs but his kissing already had me aroused, So far this man was perfect, his searching hands, his passionate kissing, Handsome, What could possibly go wrong, We no sooner got settled on the matress i had put in the van His hands were up my skirt, my panties were roughly pulled to oneside and a thick finger was pushed into my cunt, for several minutes i was treated to a hard finger fucking then his finger was removed and pushed between my red lips, "Now Cathy, remove my trousers and pants and kiss me," I was ready, trembling fingers unzipped him and pulled off his clothes, I could have screamed, I have always stated that size isn't important but i was staring at the smallest penis i have ever seen. It was honestly no more than two inches and completely covered by the foreskin, I thought omg whatever did i do to deserve this,, everything had seemed so perfect, I don't need a big cock but there was no way this delightful man was going to satisfy me,, "Go on Cathy , kiss it, put your tongue inside my foreskin then i am going to fuck you," I did as i was requested, and was disappointed to find it was already hard,, "Mmmmm yes Cathy, Turn round, Spread your legs wide i'm not very big so it won't hurt," Still in a daze i done as he said, I felt him grip my hips, he moved in closer, when we completely as one i felt the wet head of his penis just open my cunt, " Oh Cathy i have been dreaming of this moment for so long, I am sure you must have too," I had, but not like this, I moved slightly and heard him groan, "Oh my god ,Cathy," I felt the warm spunk trickle down the crack of my bottom. "Oh Cathy that was wonderful, I felt angry, I wanted to scream, "No it wasn't, I wanted my cunt stretched, i wanted eight, nine , Ten inches of cock, i wanted to feel it, i wanted to be hurt, Of course i never said that, He was such a lovely man, it wasn't his fault, but i knew i would never see him again, We kissed goodbye , "I shall message you to arrange the next meeting," he said and was gone, I reached behind and ran my finger up the crease of my bottom, then sucked his spunk from my finger, Goodbye darling, It was still only nine oclock as i made my way back to Cambridge, I was still feeling angry and cheated, Still feeling very aroused and receptive as i pulled into the long layby By "The lazy Otter" pub on the A10. I drove slowly passing a car with one occupant, a good sign, but could be just a watcher, Further up the layby was a lorry, the numberplate showed it was Turkish, another good sign, I pulled the van in in front of the lorry and another car parked a little further ahead, I could see a light was on in the lorry but the car ahead was in darkness, I flicked on the interior light and refreshed my lipstick , I exited the van and opened the side door and sat on the step and lit a cigarette, I am not an avid smoker but find it adds to the slutty look, As i sat smoking i heard the car door ahead open, A short stocky man approached out of the darkness,, "Hi there, looking good, Its quiet tonight, I have been here about half an hour," he nodded towards the lorry, "I don't think he is interested," "Oh right, i said, What are you looking for," "Oh i don't mind, I don't take it, I love being sucked off though" I thought of the taste from my finger earlier, I threw the cigarette but to the ground, "Do you want to get in the van?, "I haven't got long and your just the right height sitting there , unzip me and i will fuck your mouth," I unzipped him and he moved closer, No disappointments this time, he was thick and curved, It would have stretched my cunt nicely but i was hungry, he was right i was just at the right height and took him deep, He was no first timer, his hands were on my head pulling me hard into his pubes, I gaged loudly which seemed to please him, just when i was thinking how good he was he spoke, "Fuck me babe, youve sucked cock a few times before, love the way you work your tongue on my helmet, Your a fucking pro, " I gagged more, i knew i was close to deep throating him, He must have sensed it too, "This time hun, you ready?" holding my head firmer he pushed deep, i felt his helmet pass the barrrier and enter my throat, "Good girl, here it comes, we were both motionless, i felt his hot spunk enter my throat, "OH fuck, yes, You are some whore, you have done this before,", i had but not as often as he suspected, I felt him slowly withdraw giving me time to suck the remaining cum from his shaft, "Wow babe, We both needed that, now home to the good little woman, she'l never know what she missed,", I was no longer needed so he turned on his heel and left, It was getting late now and i thought i should be heading back ,myself, I turned to face the open side door of the van, hitching my skirt up above my stockings allowed me to kneel just inside the door, The duvet that i had kneeled on earlier that night was crumpled so i reached for the top to fold it and put it in its plastic cover, As i stretched forward i was startled by a hand stroking my exposed bottom, Turning round i saw a Thin dark skinned tall middle aged man, He was grinning showing his white teeth, One hand was still up my skirt stroking my bottom, In his other hand he was holding his erect penis, "Excuse me, where the hell did you appear from, " He must have seen the shocked look on my face, "Sokay, No problem , My lorry, I look and watch you suck the cock, It look very nice, "Oh my god, I forgot about the lorry, i thought you were sleeping,", "No, No sleeping, i watch you suck the cock," My eyes looked down to the erect penis, It looked golden and shiny in the light of the vans interior light, "Oh ok, so now you want me to suck your cock,?" I was still kneeling into the van when i felt his hands grip my hips , I was pushed forward as he got in behind me , still thinking he wanted sucking off i went to turn, His smile vanished, He pushed me hard further into the van, I knew in an instant that his cock wasn't going between my lips, Arching my back i spread my legs wider, I could feel the blunt head of his cock against my cunt , I had seen he was thick but luckily my earlier lovers cum still coated my cunt, Letting go of my hips he reached for my shoulders, I then knew he was going to enter me with one thrust , I knew i had to relax, dropping my head i took a deep breath, He grunted, pulling hard on my shoulders The deep breath i had just taken was forced from my lungs, i felt his balls hit against me as if to remind me i was now impaled on eight inches of solid cock,, His strong hands returned to my hips , He breathed out deeply, "Yes, You very good to fuck," It wasn't a question just a statement to let me know that he was pleased with what he felt he was entitled to, He had watched me suck a strangers cock and that made me available, He was now fully withdrawing before plunging back , my cunt opened willingly to accept his thrusts,, The two inch penis that has first attempted to enter me was a distant memory as i thrust back to match his every thrust,, "Good, Ah yes Good, You like to take the cock," I was in heaven, His deep thrusting hurt but for something so wonderful a girl needs a little pain to appreciate it, I wished it would never end and yet i knew it must,every nerve in my body seemed to be screaming, ""Now you ready , A big one now," he reached again for my shoulders, His thrust almost lifted me from the van floor, he leant forward, his head just above my own, i smelt his sweat and then the warmth spreading deep inside me , he grunted and half withdrew, another less violent thrust , i felt another spurt as more spunk joined what was already inside me . He rested still inside my cunt then slowly withdrew, Shuffling backwards towards the door of the van he laughed, , "You good, now you have Turkish baby," I turned as he got out, his flacid cock hung down , I saw a drop of spunk hanging from it, I reached and with my finger i wiped it off, smiling at him i sucked my finger, He smiled again and was gone, How did a night begin with two inches and end with eight , Cathy xx

Written by Cathylovitt

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