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Accidental Bull Pt 3

"This stuff doesn’t happen to ordinary people"

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I went into the loo, not quite believing what had happened. 

It was busy with blokes popping in, holding the door. I did what I needed to, and while washing my hands I looked up at myself in the mirror. Had this really just happened? What was going on? What to do next?

I headed out and back towards the bar, I stopped, I couldn’t see Wendy or Paul where they’d been. 

I looked around, the dance floor was busy, but I could see they weren’t there. I checked my phone, there was a message from Wendy. 

‘Heading home, he’s a little shell shocked, will text you tomorrow’. I’d only just finished reading it when it was followed by

‘PS, I loved it - can still feel you inside me’ 

I can’t lie, I was disappointed, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I’d been getting off on the thrill, the person I seemed to become in front of Paul. Where had that come from?? I headed home in a cab, with the other half at work, I hit the shower and checked for any obvious signs in my underwear and on my clothes before settling down. 

The next day I was waiting for Wendy’s text all day. I was busy with odd jobs, but I couldn’t stop looking at my phone. Eventually early afternoon she text.

“ Time for a chat’? ‘Give me five’ I replied. 

I headed out to the garage, and headed into the back where I had a good view of the garden and called her. When she answered, she was apologetic about disappearing the night before, but said Paul had been shocked with what had happened in front of him, and since (and this was new to me) they were just dabbling in this idea, she wanted to make sure he didn’t get cold feet. 

She’d taken him home and basically worked him up in the cab, then in bed until he was hard and wanked him off replaying the memory with him. 

So while I thought we were FWB, it turns out for them, she wanted more physical action from him, and he was less interested in it with her in the vanilla sense, but had always had a fantasy about watching her with another man. She’d pushed him over many years to give his permission on a ‘don’t ask and I won’t tell premise’. 

Our recent dalliances however and her change of dress for it seemed to have provoked a conversation, and to her own surprise really turned her on, let alone him. 

I wasn’t sure what to say or do. Just her and I knowing was one thing. My partner obviously didn’t know any of this, nor did I want her to. We were now not in the position I thought we were, with the same risk level. 

But I also was horny as fuck at the thought of what had happened and her clear appetite for it. I asked what she / he wanted to do next, if anything. She said she knew him and whilst he was nervous about it, his physical reaction the previous night, and it seemed that morning too, said all she needed to know. She wanted me to come round and fuck her in the room next door to theirs so he could listen. I asked if he’d agreed. She said she hadn’t told him yet. 

I was now in a quandary. The party was a one off, a night out my partner knew about. How would I be out of the house another night, regardless of whether she was at work or not. So I put that to her. She simply told me to decide when it would work for me and she’d organise it. 

We chatted more, and she began to describe how wet she was thinking about it, what we’d done. She was graphic about his cock, and how he’d wanted to fuck her when she worked him up, but she denied him to see his reaction. He was accepting which she said, only seemed to make her wetter. 

By now I just wanted to go round to hers and fuck her. But I also wanted some time with Wendy if we were going to do this. I might never get the chance again. I told her plainly what I wanted to do to her and listened as her breathing quickened. She told me she was rubbing her clit, I was solid in my trousers. 

I told her I pull a sickie, and I suggested the forthcoming Wednesday. I could make that work, and we could enjoy the morning, afternoon or both. 

The day came and I dressed as normal for work. I headed over to her house which was not far away, and pulled up outside at around 9. It seemed surreal to be honest, but I had been hard the whole way over there. I was imagining all sorts, what did her house look like, would Paul be there, what would happen? He had said he wanted to watch me fuck her, or so she’d said. 

I text her I was outside and as I approached the door she opened it and stepped to one side so she was not visible to the road. When I saw her I could see why. She was simply in heels, black stockings and suspenders and a half cup bra. No knickers, her bare cunt plainly visible. She leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss before the door had even closed. 

My hand dropped to her arse and I pulled her into me. Her tongue lashed mine, and as we broke, I asked her if Paul was in. She grinned and gave an eager nod. I dropped my hand down and brazenly felt her cunt to see how wet she was. She growled as I did so, her smile giving way to a pained look with a deep frown as the sensations washed over her. She gripped my arm, and I felt her shudder. He slit was awash, there was no other way to describe it. My cock was throbbing now, rigid in my trousers. 

She took me by the hand and slowly and deliberately led me up the stairs. I was looking for him, I felt myself dropping into the role again, the person I’d become at the party. I pulled her back on the stairs. I decided I was having her there and then. She turned to face me and I simply looked her in the eye and said ‘bend over’. I pulled impatiently at my belt, the buckle releasing while pulling down my flies. Wendy had turned and I could see her quim looking silky and glistening. I wanted this to be raw, on the stairs, a few deep thrusts so Paul would hear her being taken before we went wherever we were supposed to next. 

My cock was now exposed, again I fingered her to use her juices to smear over my cock. With a nudge the head was in, and she was on her toes to accommodate me. I didn’t wait for her to become used to me. I gave a savage thrust to demonstrate my intent and drive the air from her lungs. I wanted him to hear his wife and be under no illusion as to what had just happened. I was now balls deep in Wendy, trousers round my knees, and she was pressed back hard on me. Through gritted teeth I was telling her how good she looked on my cock, and how every time she walked up or down the stairs she’d remember this. She just moaned at the thought, and then said ‘take me then’. 

I gave her a couple of deep thrusts and she grasped the bannister to steady herself. Her moans and growls just got me harder, which in turn seemed to make her growl even more. Then without warning, she slipped off my cock. My shiny shaft was exposed and she turned and held it in her beautifully manicured hand, slowly wanking it. 

‘Bedroom’ she said. I pulled my trousers up and held them in place while we made it to the landing and into what was clearly the marital bed. Wendy must have registered the look on my face and the obvious question in my head. She pressed herself up against me, kissed me and said ‘I told him if we’re doing this, then we’re doing the full fantasy’. 

With that, she said ‘Come on then, fuck me so he can hear me’. I thought she was walking over to close the bedroom door, instead she propped it open. As I undressed she said ‘In case he wants a glimpse, he’s not sure yet’. 

Then it was on, this was a side I hadn’t seen to her before. She was nothing short of ferocious. 

It was like she had become someone else, almost an alter ego. 

I thought two can play at that game. I lifted her up and she wrapped her stocking clad legs around my waist, the tip of my engorged nob pressed against her. I threw her on the bed and legs splayed open, her silky cum strands lining her thighs. I went for her neat little slit and teased her lips out. Her deep gasp, and ‘oh you fucker’ as I went to work on her, teasing, then feasting, her hand on the back of my head. Her musky scent just made me harder, and I thought I heard a noise behind me. It must have been Paul, because she became very verbose saying through gritted teeth, ‘yes, thats how you please a woman, thats how you lick a pussy’. I didn’t get the feeling it was for me. 

She began to build. I could feel her lascivious cunt begin to bear its pre orgasm fruit, my mouth smeared now, my nose, she was practically fucking my mouth with her hole, pulling my hair with each thrust. Suddenly she pushed me away. I looked at her and let her take in the sight of my face smeared with her juices. She let her fingers drop to her fanny and rubbed her clit. 

I grabbed her ankle and pulled her leg down. She slipped down the covers, spreading her legs. When she could go no further, I spat on my hand and began to wipe it over the head of my cock. I was going to have her now. She tapped me on the hand, and signalled to wait a moment. The she called out to him, ‘Come on darling, come and watch it. Watch him enter me. He’s already had me, you must have heard that’. 

My cock felt like it would explode there and then. It was like an iron bar. I heard a noise behind me by the door. I didn’t turn, it felt like a vulnerable moment as I seemed to drop out of my character, and it was after all his house. I was the guest no matter what. ‘Sit there’ she said, pointing to a chair that must have been behind me. She was smiling, ‘we’ve talked about this so many times’. ‘Watch him fuck me, watch him cum in me, your darling wife’. 

‘What would the neighbours say’??? With that she looked back to me, ‘do it, fuck me’. 

I didn’t need asking twice. Whether she felt it, or it was for him or me, she gave the most almighty, guttural moan as I eased into her. I couldn’t hold back from thrusting, and so it began. Her panting, started lightly, He cunt felt unreal, my balls getting coated in her juices as we fucked each other. She gave as good as she got. Her nipples were hardening, her chest flushing with each thrust it felt like. 

The feel of her stockings against my thighs and the muted reflection of us in surfaces around the room was something to behold. I felt I was doing well to control my orgasm, she was on the verge, almost seeming to have mini ones before starting again. I’d almost forgotten about Paul when she called him over. ‘Please come and see what he’s doing to me’. ‘Look at his cock in me’.  ‘Imagine when I toss you off later what we’ll be talking about’. 

That was it, it was enough for me, I couldn’t help but speed up. Whether for me, for him or because she genuinely felt it, she seemed to go into another gear. The got louder, she pushed back against me, she got more verbal ‘Come on then, give it to me, shoot your thick load into me’. ‘Watch him darling, watch his balls’ ‘Oh fuck, fuck, come on then you fucker empty them into me’. 

I was done, with a final couple of savage thrusts my semen, my thick sperm was squirting into her, splashing up against her womb while her husband watched another man use his wife. He tip over the edge caused her tummy to spasm and cramp (I found out later). 

I held myself there, and then the alpha in me decided to withdraw my cock before it softened too much, so he could see it if he was still there. 

And there he was, cock in hand as I turned. My seed was pulled out of her by my cock head as I withdrew. I could see his gaze move from her cunt to my face. My humanity, returned, ‘You’re a very lucky man’ I said. He smiled. 

I went over to Wendy and kissed her. Not too deep or passionate, after all the deed was done, and I was aware I was in their house. 

I padded out to find the ensuite loo. As I flushed and came out, Paul was getting his cock sucked. It looked a little half hearted if I’m honest, and Wendys other hand was busy smearing sperm over her clit and working herself up. I needed some time to recover, but it was a sight to behold. 

We spent the rest of the day together. Paul found he loved the sound of us fucking very exciting, and glimpses more than full on watching more his thing. 

And that was how I became an accidental bull to a lovely couple. 

Wendy and I still played on occasion alone, but she would always make a point of pulling on some knickers afterwards to take my cum home to him. 

The fantasy in the moment, the role play, wherever it is you go is one thing, but I was so lucky to be invited into their home and be part of their marriage, whatever form it took. Eventually it ran its course, and we fizzled out. Hats off to them, they always kept my confidence, and other than you, no one has ever learned of it. 

Written by DiscreetDevil71

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