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black guy owns her

"Big black guy fucks her in the club"

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We were sitting on the sofa and a big black guy came and sat the other side of Martina. He wasn’t in good shape or particularly attractive. He made pleasant conversation about the places he had been - asked us what we had done etc. I didn’t really think anything of it, to be honest - I didn’t think he was Martina’s type. It didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. Eventually he got round to asking what we thought of the club - and he mentioned the porn cinema. I said we hadn’t seen it and he suggested he show us around. He took Martina by the hand and led her, and I liked that.

When we got in the cinema there were maybe twenty people. He sat her down between me and him. I was surprised at how quickly the guys gathered around - maybe a dozen of them. She spread her legs and his hand went between them, quite naturally. He was rubbing the front of her black panties with his big hands. I noticed that there was also guy standing behind her and she had reached back to grab his cock.

Me and the black guy were both rubbing her pussy now, with people standing round watching. The black guy pulled her panties to one side - so that everyone could see her pussy. Then he spread her pussy lips before sliding a finger into her. It was good the way he took charge.

There was a small Middle Eastern guy that we had talked to earlier standing in front of her with his cock out. He put on a condom and slid between her legs. He tried fucking her but his dick was small and a little limp. I noticed that she had the black guy’s cock in her right hand - it was big and getting bigger as she stroked it. Everybody watched as the Arabic guy struggled to fuck her. But the whole time she was gripping the black guy’s meaty cock and it was getting bigger.

Eventually she said to him ‘it’s not working’ and he stepped back. The big black guy stood between her legs and I watched as he slid on a condom. Then he knelt between Martina’s legs and confidently shoved his big black cock up into her pussy. We watched him fuck her. I think she was glad to be getting fucked properly.

I sat beside her as he pounded her hard. He fucked her defenceless pussy deep and hard, ramming her pussy hard over and over. Everybody stood around watching and wanking. She was loving it. Whimpering and moaning. He pulled his dick out and pulled the condom off. Then he plunged his cock back into her. Her hand went up to his chest as she protested - ‘no! you’ve got to wear a condom… you’ve got to wear…’ but he just kept on fucking her and his hand went to her throat she just tilted her head back and groaned and now I knew she wanted him to fuck her bareback. I watched as his big black cock plunged into her over and over.

The guy standing behind her shoved his cock into her mouth and started fucking her face.

He didn’t say that he was cumming but I noticed him slow the pace and then that his cock was dripping with cum. There was so much of it - spilling out of her - but he just kept fucking her as he came. The audacity of it: taking the condom off then dumping a huge load into her.

And then he slid out and scrambled up her body, sitting astride her tits, his massive bulk on top of her as he gripped his dripping cock with one hand and her head with another, showing her mouth onto him and watching her suck obediently. 

I saw some guy quickly slide between her legs - there was nothing she could do - she was pinned - but he started fucking her hard. The big black guy was sliding his big cock as far as it would go, watching her choke as he pushed it down her throat. Suddenly she was squealing and jerking - her legs flailing - but with him sitting on her and his cock in her mouth I couldn’t tell what. After a while she seemed to give in. 

The big black guy slid off and I realised what I had happened: the guy between her legs was fucking her in the arse and she had been trying to stop him. But now she just splayed her legs as guys stood round watching her arse stretched around his cock. The guy fucking her arse was also black. He had his hands on her thighs, pressing her legs open. His cock was long and hard and he slid it all the way into her arse - her body buckling slightly at the end. 

When he came he pulled out and held her pussy open with one hand while he wanked all over it. There was so much cum. 

Her legs were still spread as a third guy - a middle aged man with a beer belly , slid between her legs and started fucking her. Driving all that cum into her with his cock. He came quickly, and when he stood up there was cum spilling out of her pussy. I am not sure she noticed- her head was turned to one side as some guy fucked her mouth savagely - she had a cock in each hand and some guy was ejaculating onto her tits. I watched as a couple more guys fucked her. They were just using her now - fucking her hard - cumming in her pussy. One more guy fucked her arse and she didn’t try to stop him.

It was time for a break. In a daze she got up and pulled on her panties. She and I and the black guy went and sat back down on the sofa. He went to grab something on the way - I don’t know what. He started chatting to Martina - asking her if she liked it. As she talked - without even asking - he leaned forward and started to strap a collar around her neck. She didn’t stop him. Then he attached a leash.

Next thing I knew, he took her hand and guided her onto the floor where she knelt between his legs. It seemed like everybody in the club was watching as he said ‘you know what to do’ and she unzipped him and took out his cock. It was beautiful - watching her kneeling between his legs, him holding her leash, her sucking on his big black cock. People came and sat and stood round to watch. He stroked her hair, then forced her head further onto his dick until she was gagging.

She broke off, gasping ‘you like that?’ he asked - she nodded. He pushed her head back down and watched her suck some more. he was getting really hard. He pulled her up onto his lap, facing outward. She spread her legs - looking down she began lowering herself onto his cock. 

‘No baby’ he said ‘I’m gonna fuck you in the ass’

‘I’m worried it’s going to hurt’ she replied

‘Yeah it’s gonna hurt - but you’re gonna like it once it’s inside all the way you’ he responded ‘you’re gonna want more’

She didn’t resist as he pushed the tip of his cock firmly against her ass. Every one watched as he struggled to get the tip inside her - but then with the weight of her body it popped in and she was groaning and whimpering loudly. Everyone was watching. He eased her legs open with his big hands ‘just relax, baby’ he said then he started rubbing her clitoris with his hands. Her groans turned to whimpers. ‘It’s a lot isn’t it?’ he said. She nodded ‘but you’re gonna try and take it all aren’t you?’ she nodded again ’That’s a good bitch’ he said ‘you wanna be my bitch?’ she nodded. Her arse began sliding down his cock. 

He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back roughly. I wasn’t sure if she would like it - but she did ‘I think you wanna be a black cock slut - you wanna be a black cock slut?’ she nodded. He nodded to another black guy who was standing watching, stroking his cock, and he stepped forwards and shoved his cock in to her mouth roughly. While she was gagging on his cock he grabbed her hips and forced her down onto his cock - listening to her whimper and moan until the whole thing was inside her. ‘You like that now don’t you?’ She nodded.

The black guy fucking her mouth handed his friend some cord and he tied her hands behind her. Then the other guy wrote ‘black cock slut’ across her body in lipstick. He rubbed her clitoris and as she climaxed he pulled her head back and spread her legs wide - her body spasming and jerking uncontrollably on his cock. She came for almost a minute. At the end she was limp like a rag doll, the black guy came in her mouth and some of it dribbled out onto her tits as he tipped her head back and opened her mouth for people to see. 

She was like putty in his arms now - cum dripping from her chin and tits as he grabbed her hair and arched her body. He came hard in her arse - grunting and pulling her legs open as he did. Everybody watching as cum began dripping gout of her arse. Then he pushed her onto all fours on the floor and gaped her arse wide before fucking it hard with his still stiff cock, gripping her hair and plunging it repeatedly into her cum-soaked gaping arsehole. He was fucking her like a rag doll. Like she was expendable. Her ass looked wrecked by the end. 

The next part was unexpected. Her arms still tied behind her he lead her out of the room in the direction of the changing rooms. About a dozen guys followed as he guided her into the showers. He told people that they might want to film this next part and a few of the guys retrieved their cameras from the lockers. He washed his cock briefly in the shower, then he ordered her to kneel> she knelt on the tiles and they filmed as he made her suck his semi-erect cock, her lips sucking obediently on his juicy cockhead. then he slid out. With one hand he tilted her head up so she was looking at him, with the other he held his cock. Then he began to pee. His golden stream splashed onto her tits and trickled down her body. He paused. ‘You  like that?’ she nodded. ‘You wanna be a black cock slut?’ she nodded again ‘Show me. Show me baby.’ he said.

She looked up at him. She leant forward and sucked his cock. He slid her off it and looked down at her. She looked up at him and then she opened her mouth ‘oh yeah’ he said ‘good girl’. He gripped his cock and began pissing directly into her mouth. There was a lot of it. She was gulping and it was bubbling out of her mouth and streaming down her body. He was stroking her head and saying ‘oh yeah - show me baby - show me you’re my bitch - fuck yeah you fucking whore - drink it down’ 

Written by nickandmar

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