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Communication is the key 3

"Further developments with our Black Bull"

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Well some new developments with our Black friend and its all good news thanks to being so open about things with Mrs N. We were sat watching telly Friday evening and I asked her if she fancied some fun Saturday evening. I said if you are not up to actual play maybe I could do my sissy dress up thing and invite a guy round. Her reply surprised me. “Oh I don’t really fancy just watching you again. Why don’t you see if J is free and ask him to come round for that 2nd massage he promised me”.

So off I trotted upstairs to PC and I’d better strike while the iron is hot. J is bound to be busy so it will probably not happen anyway. However again to my surprise J came back with hot reply saying yes he’s free sat night but not till 9 pm so if that is OK he is looking forward to seeing us again.

So the meet was on. Our black bull was coming to see us. Fuck I thought. What have I unleashed here?

Lots of love Pre meet stuff ensued. Mrs preparing her and a new PVC outfit was going to be worn along with stockings and suspenders etc. Pix in gallery so you can see it’s all real.  

What was I going to wear? Well obviously I was keen to dress up and be the sissy maid but this is where communication comes in again. Shortly before he was due to arrive I asked if it was OK if I dressed up. Slightly deflated in that she said well I’d prefer it if you just got naked. You dressed up the week before with M & J our best naughty friends so tonight it’s my choice and I want you and J naked and ready to pleasure me. Fair enough. I’m a cuck. I just do as I am told.

So J arrived and we quickly chatted in the hall and told him about her wishes for us to be naked. So he stripped off and went upstairs.

Now J adores Mrs N. He wants her so bad and the moment her walked into our bedroom his eyes were on stalks and he just couldn’t keep his hands of her. He wanted to kiss her so badly. Lots of lovely foreplay ensued with fondling and then I asked if I could do some fluffing duties. Soon I had J’s huge warm helmet in my mouth. Mrs N fondling and feeding it into my mouth. After a few minutes I said it’s your turn. She was soon on her knees with our black master too.  Next J lay back on the bed and we both proceeded to suck his cock and lick his balls. What a treat for our bull that must have been to have 2 people’s hot tongues on his cock and balls.

J had something in mind for me. He wanted me to experience lying next to Mrs. N with me licking her out. After 30 seconds I was instructed to change to sucking his cock while he kissed her. I did this several times.

Next J undressed Mrs. N and got her ready for her next treat. A good massage again. I decided to leave them alone for a while so that J could seduce her and I hope get to fuck her while I was out of the room.

I suppose I left them for 10 mins or so, always seem longer. J shouted me up. He was rubbering up, which is fine with us and the moment was about to arrive when he was going to fuck her again. It must be 18 years or so since the last time he mounted her. It was a special moment again. I had the treat of inserting his cock. I just love that simple act of submission. What on earth is going on in my head? Why do I want to insert a huge black cock in my Mrs. Pussy ? I don’t know. I just know it is something I need to do.

They changed positions after a short while and he got her in the doggy position. My next treat was the fucklicking position so I got underneath and did my best to lick her pussy and his balls. Every time he pulled out she gushed all over my face. One time in particular he pulled out completed and I was absolutely soaked in cum. I also have a fetish of entering her after another man has been up her so I asked if I could take my turn. The sensation of warm wet pussy after another man has been up your woman is just so sexually erotic.

Our final act was to unload our spunk over Mrs N’s tits. I unloaded first over her left tit. Mine is quite watery as I’ve had the snip. J’s unloaded on her right tit and it was all thick and there were 2 or 3 globules of his seed which I was told to clean up by Mrs N. of course it’s a cuck’s duty to do this act of submission.

Anyway things going well of late. Mrs N seems to getting a bit of a taste for naughtiness again.

Hope you enjoyed the story and as the story title suggests communication is the key.


Written by Naughtystaffs

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