25 Aug 2019

2002, Just a year into our marriage my wife had already slept with two other men. The mixed feelings of turmoil and arousal were intoxicating, I craved more but, it was no longer enough to know she was having sex with another man, I needed to watch another man fuck my wife.

We were both very young and a little naive. Thankfully what came with sexually liberal attitudes, or depraved morality, was also a good sense of discretion. We agreed that if we were going to carry on in such a manner, we would have to keep it away from home.

We live near a big city with a thriving music scene. The lure of bright lights, live entertainment and flowing alcohol pulls us in often. Back then it was no different, we worked and played hard. The city would become our playground for the years ahead, we just needed to add our kinks into the mix.

We soon fell into a pattern of staying in the city at least once a month, shopping, gigs and bar hopping. We didn't rush things as we weren't used to the nightlife so, we built our confidence over time.

Now, long story short, this wasn't quick and easy. It took a few trips to finally find a guy willing to go back with us to our hotel. We didn't expect instant results so, we just enjoyed our nights out and in the process, my wife built up a steady collection of numbers from various guys she flirted with. After each trip, she would spend the following days/weeks chatting via text to the guys she had met. She had over a dozen numbers at one point but, most were dead ends. Eventually, she was chatting to a couple of guys who were up for the kind of fun we were after.

The end of the year was approaching and we had a couple more trips to the city booked during December. My wife had become very chatty with one guy in particular and the two had been messaging almost every day for weeks. His exact age escapes us now but, he was in his late twenties and very athletic looking. He lived close enough to the city to be able to travel at short notice so, we arranged a meet with him.

He was initially apprehensive about being watched, especially by a guy but, he really wanted to fuck my wife and this was the only chance he'd get to do that. When the night finally came it went along with surprising ease, the days leading up to it were far worse to deal with. We arranged to meet the guy after the show was over at a bar near the hotel, I remember very little of the actual gig, just an ever-increasing feeling of excitement and anxiety.

After the last song was played we quickly headed out the door and made our way to the bar. By the time we got there he was already waiting inside, my wife greeted him with a kiss and I shook his hand. A round of stiff drinks later, we all left for the hotel around the corner. Once in the room I lined us up a row of vodka shots while my wife got herself ready, a few minutes later she appeared having stripped to just a pair of tiny black panties. She handed out the drinks and then downed her own before sitting on the end of the bed. We both followed her lead, knocking back the shots before I settled into a chair in the corner of the room and the guy made his way to my wife at the end of the bed.

The room was dark with just the flickering glow from the TV providing the light for the late-night show.

The guy was stood right in front of my wife, she ushered him to undo his belt and release his hard cock.

My heart was pounding as I sat there watching my wife take hold of another man's cock in her dainty hand, I gripped the arms of the chair as she positioned him near her mouth. She glanced over and locked eyes with me, she gave me a cheeky smile, then finally her lips were on the tip of his cock. That was the only acknowledgement she gave me until after it was over, the rest happened as if I wasn't there.

She was so gentle as she explored him, running her tongue up and down his shaft. She settled into a nice slow rhythm while sucking him, breaking only to take his whole length down her throat. I was frozen in place, it all suddenly felt so surreal.

After a few minutes and with the guy now completely naked, my wife lay back on the bed, removed her panties and opened her legs inviting him to taste her. Without hesitation, he began to eat my wife's pussy, the sight and sound of what was happening in front of me were so much I grabbed the vodka and drank straight from the bottle.

The two of them climbed properly onto the bed, he was between her legs fumbling with a condom. I had a great view, looking at them from an angle. Suddenly the moment arrived, he was inside her, his hips thrusting and pumping his cock into my wife's pussy as I watched. Hearing my wife moan with another man was incredible, it took me by surprise how much the sound of it all aroused me.

They soon switched positions, my wife instructed him to lay on his back so she could climb on top of him. She helped his cock back into her pussy and began to ride him. The sight of her bouncing, grinding and sliding up and down his cock with his hands on her ass was almost too much, I didn't dare touch myself through fear I'd blow my load instantly. They were really into it now and I could tell by my wife's breathing she was about to cum and, holy mother of god was it a glorious sight to see. He then lifted her off and flipped her over, her head down on the pillow, her ass up in the air. He fucked her from behind, slowly at first but then gradually harder and harder, within a few minutes he was ready to cum and filled his rubber with spunk while inside my wife. He pulled out and my wife, not one to miss an opportunity, spun around to clean his cock up and taste his cum.

He quickly dressed and left after that, he suddenly seemed awkward at what had just happened. My wife lay on the bed with a huge grin on her face, 'your turn baby' she said. What had happened before me was too much to resist, I entered my wife's freshly fucked pussy and came almost immediately. Months of waiting for this moment were over, I felt so overwhelmed with what I had just witnessed, it was like an out-of-body experience watching my wife fuck another man. We fucked again during the night and in the morning, I spent the following week reclaiming her pussy by fucking her every day if not more.

The whole experience was a runaway success, even if it was just for 15-20 minutes. This blew the doors off our marriage, not only did I love watching my wife fuck another man, she realised how much she loved being watched.

We've never looked back.

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