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Cuckold with a difference Pt2

"Invited to Dee's, I think this time we got more than we bargained for"

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My wife returned home around five, I went to greet her but she appeared a little subdued, no doubt still processing what had just happened to her at the hotel. This would be the start of her abstinence from having sex with me, a direct order from Dee until she had got what she wanted from my wife, her obedience, and commitment and compliance.

Frustrating as it was, for the next fortnight I went along, it wouldn't have been the first time I'd been banned from having sex with my own wife from one of her bulls in the past, this, however, was different, a different that would be blindingly obvious the day she was summoned.

In the meantime , by order from Dee, my wife was to continue working on my nipples, pulling, twisting and stretching. She even bought some nipple clamps with various weights  you could attach to pull your nipples downwards to stretch them. My obvious enjoyment would be wasted in trying to fuck my wife so a few trips to the loo would be my only relief. My wife did, once by order, record the moment I ejaculated into the toilet. Dee wasn't overly keen to see this but wanted reassurance that my wife wasn't allowing me to , as Dee said ‘ pollute my wife with my sissy sperm’ . The only thing she said about that was , exactly where that filth belongs as it was flushed away. Another item my wife bought when they went shopping that day was a cock and ball cage for me, after the video she sent Dee, she got a text ‘ time to use it on him’ from her draw she produces this shiny cage, I was incarcerated in one once, a painful experience I remembered so wasn't looking forward to be caged again but that would be the deal for us to come as a couple. As I'd just ejaculated I'd gone soft so the perfect opportunity for my wife to squeeze my cock into the contraption and close it shut and padlock it knowing my reactions as soon as she started playing with my nipples an instant reaction as my cock grew in it's confined surroundings, getting harder as my cock swelled and tried to force its way through the bars, it's skin being forced through the gaps as it continued to swell in the confined space . She looked at me, is it ok? she asked, well I'll admit the constraint the cage was exerting on my cock was a little painful but not like the last time, at the very least my cock wouldn't see any action at my wife's re-initiation into being Dee's plaything, if not lover, time would tell. I was forced to wear the contraption for 30 minutes to see how I adjusted to it. To be honest it was doing it's intended job containing it's victim, the pain it was causing due my own excitement was ‘ manageable, mostly!

Whilst I was in chastity my wife showed me my outfit, at Dee's request I'd be wearing for our visit. The pink, off the shoulder sissy maids dress, the hem would just about cover my hips but that was intentional so my cock cage would be visible at all times, a pair of pink frilly knickers and the obligatory black stockings with a red suspender belt. My cherry red high heels were certainly that , a good six inches and very slutty, I'd have serious problems balancing in them but I had two weeks to practise, The half an hour finished and my swollen purple cock was released and slowly unfolded like a mini python back into shape, we both laughed watching that, although I was relieved it was free.

Right, now try your dress on, I didn't need asking twice as I threw my clothes off and put the dress on then the suspender belt and stockings , finishing off slipping my sissy knickers up my now smooth stocking legs, lastly my shoulder length blonde wig finished the look however I forgot one thing, HEELS my wife said pointing at the box they were in, slipping my feet Into them and doing the ankle straps  up I tried my first attempt of standing up in them, a bit of a wobble but did rather well all things considered.

Right let's get some photos, she took quite a few standing against the wall and a few of me seductively lying on our bed, these I'd use as Christine to update my profile although I didn't tell her, to be honest I don't think  she knows of my singles profile but definitely knows I swing both ways! 

Once done she sent the best photo to Dee who responded almost immediately with a text, IT looks fine , I'll tell you what IT’s duties will be later when we decide. With that I carefully removed my dress and other items back into a box until the day 

In the meantime I was relegated to the spare room, our bedroom door shut so I couldn't inadvertently catch a glimpse of my wife in her nightie or whatever Dee told her to wear, that alone was driving my crazy with frustration, I could hear at night Dee talking to my wife, telling her to do things for her on c2c.

Other than that frustrating inconvenience for want of a better word, I was still having my nipples ‘ conditioned’ as she called it, the look in her eyes when she pulled and twisted my nipples was a domineering one, I'd seen that look before many a time, at my cost!

This went on until the last week where I had to wear the cock cage at night to ‘ deter ‘ me from pleasuring myself without their  knowledge or permission. 

The nights I spent alone in the other room listening to my wife's moans and cries as she pleasured herself was excruciating  as my cock cried out for release and wanked off, I'd get the chance but in a very unconventional way when we were at Dee's 

In the meantime this must have been the most extreme teasing I'd had to endure the final week before we met.

The day of our meeting seemed to take forever but finally arrived. We were both excited at the prospect of what would happen to her  later. A call from Dee to ask if we were ready, she could detect an air of nervousness from us both as we replied  but she reassured my wife she'd look after her, no mention of me though! . An address was given which was surprisingly more local than we anticipated! A quick confirmation and we were ready to meet our fate. There was a clause for my being able to attend and that was that I'd arrive dressed as Christine, not as a man, right , she said, quick shower and clean yourself up. Quick shower clean, I instinctively lubed myself, that would be an excellent decision I'd discover later! Stage one  complete I was back down to be dressed in my off the shoulder pink sissy maids outfit, stockings and suspenders, blonde wig, a pair of my wife's silk panties which showed the outline of my cock quite vividly and the killer heels, yes Dee was out to make a point, what ever that would be. My wife applied my makeup in such a way that I looked like a cheap slut, to be honest I liked that look and had a selfie for later reference.

I had a change of clothes in the boot of the car, just in case I needed them, a good decision it would turn out to be! . My wife hadn't really dressed to please like normal, the only instructions she had was ‘ bed yourself and not to wear a bra. Yes, Dee was still infatuated with my wife's tits and would be making good use of them later.

I asked her on that to be told Dee had bought a few items on the shopping trip they'd been on and I would be surprised at her choices. We made our way to the car, cool air whipped around my panties which were more or less exposed from the shirt hem ift the outfit  both in the car we made our way to Dee's a trip that, unusually for us, a nerve-racking 30 minutes, the looks I got from drivers who were able to inadvertently be able to see me dressed were priceless as some had to do double takes, my wife joked ‘ i think you've pulled there, that broke the tension and we giggled away at each other. We eventually arrived at a large detached house , set back from the road , we drove down the path and parked up next to a couple other cars. This was having all the hallmarks of a party, now for me, I was actually getting nervous, a quick kiss from my wife to reassure me and we got out unaware Dee had seen that kiss. We walked towards her in my 6 inch stilettos hanging on to my wife for support, finally making it to the door, my wife  to be greeted by Dee with a kiss,one I'd pay dearly for later, . her partner looked me up and down, I'd  say mid to late  30s , 5 ft 6, everything about her was feminine right down to the tight fitting dress which showed that she wasn't wearing a bra either, nipples prominently sticking through the material leaving you in no doubt of her level of excitement on seeing us, or at least my wife anyway. We entered the house which looked expensively decorated, I took a quick look around us, thinking I'd not seen any men. Sit down the pair of you, we sat down on the plush sofa, NOT YOU Dee shouted to me, over there , pointing to the corner of the room, from there I could see my wife and Dee's partner sat together, Dee came over to me, right slut, follow me, still desperately trying to keep my balance in my slutty heels I followed Dee to the kitchen.

Right, your one and only job is to serve us so get to it pointing at a bottle of wine and some glasses and tray, with that Dee returned to my Wife .

I placed everything on the tray and by some miracle made it back to the room to find Dee and her  partner each side of my wife on the sofa, leaning over my wife , her gypsy skirt lifted up so she they could  gain access  further up between her legs, my wife offering no resistance as her elasticated gypsy top pulled down  to reveal her huge breasts which they pulled out and let them just seductively lay flopped on her chest, a squeal of delight from her as they  went for a nipple each  to suckle on , I think this was to firstly show me that my wife now belonged to her and to see just how submissive she really was. Also to see the look on my face as their hands explored my wife's  body. Dee pulled my wife's top back up over her tits , Later she said to my wife, giving me  that now trademark smirk i looked at the wall clock , it was only 3pm This was going to be a long session, one my wife wasn't expecting but that was the point, for now, she was Dee's property and she was going to make the most of it by pleasuring my wife in front of me, making me feel both inadequate but also excited.

I moved over and served the wine as ordered, an obvious bulge in my knickers which Dee looked disgustingly at, she gave it a slap with the back of her hand ‘ you can forget using that here’ she said as i stepped back. All this time  I could hear noises from another part of the house but couldn't figure out where, as all the rooms downstairs were empty apart from the one  we were in. Dee and her partner, who I got to know as Tracey, stood up, taking my wife by the arm, ‘come with us’  I was told to stand facing into a corner of the room, 'Stay here you tart', I'll fetch you soon if we need you  With that they all left the room, my ears now strained to hear where they were going, it wasn't upstairs , the sound of footsteps grew quieter , a door opened and closed and that was it. Thankfully I hadn't taken a tablet otherwise I'd be in trouble by now but was instructed to bring them along, for a reason that would be painfully realised later. I must have been stood in the corner for about half an hour, my ankles now struggling to keep me balanced, a door behind me opened, Mistress wants you now, I turned round to see two women, both dressed in short black pvc maids dresses, come with us, I immediately followed them into the corridor, walking towards the kitchen was a door on my left, I thought it was just a storage cupboard, open it one said, the door opened outwards, looking in there was some stairs going down to a dimly lit room , the penny dropped, a cellar!. I tentatively went down the stairs to be greeted  by what must have been one of the most fully equipped dungeons I'd ever seen, the walls adorned with ‘implements’ for want of a .better word , a large cross on the wall with restraints, a chair with stirrups a table with restraints and the main item ,a solid  purpose built four poster bed with attachments to the beams and posts for restraints. On the bed was my wife, ball gagged and restrained by both arms and legs, spread eagled dressed in what looked like a thin white robe, her breasts tightly compressed into it, the translucent material offering nothing in hiding her modesty as you could see every delicious curve of my wife and much more!  I was guided into a position at the end of the bed, wrist restraints attached and my arms were pulled up to each corner at the end of the bed, my legs were similarly attached and stretched to the corners. Without my tablets I could only achieve a semi hard on which would prove crucial at this point.

 Dee saw this and went to one of the many drawers and pulled out a cock and ball cage similar to the one my wife used on me, she came over to me , opening it up, We don't want you using that filthy thing here, There was an eyelet on the cage which had an adjustable chain to it, this would be  attached to the bottom of the bed and pulled down and adjusted, stretching my cock and balls towards the floor, she looked at my wife, secured to the bed, her eyes wide open looking at me , Oh dear , we forgot to take your wife's knickers off , what a shame. Her hands grabbed the waist band tightly and ripped them off, revealing my wife's moist pussy, the lips red and puffy, looks like they'd already had a go with her to get her ready, my cock starting to respond, ‘Oh no you don't’ as she turned round to put my my growing cock into the cage and secured it with a padlock ,she waved the key at me and placed it on the table, you won't be needing this she laughed, on the table where she put the key was my box of tablets,my wife must have gave Dee the box. Right  cuck, take this and let's see how long it takes for you to beg me to release you, with that a ball gag was fitted,the other women laughed, how the hell can I beg for mercy now! Dee now had full control over the pair of us, the cage was slightly smaller than the one I'd had put on at home and its constraining effects would soon be painfully apparent as the women all turned their attention to my wife.

The gown was slowly ripped and deliberately torn away from her, the top half first, from the v of the neckline the gown opened up, her tits which had little support before, fell out, the two women in pvc went and helped themselves to my wife's fleshy creamy tits as the gown was ripped all the way down to reveal my wifes pussy, already showing signs of excitement, Dee and Tracy finished removing the rest of the gown in a frenzy, helped by the other two untill she was now totally naked.This was a bad moment for me as the tablets were now having their Intended effect as my cock swelled but restrained, it had nowhere to go as bits of it now pushed through the gaps best it could, Dee looked in satisfaction as she knew she had full control over us,You enjoying it cuck? Gagged, I couldn't answer so just nodded my head, I didn't dare shake my head incase I was punished further,  Dee got off the bed and came to the back of me, her hands pulled down the top if my sissy maids outfit to reveal my erect solid nipples, courtesy of my wifes daily tit torture and stretching. Hmmmm nice Dee said as she brushed her fingers over the tips causing electrical sensations to shoot through my body and into the tip of my cock making it twitch, Dee did this several times as my wife watched as this woman pleasured me into an almost orgasmic climax like no other I've had. Fortunately she stopped just short of making me lose control, she patted me on the head looking at my wife, she's a good girl isn't she, let's reward her, I thought that meant releasing me from my cage but no, one of the other women passed Dee an inflatable butt plug, lubing myself up suddenly was a good idea, she pumped it up in front of my eyes, imagine this up your arse splitting you in half Dee said in a very menacing tone, Don't think I didn't see you two kissing earlier, you'll both be punished for that ,the plug swelled to quite a size, she showed it to my wife, her facial expression said it all! Right now to have some more meaningful in you as Dee pushed the tip into me, easily opening me up. Her dislike for men was self-evident as she forced it into me, I did try relaxing to help but to no avail. Dee looked at Tracy , how many? Meaning pumps, four she replied so with that she squeezed the bulb four times, the first two didn't register but the next two slowly pushed out making its presence known, Dee looked at me, No……one more I think Dee said  and pressed the bulb, the plug inflated,it felt like I was being stretched beyond my limits,, biting on the ball gag until the pain subsided, oh how I wished I'd been given some poppers before this!  That's better she said Now one more thing. The two women came to each side of me holding some spring loaded rubber tipped  nipple clamps with tightening screws. One by one they were attached and adjusted, my nipples flattened out as the pressure increased. Once done two cables were attached to each corner of the bed and through a hole , on the other side a weight was attached, now pulling my nipples sideways.’  That's  Better’  Dee said. One of the women took some ‘ souvenir’ photos as a reminder of our visit , once done Dee turned back to my wife ‘ Now your turn slut’ two more  clamps were produced, the next thing she did I'll never forget, i don't think my wife will either; Dee removed ball gag ‘ wouldn't want your husband to miss your sounds of appreciation when we take you in front of him, ’  at this point my wife was still strapped firmly down so was in no position to resist. Dee carefully put the clamps on each swollen nipple and adjusted them to hold tightly, this caused an instant orgasm from my wife. steady on Dee said there's more where that's coming from! Some fine rope was attached to each nipple clamp and secured then threaded through two loops on the posts behind her, pulling her tits up her body  and separating, their weight preventing them from being pulled up towards the beams above her, Dee would learn from that mistake!,  then secured. Dee took a few more souvenir photos for us then Dee turned to Tracy. She's all yours. The relevance of that statement would become immediately apparent  when Dee said to Tracy ‘ Happy Birthday, now take her ‘ My wife was her Birthday present from Dee! . The first part I was made to watch as Tracy put on a medium sized strap-on and got onto the bed, this would be a chance to change roles and be the dominant lover. Tracy wasted no time as her hands skillfully played with my wife's pussy and clit, She was now in control, unlike my wife who was now losing hers as her moans grew louder until she shouted out as she had another orgasm, Dee spoke up congratulating Tracy on how masterful she was treating my wife in front of her husband, she looked round to see my face, smiled then turned round. Tracy wasn't wasting any time as she placed the strap on at my wife's entrance and crumsley tried to penetrate her with it. I guess Tracy was more used to being fucked by one than using one? A few more attempts and she was in, her achievement was acknowledged by my wife's deep loud sigh as Tracy pushed into her, my wife's pussy showing no signs of resistance as it slid effortlessly into her, Perhaps a strange feeling for Tracy? But by the sounds of it she was thoroughly enjoying the experience. Again not wasting any time she slowly started to fuck her, every thrust into her caused the ropes attached to the nipple clamps to tighten more, I could see her tits being pulled away from her as she did so, causing her to scream out, words of encouragement from Dee to ‘ Fuck that slut harder ’ that did the trick as she sped up, now causing my wife's huge tits to move back and forth, each motion causing some discomfort im sure. I wasn't immediately aware that there was a bullet vibrator buzzing against Tracy's own pussy which was just as well as I don't think my wife could have lasted much longer, Tracy's climax was something else, maybe the excitement of something different had her really turned on, she slammed that dildo into my wife like a more dominant woman. I guess, the last three or so thrusts into her were the most noisiest as they both cried out , Tracy because of her orgasam and my wife as her tits were being stretched , nipples now getting elongated and crushed in the clamps, a loud scream from Tracy and it was all over, Happy Birthday Dee said to Tracy as she rolled off my now totally fucked wife, her tits still being drawn upwards towards the posts.

Dee turned to the other two women in the room who'd been stood at the door watching everything and telling them I think it's time we released them, referring to her now stretched nipples, a sigh of relief from my wife as they were released and flopped back onto her chest, her nipples , red and swollen and still flattened from the pressure of the clamps. Dee turned to me, right I think you've seen enough you're off to the cooler meaning the spare room in the dungeon which was basically another bed with restraints where I guess many a husband had been to made to listen to their wife's being pleasured by other women, the stories that room could tell! , the two women released me from my restraints and let me to the other room, my leaking cock still painfully encased in the cage,  and strap me down and put a blind fold on, all I could hear from now on was my wife being fucked by these two possibly four women, however I'd be in for a surprise I hadn't bargained for!

So on my own I laid there, I couldn't hear a thing then I could hear my wife low moans then getting louder and louder I could hear Dee shouting go on, fuck that slut, it sounded like the other two women were having their turn  as the moaning and grunting  continued all the time my cock was begging to be released and released it seed. my desperation to cum was  answered, unexpectedly, still blindfolded I could hear footsteps coming into the room a hand ran up and down my body then a hand pulled my top down and played with my nipples, I couldn't cry out with the pleasure that hand was giving me, A hand now held my cage and wiggled it causing some discomfort,  then it happened it was unlocked, whoever it was never said a word! cage removed my cock which sprang out and straightened , still not a sound from the other person. It obviously wasn't my wife or Dee. I could hear them quite clearly! The hand stroked  my cock several times rubbing the tip and smearing my pre-com over my glans , whoever it was now got onto the bed and straddled me, lowering themselves onto my super hard cock thanks to the medication and  being forced to watch my wife being taken in such a manner. Although still blindfolded I savoured the sensation as , whoever it was,  rode me slowly and deliberately, playing with my rock hard nipples  they knew I was close fortunately for them I still had the ball gag so it was unable to cry out as whoever it was slid up and down my shaft until the inevitable and I shot my pent up load into whoever it was, they must have come about the same time as my nipples were pulled and twisted as her legs gripped my waist tightly, I could feel her pussy muscles gripping and pulsating as she climaxed in silence.

A finger was  placed on my lips, all the mystery person said was ‘sush’ , possibly meaning don't tell anybody, this person sat on me for another minute as the last of my sperm left me and into the mystery persons now sloppy cum filled pussy, she then slid off me gave me a quick suck to get rid of the evidence I guess? , put the cage back on  and left the room as if nothing had happened. I just laid there , totally relaxed, bar the cock cage and of course, the butt plug which was making itself known as it still was stretching me. my mind now pre-occupied by thinking whom that mystery woman was ,well it wasn't Dee as I could still hear my wife crying out as she pounded her well stretched pussy by now, a final shriek from her indicating she'd cum one last time, Dee talking very loudly for my benefit calling her a slut and she loved  being fucked by them, part of the roll play? We'll See, she  was very convincing. A sudden quietness,  suddenly a swishing sound accompanied by a slap, my wife cried out, three more times, the last one sounded louder than the rest, Dee very sternly telling not to show me any affection in front of her, i think she was referring to the kiss she saw when we arrived, then I heard footsteps coming towards me, then, stood at the door was Dee with that monster dildo again! Your wife can't get enough of this as she patted it then placed in on my face, it looked bigger than I remembered! Maybe ten inches long but very thick, and now also very shiny with what I'd guess was my wife's juices from her last orgasm. Dee carried on. "Well I'm impressed, I think I know  some people who'd love to meet the pair of you. Here let's get you out of this, unlocking the padlock to release my swollen purple cock, totally unaware it had been used by one of the others but who?

I was released from the bed, your wife's waiting Dee said as I went back to the Main room where my wife was still lying on the bed, she looked totally exhausted , the red glow from her chest indicated she'd been sexually fulfilled. Her tits covered in love bites, Dee ordered my wife to roll over to show four red marks from a cane across her buttocks, Dee stroked her hand across them, my wife flinched as did so, Get on the bed together you slut, we want to see you both fuck. This was certainly different as we'd rarely been told to do this in front of guests . Now I could be in trouble as I'd not long cum and worried I might not be able to perform, thankfully the tablets were still working their magic, my wife really too exhausted to reciprocate as I entered her, my cock just slid straight in, yes Dee and Tracy had really stretched my wife to the point I had little sensation as I desperately tried to fuck her, thinking of what had recently happened, Dee laughed as the others looked on at my pathetic attempt to cum in my wife but some how I did, thrusting into her I eventually came, wife just laid there with little reaction as I came, now that did please Dee, she'd achieved her goal of total dominance over us. Stay like that she said, a few more souvenir photos were taken then I was told to get out. Right I have one more thing to do with your pathetic excuse if a husband, she pulled me off the bed, take your dress off , I did so immediately so as not to anger her, I was led to a small cubicle in that was hidden behind a door, it was a shower unit, get in and on the floor you worm, I did exactly as I was told, my wife was brought to watch, then she did  the most degrading thing  I'd ever had done  to me as she stood over me, a visual reminder for us all that she despised men, then proceeded with what must be the ultimate humiliation in front of their wife or girlfriend,  stood over me she urinated over me, That's it she said , that's all your worth,  my wife looked on as a steady stream of warm urine showered over me, Dee laughing the whole time, if anything this would  define my total submission to this woman , once finished she got out the shower and told me to clean up and dress, I stood up and turned the shower on, cold water hit me as it warmed. up , I thoroughly washed myself, never , well almost never! had been used in this way. Once I dressed and came out, now without my panties my cock hung below the hemline of the outfit , I covered it the best I could. My wife was missing! Don't panic she's upstairs Dee said , I slowly made it back up the stairs in my ridiculously high heels and made for the sofa where my wife was now dressed  back her gypsy top and skirt, her nipples prominently sticking outwards, breasts hanging down as they had no support from a bra, she still  looked a little flustered from her ordeal, or had the pair had one final play with her nipples causing them to stick out like bullets ? Dee and Tracy sat each side of her , arms lovingly around her whilst I had to sit opposite, covering my modesty and praying I didn't get an erection in front of Dee, I certainly would be punished for that if she saw it, sitting there  just looking at them was a testing moment. We all  just talked like old friends again, 

A quick cup of tea and we were ready to go home, Dee and Tracy walked us to the door, the other two women in the hallway, they must have been Dee's maids, Dee telling my wife again that if she's interested then she knew of some acquaintances  that would be very interested to meet us, especially her, We'll see my wife replied, the door opened , Dee kissed my wife passionately,  with that we walked towards the door, then a hint of ‘ that ‘ perfume, I looked round  , OMG it's was ……. 

I walked to our car as quickly as I could so as not to give her  away.

There would be another visit but in-between I had an offer from my friend to go back to London and stay  overnight at his new flat , I couldn't refuse, could I? 

Written by Christine63

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