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Dominated wife

"Meeting at the pub turns into total domination"

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We met at the pub near us, M and I sat on some high stools around a small table set back from the bar - both a bit apprehensive and excited.

She was wearing black heels, black lacy underwear, and the short black silky dress that I had shown you online and which you said you liked. I knew that you wanted her to wear it without a bra, so had casually suggested that to her. She was dressed exactly how you wanted her to be - even down to the red lipstick.

We spotted you when you arrived and you joined us, with M between the two of us. I could immediately tell that she liked the look of you.  I offered to get the drinks - I quite liked the idea of leaving you awhile to get acquainted. There was bit of a wait at the bar so it gave me time to watch you together. 

I liked how you leaned in to talk to her, how she laughed at something you said. I had told you what she liked and what she didn’t - so you didn’t make the mistake of trying to kiss her. After a while I saw you slide your left hand up into he back of her hair. Her head tilted back and her eyes fluttered as you tugged her hair firmly. I could see you were staring down the front of her dress at her firm breasts. You looked across at me then boldly brought your right hand up to her breast and squeezed it hard, still holding her hair.

When I got back with the drinks you were stroking the back of her neck. I noticed that her hand was resting on your thigh. We drank and laughed. I slid my hand down to your thigh, stroking it in the way I knew turned her on. I saw you move your hand onto her other thigh under the table. Her legs were crossed, your hand rested on her upper leg. As we talked you moved it up, until the edge of your hand was nudging the hem of her skirt upwards. Your hand went down to clasp his.

You whispered something to her and shortly thereafter she uncrossed her legs and your hand slid between them, clasped firmly in hers. The way you were sitting, the side of your hand was now pressed firmly against her pudendum through the material of her dress. I could see her squeezing her thighs together as you pressed your hand against her crotch. ‘You having fun?’ I whispered ‘yes’ she replied.

Then she said ‘He wants to put his hand in my panties but I am afraid people will see’.

“I don’t think they will see’ I said, then ‘I’ll go across to the bar and tell you if it is visible’.

I walked across to the bar, then looked back at the table where the two of you were sitting. I saw her spread her legs, your hand slide up between them - the edge of her dress lifting as your hand found the edge of her panties - a flash of black lace, then your hand plunging into them before you closed your thighs around them. I walked back to the table. I could hear her breathing heavily as your left hand moved around in her panties. I watched as you clasped her right hand in yours and moved it under the table onto the front of your trousers. I kissed her as she squirmed and whimpered and rubbed your cock hard beneath your trousers.

‘We should go…’ she said. She said something to you and we got up to leave. It was only a short walk to ours. We were apprehensive once more. I was worried about how we would break the ice.

When we got inside you went straight to the kitchen, while I went upstairs to ‘get some things’. She was reaching up to get glasses from the cupboard as you moved up behind her, cupping her breasts, pressed up against her behind. Her hands dropped to yours as your crushed her tits, her rear arching back against your cock. Your right hand slid up to her throat, your left diving into her top to grip her naked breast. Your thumb flicking across her pierced nipple. The you slid it out and into the front of her panties, rubbing her clitoris as you gripped her hair and yanked her head back.

Having hung back to watch I entered the kitchen as you turned her around, sliding my hands up to her breasts and kissing her as you slid the straps off her dress and let it fall to the floor. While I held her, you took off your belt and looped it around her neck. Then you pushed her onto her knees in the kitchen.

She went to suck you as soon as you pulled it out ‘not yet!’ you said, then ‘open your mouth… good girl’ I watched as you played the slippery tip of your cock across her lips before gently feeding it to her ‘now suck!’ She sucked submissively, looking up at you. After a while she sucked me too, while you guided her head and held the belt as if it were a leash. We fucked her mouth awhile then you led her into the living room. She went down on her knees between your legs and sucked on all fours as you guided her head and pushed her hair from her face to watch. You made her look at you as she did it.

After a while she moved on to me. I held her head as you slid down behind her. She moaned a little as you slide your fingers under her pussy and rubbed her clitoris. You grabbed your cock and squeezed the tip of your cock into her tight pussy. She turned round and begged you to use a condom. You pulled one on and spread her buttocks before slipping the tip of your cock back into her and driving it all the way home. She groaned with satisfaction, my cock sliding out of her mouth. I pushed it back in, holding her head as you began a rhythmic, forceful fuck. 

I saw you reach round and rub her clitoris as you fucked her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, but stopping just short. I watched you using your palms to press her open. You slid your cock out of her pussy and pressed it up against her ass - immediately she was trying to stop you - one arm trying to push you away - but you were two quick and too forceful and had already managed to shove the tip into her. Her hand rested on your stomach as she begged you not to. You grabbed her hair and drove it a little deeper and she groaned and whimpered but I saw her hand relax slightly. She held her hand against you, not objecting but whimpering now as you eased it deeper.

You grabbed her hand and held it against her back as you fucked her deeper - shoving your cock all the way into her ass, then fucking it roughly.

You fucked her ass and made her gape, then she climbed onto me and mounted my cock. I saw you spread her ass and look down at it as you ass-fucked her, the two of us dp-ing her as she arched her hips and moaned, you hand in her hair as you wrecked her tight ass.

We fucked her like this for a while then you pulled her onto the rug. She spread her legs as you eased back into her tight ass as she lay beneath you. You looked down at her pussy, pulling it open, sliding fingers into it. Kneeling by her head I began fucking her mouth.

You wanted to cum. You pulled the condom off and guided her hand down to your cock. As I fucked her mouth, she worked your hard cock between her legs. Groaning, you began to cum - she continued working your cock as you began cumming all over her body, squirting it over her tummy and tits, a big puddle of it on her pussy. You rubbed your shaft back and forth across her pubic mound, smearing your cum across her pussy.

It seemed she couldn’t resist - raising her hips slightly I saw her shove your still dripping cock into her vagina, groaning as you drove it all the way. You rubbed her clit with your still hard cock inside her and she came explosively. When she was died she went limp - her legs flopping open. 

I moved into position and fucked her while you cleaned your cock in her mouth. Her pussy was a beautiful mess, cum dripping from it into her loosened ass. 

We took a break and had a little more to drink…

You suggested we take a shower, and we were soon standing together in the shower with her between us as her hands slid over our cocks and yours over her tits. Your left hand slid down, rubbing her pussy - she was getting turned on again. ‘Will you do something for me?’ you asked. You looked back expectantly “I want you to pee for me - just a little… have you ever done that?’ she shook her head/ “It’s ok. We’re in the shower’ I watched as you rubbed her tits and her pussy and she seemed to be making her mind up, and then you were groaning with pleasure and looking down as a trickle of pee spilled down her thighs “oh yes! good girl! good girl…’ you said, your hand sliding up to her throat. “you like that, don’t you?” she nodded al little.

You pushed her down onto her knees. She looked up at you as you eased your cock into her mouth - she sucked greedily. You pulled out and tilted her head back with one hand, holding your cock with the other. You looked down as you began to pee - a short burst splattering onto her tits. She gasped in surprise and whimpered. You stopped “Has anyone ever pissed on you before?’ ’No’ she said hoarsely. “Do you like it?” She hesitated “it feels dirty”

“and you like that don’t you?” you continued. She didn’t reply, but you pissed on her tits some more and she trembled and gasped a little “good girl” you said again. “You want to do something else dirty?” She said nothing as she looked up at you “open your mouth”. She trembled and hesitated. You stoked her hair “think about how dirty it would be… “ you said. I watched as she slowly parted her lips “good girl. Wider…” she opened wide. You held your cock up to her mouth and started to pee, directing your stream into her open mouth. I watched as she choked and gulped and spluttered but remained kneeling as you pissed in her mouth, then shoved your cock all the way in for her to suck. “that felt really dirty, didn’t it?’ you said. She moaned as she sucked your cock. Your cock was getting hard again. You pulled her onto her feet and turned her round to face me, gripping her elbows so that her tits jutted out. She moaned as you shoved your cock up into her ass, her tits bouncing as you fucked her. You whispered something to her, and then I saw that she was pissing herself as you fucked her in the ass - your hand sliding up to her hair to yank her head back as she did.

We went to bed together and I dozed off pretty quick. I woke to find the two of you gone. I thought I could hear something downstairs so I crept down until I could see you both in the mirror

Written by nickandmar

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