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My wife and the handyman pt 5

"Watching my wife"

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Author's Notes

"Build up to a great night!"

So what was meant to happen next Friday, happended last night, Ian came around for 3 hours, fucked Rachel hard on the sofa, on the floor from behind as I watched, before I finally got to join in!

Saturday, I am at work, not expecting any new news regarding Rach and Ian, suddenly Rach says ring me, I do so, "Are you away from listening ears?" Yes, I tell her.

I have just told Ian that you want to watch and possibly suck his cock!

What!! Oh jesus! Really? He is not meant to know I play with guys Rach!

Its okay, Ian has never done anything with a man before and is okay with you sucking him and watching

Cheeky bastard! Too right he should be okay with me watching!! I tell her.

Okay, so 730 arrives, Ian turns up, bottle of wine, grins at me, we shake hands and start to chat...

Written by Lincsman2022

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