10 Aug 2019

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My wife has a kink.

You wouldn't know it to look at her and to those who know her, she keeps it well hidden. Perhaps it's a result of her little miss perfect childhood or her Catholic upbringing, maybe it's how the stars were aligned the day she was born or perhaps it's me that has corrupted her.

Whatever the reason is she loves this kink. She loves thinking about it while sitting at the family table at her church-going parent's house. She loves reliving moments in her mind while her sisters spill the latest gossip from their boring lives. She loves playing dumb when her friends discuss their achingly normal sex lives. She loves how it allows her a completely different persona, raw excitement and an intoxicating sexual rush.

My wife, my sweet innocent-looking wife, who still goes to church on a Sunday, volunteers her time to good causes and babysits the family flock.

My wife has a kink.

My wife is a horny little slut.

This is merely an introduction and the first of many stories to come. We have almost 20 years of her living the secret hotwife life and many more years ahead of us to look forward to. As I write this now, my wife is currently at a hotel with one of her regular guys. She takes these opportunities to give me a good cucking. So far she has sent me several videos of herself sucking and fucking his huge cock. She'll no doubt tease me later on with how big it is and how much she loves it inside her. She'll return home with the scent of sex on her body and her pussy filled with his cum. She'll tell me all about it over the next several fucks we have and when the details run out she'll go and fuck him again.

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