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Vanilla & Chocolate

"What a treat"

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"Cuck reality"

Will has always been very obliging when it comes to my desire for cocks so for my recent birthday I got a very BIG yummy surprise!

We decided to go away for my birthday weekend and booked a nice hotel for the occasion, we got there on the Friday evening but after the longish drive after work to the hotel we were a bit tired so had dinner and had an early night

The next day Saturday was nice we took in various sights etc but in the afternoon I had a bit of a headache so back at the hotel I had a bit of shut eye, unbeknown to me while I was asleep Will had gone off to the bar for a drink while he was there again unknown to me until later he got talking with 2 black guys who supported the same football team as him turns out they were called Tony & Chris

When I woke up around 8pm I txt him to see where he was he told me he was in the bar taking to some guys, he said to me why I don’t I shower and him meet him with his new mates ( he didn’t tell me they were gorgeous looking, well toned black guys ) he also told me to wear my shortish denim skirt with no knickers on for a bit of a thrill for him

I did this and went to join them in the bar they were sat there waiting for me with a double g&t we all got on really well and after quite a few g&t’s i started to get a bit flirty and suggestive, I could see Tony keep looking at the gap between my legs each time I moved or opened them I made sure he got a cheeky eyeful as he was sat bang opposite me, he had skinny blue jeans on and I could make out his cock bulge was definitely larger than when I first clocked it

Will could see I was getting horny and where I was looking, the conversation subjects changed through the evening and as always when everyone’s had a bit too much to drink in our company it comes onto sex.

Chris was saying that he had a thing for mature women and Tony has a thing for larger women, I said I guess I tick both of your boxes then? they said definitely, Will said if you both wanna give her a go it’s fine by me, of course I just sit there all demure and innocent lol my fanny twitching and getting wetter by the second man’s my heart pounding at 100 miles an hour knowing what I was just about to get

So after we had finished the round of drinks Will said if it’s alright with you guys shall we go back to our room so we all did

When we got to the room I sat on the bottom edge of the bed Tony & Chris stood either side of me and with the palm of my hand I started to rub their cocks through the outside of their jeans

They then proceeded to undo their jeans and each pulled out their long thick impressive black dicks I didn’t know which one to put in my mouth first i chose Tony’s has is with glistening with pre-cum and was circumcised which is my fave kind of cock i sucked it lovingly while Chris wanked his i then took turns kissing each cock head and sucking them both all the while Will was sat watching in a tub chair in the corner of the room trousers around his ankles rubbing and wanking his cock

I occasionally looked at Will while my gob was full of chocolate cock knowing he was loving the show that me his wife was putting on before him

After getting my mouth rammed full of cock Tony lifted up my top took it off and my bra,I then rolled back into the bed with this Chris pulled my skirt off, my wet fanny revealed now in full

Here I was totally starkers in front of 2 hot black guys knowing i was going to get double blacked right there and then

Tony cloned into the bed next to me and started to suck and lick my tits while stroking my body then at the same time I could see chris getting into position to duck me, as he laid on top of me I felt his rock hard cock slip easily into my soaking pussy, his thrusting was amazing his big black balls noiselessly slapping against the underneath of my pussy, Tony then knelt up and entered my mouth again with his beautiful cock at the same time as Chris was banging me, they then swapped positions and Tony flipped me over so he could ram me doggy style while Chris laid on the bed and I sucked his dick

Tony was bigger than Chris and I could feel myself shaking as he thrust deeper and harder into me, I then beckoned Will over so he could join in he knelt beside me stoking and kissing me all over while the other 2 used my body how they wanted

Chris was eventually the first to cum inside me and after he pulled out his cum started to trickle out of my pussy and as usual I told will he knew what he had to do and without hesitation he put his head between my legs and licked up Chris’s cum eagerly

I then asked Tony to fuck me hard for the final time which he obliged he was a very heavy cummer but came on my fanny instead of on it, again will like a good boy cleaned it all up but this time sharing Tony’s cum with me as we kissed each other our mouth full of Tony’s thick cum

Will then laid beside me and we said our goodbyes to Chris and Tony

After they left will & I had the fuck of our lives, they next day I could barely walk thanks to the chocolate & vanilla birthday treat the night before x

Written by Kash6471

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