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Wife shows me she's still in charge !

"Wife finally finds her limitations, and so did I"

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Author's Notes

"A continuation of the story, now settled in France"

Since we started our new life running what was basically our own hotel, our previous life was now becoming a distant memory, yes, Peter was with us and as a threesome it worked out ok,or so I thought. We were now in our 60's so not as energetic as we once were, however, my wife's appetite for sex had only marginally dwindled so relieved Peter was on hand to do those ' in-between services!' We did shifts where every so often, one of us would be on a late evening desk, boring but necessary. Once in a while my wife would return to our apartment later than usual, on a whim one night I thought I'd test my suspicions ,the usual fondling and kissing, then I went for her shaven pussy, I don't know who enjoys it more as I run my fingers over it, teasing her folds as my fingers dance over her entrance, teasing her until she succumbs to her animalistic urges and allows me to explore her still beautiful body . This night would be different for when I slipped my finger in, it met no resistance, I slipped another one, very easily then worked them around, teasing her clit with my thumb, instant climax, I'd still got it, smiling to myself, the texture was very familiar as I withdrew from her and rubbed my finger and thumb together and then moving them apart, it was sperm! A long string of it! She'd been up to her old tricks. Go on, she said, eat it. Yes she still had control over me and I liked that! 

Still warm I did as I was told, the unmistakable salty taste of another man's sperm, some cheeky so and so had used my wife as a cum dump! Leaving his seed deep inside  her, throwing the sheets back I was ordered to clean her up, she raised her feet towards her, knees in the air and legs wide open. There was no hesitation as I lapped away, my tongue reaching deep into her, removing every last trace of this mystery man's spunk, this is what I love to do and she knew it! The devious little minx!. She told me all about this ' mystery ' man , a German on holiday with his mates, he'd been chatting her up for a few days and bingo! He obviously didn't know my wife that well, she'd snared. him for her own pleasures. He had  fucked her over the table in our office, I  hope she switched off the CCTV! 

Although I was now allowed to fuck my wife with a condom,  I still couldn't cum in her, peters rules, so a quick dash to the toilet to do what I'd been trained do so well  and masterbate into the pan , shooting jets of hot cum that should be shooting into my wife to mix with the mystery man's sperm in an effort to impregnate her, but instead , washing away my sissy worthless sperm. Not sure why as it would seem anyone else could use my wife as a cum dump but me, no doubt to continue my  humiliation, I was ok with that as I loved retrieving sperm left over in her well used pussy. One of the duties of a sissy cum slut. She had confided in him about me which he took a great interest in. He asked if he could take us to a place he knew with a couple of friends, he insisted I came too, awkward, but for the night in question we got some cover so everything was set for a night out, I still can't believe how we got into this situation but as usual, my wife would be in her element! 

We all met two days later in our hotel lounge , my wife in the same black strappy dress she took Helen in not so long ago , stockings and suspenders, black thong and black high heels , she looked like a woman on a mission, I hoped these men knew what they were taking on!, I, myself was to wear some pink sissy silk panties and stockings and suspenders under my trousers. The feeling was heavenly as the material of my trousers slipped effortlessly over my stockings. We waited some time before her mystery german turned up with two other men, I thought he'd bottled it, they all looked fit and muscular, all about six foot in their 30's, one of them sporting a bulge of epic proportions, turned out it would be his first time with what he called an older woman , he's got a lot to learn I smiled to myself. We all sat down and they had a beer and chatted about themselves, that being they played football  for a Sunday league, explains their physical attributes I thought! Basically they were here for sun sea and obviously sex, well they've certainly landed on their feet with my wife I thought. Turns out they'd visited a ' place' that we might find interesting, great night life they said, ok my wife said, let's get going, suddenly it appeared her new friend wasn't in total control!. We all left our hotel and called over a large  taxi for all of us. We drove off into the night to god knows where although the area did look distinctively familiar when we finally got there, thankfully it was in the nearby city so hopefully we wouldn't be recognised which could prove embarrassing lol 

The venue was a nightclub that specialises in a particular type of pleasure, no seedy backstreet club, this was very classy, and expensive place  They paid our entrance fee and we all walked in . Okaaaaay, I got it, so did my wife instantly. This was a sex club, the attire of some of its guests gave it away. This was an S&M and general bondage club. I could see the excitement in my wife's eyes as she scanned the room, her new lover knew the place well! his friends looked a bit more nervous and sheepish. We all had a couple of drinks then we had a tour around the club. several corridors led off to doors , Eric knew exactly where to go and led us to a large room. Low lights , dark interior, a large round bed with purple satin like sheets and pillows  and a few 'items' of restraints, the one I noticed in particular was a padded bench facing towards the bed which I guessed you lay on, at the bottom it splayed out into a wide V with ankle restraints ,the upper half very similar for your arms. It looked like a stick man but its function was to restrain it's victim whilst being the  focus of  pleasures for others , I guessed that would be for me, yet again I wasn't going to be fucking my wife in front of her men  but just an willing Spector watching my wife being fucked by these men, exactly what my wife wanted, yes she still could be cruel sometimes. The men talked to each other in German so I wasn't able to understand what they were planning. They all looked at my wife, now sat on the bed then looked at me and laughed, that did come over all sinister but we were here now so suddenly we'd willingly became their prey. 

Eric ordered me to undress, I quickly undressed down to my pink sissy knickers, black stockings and suspenders. He came over to me and looked me up and down then without warning gave my arse a good slap, you'll do he said in English but with a strong German accent. He looked over to the others and said something in German, they smiled and took hold of me and placed me face down  on the odd padded stickman like contraption, legs spread wide apart  and arms strapped in, that was it I thought, they're going to fuck me Infront of my wife, I was wrong, they were going to fuck my wife whilst I was forced to watch whilst helplessly restrained,in this thing, however I would be eventually fucked when I least expected it from an unexpected quarter but It wouldn't be now, Eric wanted to show me what a slut my wife was by all three of them fucking my wife Infront of me, if only they knew what she'd been up too in the past!

Their attention now finally turned to my wife who had been rubbing her clit in anticipation of a good fuck , even in her early 60's she still had an insatiable sexual appetite!, that seemed to do the trick as all three men stripped off, all good size cocks but the shy one, or so I thought!, sported  a huge cock , still flaccid but it must have been a good eight inches, I noticed my wife's eyes widen when she caught her first glimpse of his flaccid eight inch of German meat.

Eric told her to stand up In front of me, I don't want that your husband to miss a thing whilst we all fuck you.

She slowly walked towards me, Eric stopped her , hands on both arms he positioned my wife in the best possible vantage point about 8 feet in front of me. By now two of the three men had sizable erections, the shy one still flaccid, I noticed he kept looking at me with a smile, alarm bells started ringing, this guy was already as big as the others, if i'm  on the menu that monster would seriously ruin me. The men now surrounded by wife but in a way I could see everything. Eric one side, one the other and the shy one on his knees, these guys weren't new to this! Eric started kissing my wife's neck, the one the other side followed suit as the one on his knees slipped his hand up my wife's dress, sliding his hands over her stocking tops to reach her honeypot. She let out a cry as he slipped her thong down and off to gain access to what I'd guess would be a very moist and ready pussy. This was confirmed as she gasped as his fingers and tongue started to explore around and inside her. The other two now had their hands Inside her dress, pulling out her tits which now hung seductively over the top, nipples erect and screamed for attention which they duly got, groping her huge tits and pulling her nipples, twisting then to the point she'd scream out before they released them, meanwhile the man on his knees had made progress and now had his tongue deep into her, lapping at her juices. My wife was overcome by all this and had an almighty orgasm, Eric laughed at me, That's the first of many and continued to ravish my wife with his friends, Their cocks seemed fit to burst so with some urgency they removed her dress, pulling it downwards with the now not so shy one pulling it to the floor , my wife now in just her stockings stood   naked looking totally magnificent, her breasts now hung down waiting for attention, which they were going to get. The man on his knees got  up and turned to me, I panicked! His once flaccid cock had grown ,and grown! My wife was also taken in by it, soon to be taken by it. It was huge! In all our years we'd seen large cocks and taken quite a few but this! At a guess it must have been 13 inches, one thing for sure it would have dwarfed the Jamaicans!

In broken English he said ' your wife will like yes?' They all laughed, as, at last my wife had bitten off more than she could chew or had she? We'd been married quite some time but she still could surprise me. 

The scene was set and it was Eric who took hold of her and led her to the bed, throwing her onto it, they all clambered on,hands all over her, and In her. She was lost in all this attention and she just submitted to them, they had sensed this so they started to fulfil her needs, and thier now urgent need to inseminate her in front of me, in an act of defiance and humiliation, not for the first time she was to be double penetrated, Eric lay on the bed , his cock sticking bolt upright, my wife knew what to do and straddled him, her pussy so moist with excitement she slid effortlessly onto him, Eric instinctively started to fuck her like a wild stallion, her tits bouncing violently with each deep stroke, his friend , again in broken English, I think that was for my benefit and humiliation, 'now we both fuck your slut wife'

Eric put his arms around my wife's back and pulled her to him, exposing her now stretched pussy, the lips hugging his swollen shaft. The second man got up to her and put the tip of his cock at her now already filled hole , resting on Eric's cock he waited for  the right moment, however my wife couldn't wait and shouted out, get your fucking cock in me ,I need fucking, this surprised,if not shocked me , here we are in our early 60's but she still had the body and sex drive of a woman in her 40's

Without any hesitation he pushed straight in,she shouted out , oh my oh my god as another orgasm ripped through her ,they fucked her like a pair of wild animals,the bed making all manner of sounds as they both ploughed into her. All I could do is watch, my cock now soaking my panties with pre cum but no way of release. They must have fucked her for good ten minutes, alternating fast then frantic fucking. From where I was it looked like they were fucking a rag doll , the way she was pushed around the bed over the silk sheets as they relentless fucked her, moments later they started shouting out, mainly in German with the odd word in English,Slut Whore ,

With that Eric shouted out as he finally came ,one long moan as he filled what space was left with two cocks inside her,the other man lasted maybe minute, his cock glistening in Eric's spunk as it was being forced pass both their cocks, he then did a similar thing, as he added his sperm to Eric's my wife breathed a sigh of relief as she became their cum slut ,she must have forgotten the other man waiting to finish her off?  Highly unlikely as I know from experience, once shes been fucked a few times she becomes insatiable and wants more. Once the panting and heavy breathing subsided, they pulled out of my wife, both cocks covered in each others cum as some of their deposit seeped out her now gaping hole, I watched in fascination as they got off the bed leaving my wife to revive from her frantic fucking. The men made their way towards me, cocks still semi hard, I knew what was coming, Eric ordered me to clean them both up, sperm still oozing out from the slit of their cocks I got to work, they sounded like they were enjoying this as the other man pushed his cock into my mouth as far as it would go making me gag, he pulled out laughing and said something to Eric, Eric translated, he thinks you'll make a very good cock whore, I thought that was a compliment but I was to find out later what he actually meant 

Both men now cleaned up, they got back on the bed, each side of my wife, playing with her breasts , sucking her delicious nipples ,the main event was about to unfold. 

The now not so shy man made his move, he said something to me in German and slapped my face , Eric, again translated , he's calling you a worthless slut and he's going to fuck your wife so hard she'll not come back for your worthless little cock, he turned his head to me and winked at me then proceeded to the bed where my wife was waiting for her ultimate fucking.

The other two men moved from my wife as her first ever 12" plus cock seeked out her waiting pussy.

He made no bones  about his Intentions as he slapped her tits making them wobble. My wife wasn't ready for this, maybe it's a German thing? 

He said something only his friends understood then parted her legs. His monster cock now only inches away from its goal. 

My wife maybe not fully aware of what was about to force it's way into her nimble body, the rest of us watched as the inevitable penetration of her began. He placed the tip of his monstrous cock between her wide open legs, he looked round for something, Eric went over and gave him a bottle of lube and applied it to the full length of his cock with a little spread over her entrance,she'd be well wet by now but that extra lubrication would prove invaluable, these men  were no amateurs! 

The inevitable penetration of my wife had begun, holding his long cock for support. He placed the tip of his cock at her entrance ,forcing her swollen lips aside, pushing them into her vagina,  as the first four inches or so made its way in. Having not long been DP'd she'd already been stretched to accommodate him easily, however the next push as he fed his cock into her made my wife shout out, he stopped until she was ready for more , what a gentleman!, he slowly fed her the last six inches into her, I couldn't believe what I saw, neither could they, he kept still as my wife got used to this unusual sized cock buried deep within he. Eric's friend said something to him in German within seconds her ultimate fucking started. He pulled back around half its length, pulling her pussy lips out and stretching outwards with his cock, my wife responded with sighs , he then pushed it slowly back in , my wife threw her arms around him, digging her nails into his back as a statement of submission and encouragement, she wasn't going to let him escape until she had his sperm inside her. He forced his cock back in, almost to the hilt but my wife kept stopping him, just an inch or two short of him fully burying his cock into her, she'd found her limitations! He retracted most of his cock then, , this time with a little more force slammed it back in but still stopped short of full penetration, the sounds from my wife now getting louder as with each stroke he intensified his thrusts, I could only see her face occasionally as she was pushed into the mattress,her tits flying everywhere on each powerful thrust, her face red, sweating as she appeared to struggle being taken by such an enormous cock, the biggest thing she'd successfully taken was a 12 inch dildo, however she could control how that entered her, this cock was really testing her , I really thought this was the one! As he started to speed up and withdraw a lot more of his cock before ramming it back in making her scream,, this encouraged the man to increase his speed although he had to hold onto his cock as it bent and threatened to slip out of her now well stretched pussy  the sounds from our room had drawn some attention from people nearby. Facing away from the door, I felt a waft of air as the door was fully opened. 

He now fucked her relentlessly, shouting out in German , the odd ' slut ' added within it 

My wife was now having what I'd guess was her biggest ever orgasm as she screamed out for him to cum in her, well his English couldn't be that bad as he instantly responded and pushed into her up to the hilt, she went quiet as she was suddenly fully penitrated by his monster of a cock she was as full as she'll ever be I thought , he lasted only moments which was a relief to me as oddly we hadn't agreed a safe word! The last 5 thrusts were so intense they almost destroyed the bed! Each thrust caused her to scream out for him to keep going, what a slut!   as he buried his cock far and deep into her,

Then the inevitable happened as his buttocks tensed he cried out loudly one final push they both screamed out together as he finally filled my wife with good quality German sperm.

He must have put quite alot of sperm into her hungry pussy as he just kept clenching his buttocks as each load was delivered. I've never seen a man take so long to release all their sperm into her but for me, I savoured every injection of his sperm into her, as his cries of release echoed around the room.

They stayed coupled for a minute or so, a mixture of all three men's sperm swimming inside her  looking for her womb in an effort to impregnate their English rose 

He pulled out, in all my life I've never seen so much sperm ooze out of  her in one go, there was no doubt in my mind these were heavy cummers! 

She was quickly led off the bed, her legs buckled, he held her steady and led her to me, her now, well used pussy, lips red and puffy from its marathon fucking, its contents giving up my wife's prize. Clean your bitch up, I didn't need to be asked twice as she was pushed into my face, tongue at the ready. I've done this many times to both wife's but this was different, the spunk just kept coming as I frantically lapped away at her, she then did something none of us was expecting, she pulled her pussy  lips wide apart, I was to get every last drop of sperm still swimming around inside her. Almost every lap of my tongue brought out more sperm, it took a while as my wife had been filled so much by just three men! She had another orgasm as I caught her clit with my tounge, I lapped away at the sweet taste of my wife's juices mixed with sperm. Once I'd completed my task, my wife put her dress back on, no thong, the ' shy' one had tied it around his cock and paraded in front of me telling me what a good fuck she was, yes, by now I felt he'd made me feel totally inadequate as a husband, her stockings now laddered ,badly, streaks of sperm down her legs that I'd missed! 

I thought that was it and I'd be released, WRONG! 

That phrase one of them said right at the beginning was still on my mind, he'll make a very good cock whore, that was about to become painfully real.

Eric came to me and said , you know you could have told us to stop at any point, Bugger I thought , I was the safe word, he continued you are weak , your wife deserves a good strong man. With that he sat back on the bed with my wife, they said something to each other, my wife looked at me with that devilish look, I know that look and I know I always suffer with it. Eric came over with a ball gag and placed it over my mouth, ok he said as you couldn't say stop for your wife then you won't be able to now, I was a little confused at that statement, not for too long though. With my wife's lipstick he wrote something on my back and a line down to the crack of my bottom, it was Cock whore! They all looked and laughed, even my wife then announced they were going into the club for drinks and fun, they left leaving me alone in the semi darkened room, I wasn't alone for long, word was out that there was a sissy cum slut  in need of fucking, I could hear people come into the room, some taking pictures of me splayed out on this contraption. Hands started caressing my bottom through my pre cum sodden panties, some further up, playing with my nipples and twisting them, roughly. I couldn't guess how many people were touching and rubbing me but there were a few. The mood quickly changed as the hands feeling me from my stocking legs to my sissy panties got rougher, the hands on my panties explored inside, pushing a finger into me, no lube so it hurt a little. The. Hand pulled out and a cock now rubbed over the top of my panties with some urgency, he pulled back and gave my bottom several hard slaps, his hands now back rubbing my now sore bottom, fingers now inside the leg holes of my panties , stretching them apart then a rip then another as my sissy  panties were unceremoniously pulled off my body leaving me fully exposed, a quick squirt of cold lube and he pushed himself slowly into me, I was thankful he was only an average sized cock as it forced it was forced into me, stretching me to accommodate him. For a few minutes he was gentle with me then he started to fuck my sissy bottom in earnest, I did notice at this point as I was looking down that the contraption was bolted to the floor so every thrust hit home, I was going nowhere!  The first signs of his climax was self evident as he shouted out in a language I didn't understand and that now familiar warm sensation as he pumped his cum into me, whilst he was draining his balls into me, my nipple twister gave me a few hard twists making me cry out but unable to make a sound as the ball gag did its job, the first man pulled out quickly replaced by another eager aroused cock , no lube, just relying on the last load of spunk still within me to lubricate his cock, I think the sight of me strapped to this bench was too much for him and he came quickly to a round of applause.pulling out he was replaced by another eager cock, bigger than the first two so thankful well lubricated by the  first two, again not overly long but a real wide girth as he stretched me , with some pain to open my sissy bottom in a bid to impregnate me , he was a bit more attentive and fucked me with passion, hands holding my shoulders, fucking me deep, this man was different as my body fully accepted his loving , each stroke he'd kiss my neck or nibble my ear, he kept calling my his slut whore and how he was going to breed me with his friends , I think his talk got the better of him and he shot copious amounts of spunk into me, a louder cheer from those present, I had flashbacks to when steven shared me with his friends all those years ago , a slut then and a slut now!

Two more would fuck me, my nipples now sore from over enthusiastic nipple play from one member of the group.

By now I was spent, five loads of man juice now swimming away inside me, although I could feel sperm now surrounding my sphincter as it oozed out. Suddenly the room went quiet, a pair of hands slapped my buttocks then soothed them ,that gave me a rock hard hard on, I loved that he did it again to the total silence of the room , my cheeks were tingling now, the familiar squirt of cold lube hit my bottom and was rubbed in.i really was hoping this was my last fuck as he'd be number six!

Whoever he was, he was slow and gentle to start off with as he pushed his cock into my spunk laden hole, he easily slipped in, he pushed his cock into me carefully, I'd find out why very soon, where I thought he'd stop , he just kept pushing in, by now I was starting to worry as it felt like I was being split in two, I've had ten inches in me a few times but this was now causing me some pain as he continued to push into me, being gagged I wasn't able to protest but he stopped , I was totally filled like never before , then came the shocker , first in German then broken English , maybe you should have said stop when I fucked your slut of a wife, I was in genuine shock, it was the shy one! No wonder he kept looking at me earlier, with that, he knew my limits, he slowly and gently fucked my sissy arse. Not stretchy like a vagina my passage hugged his cock like a hand in a glove. His thrusts increased as he built up to his climax, I know for a fact he hadn't put all his cock into me  and I was grateful for that but in the throes of passion we can forget ourselves!

He was close, very close as he started breathing more quickly, calling me his slut and cock whore he finally lost it and his cock throbbed deep inside me and by accident he pushed all his length into me ,a sharp pain as his cock now shot its seed as deep as never before into my sissy body , he shouted at me, mainly in German but the words , your my whore now bitch was plain and clear. Cheers from the assembled crowd finally brought Eric and my wife back into the room, her cheeks and chest bright red, looks like she'd had some fun without me , the look of concern written all over a face as she knew the German had fully penetrated me! After what seemed an eternity inside me, my sphincter muscles had succumbed to his mighty cock and released him , slowly and carefully until his long cock  fell out of me, yes my sphincter had taken quite a fucking  and was left a gaping hole. 

My wife took my ball gag off , laughing ,she said if only you could have told him to stop.

Touche!  I was had AGAIN!!

Once released we all had a drink although I did find it hard to walk for quite a while!

Later I was told he was 33 cm, well a quick conversion and I was shocked, a new record! Not intended but record all the same , no wonder I was sore for several days, as was my wife. We both agreed that would definitely be our last gang bang! We weren't getting any younger, however , it wouldn't be too long before she hauled back to that club! 

Written by Christine63

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