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First time dogging

"Night at camperdown"

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We had spoken about doing a spot of dogging to see what it was all about so we thought the next nice Saturday we would set off to camperdown and see all for our selves

So the Saturday arrived and we got ready and she decided to put a dress on that buttoned up the front and decided to put no underwear on either

So we set off on our adventure with a trip to camperdown and fine out what happens so on trip through she was being quite naughty in the car by opening buttons so was flashing her tits to me or any lorry driver we passed

Once we arrived and parked up we sat and watched to see what happened as evening but was quiet to start with and we decided to have a little fun ourselves so we started kissing and and put her seat down so I was able to open couple buttons to get her tits out and then was able to suck on them and as I was sucking she was moaning then said there's some one was looking in window oat us

So I said what do you want to do about this and she said let's open the window and I did and he asked can he touch and she said yes so his hand came in window and started feeling her tits pinching and sucking her nipples

She was enjoying the attention being given to her nipples that with his other hand he started to undo the other buttons on her dress and once all open he saw her lying there totally naked and with that he moved his hand down her body to between her legs as as his hand reached top of her thighs her legs opened to allow him access to her pussy and he said she very wet and as he worked on her pussy she started to buck on his fingers and wasn't long before he got her to cum and as she recovered he undone his jeans and pulled out his cock so was first time she had seen it and jyst said mmmmm

He put his hands back in window and one hand played with her tits and other was down between her legs and started to work her up to another orgasm and once she had got her breath back she sat up and put her hand out the window and started to wank on his cock and as his cock had now gotten rock hard she seen it fully erect and then sat up and leant out the window and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on it and with way she was sitting I had her ass facing me and nice view of ass so I started to finger fuck her and as I fingered her she sucked faster on his cock she took his cock from her mouth as he was close to Cummings and she said I want cock

He said he had an estate car park just about 30 yards from ours so she'd be more comfortable in there so he said give him a minute so he then waved us over and she got out the car to walk over but didn't bother dressing so we walked over with her naked next to me and she climbed in to back of his car and her being small she was able to lay down

Once inside and all three of us in the back we got her on all fours and he started to finger her pussy till she was moaning and said to him for fucksake fuck me so with no more to do he pushed his cock straight up her pussy to which she let out a little gasp as she got used to its size then he started fucking her and she moaned and was holding my hands telling me how good it was and thanking me for allowing this and as he got quicker and quicker he said where did she want his cum and she just shouted up me and I looked to see a couple guys looking in the windows with cocks in hand as he started to cum in her she gasped and moaned and shouted fuck that's good

With that he reached behind him and opened back door so he could stand up with door opening and him standing back the guys got a good look at her ass still up in air with the guys cum starting to seep out of her lips she was still breathing heavy and before anyone could do anything one of the guys jump in and placed his cock deep in her pussy to which the look of suprise on her face but as Spon as he started going in and out her getting faster her look of suprise changed to one of joy and moans and he'd didn't last long before pumping his load in her to join first guys cum she was was still in position and third guy sank his cock deep into her and this time she went bloody hell and hef eyes went very wide so I looked to see the biggest and thickest cock I'd ever seen so just as well she was well lubed from.first two cocks she was not moaning more screaming with pure joy and telling me that's big and its filling her up so much but is so good and he reaches forward and grass her tits and rough fully pulls on her nipples as he pumps hard into her pussy and he let's out a gasp as says he's Cummings and she orgssms at same time then she clapsed to floor breathing hard and a pussy full of cum and saying no more

So we let her rest alittle before taking back across to our car

Last guy came over and thanked her for a great fuck and not many of the women there allow him to fuck them.and gave her a kiss before we left for home

Once home she went straight to bed still full of 3 guys cum and I wasn't able to fuck her as she was sore and in morning she said I could fuck her but I put my cock in her she was well stretched and slippy from night before and she was stretched for about a week before I got her tight pussy back

So that was our first dogging experience

Written by Inhope15

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