Written by mancman999

29 Mar 2006

this is my 2nd story on here now , i met a cpl in a hotel nr manchester had a chat in the bar usual stuff .

the lady of the cpl took me outside to the car and sucked me off for a while to see if i was up to the job lol anyway we got into the room all had a good play i fucked the mrs while hubby watched etc when she suggestd trying her 1st dp so hubs lay on the bed got himself in her very wet pussy i approched from behind & gently eased myself into her ass but she wasnt very relaxed so i had to withdraw i suggest trying 2 cocks in her pussy she readily agreed so did hubs , so in i went in she loved it hubs coundlt move much so i did all the work stretching her really wide , the lady had her 1st penatrive orgasm in 10 yrs she loved it so i banged harder till i shot my hot load then hubs rode her stupid till he came , she was dripping and made a good mess of hotel carpet running to the bathroom lol watch out for more of my stories