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Ann and Richards friends.

"Richard offers Ann to his friends to fuck."

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Author's Notes

"This story is based on real events, names, locations have been changed, and there may be some embellishment."

After the anal sex confession she started to tell me more about the things she did with her ex-boyfriend, Richard. When I first met her, she was twenty one and she had quite a large sexual appetite. We would shag at every opportunity we got, in car, outdoors, every room of the house, but nothing out of the ordinary. Now I was finding out how dirty she had been and what a slut she really was.

She told me she had gone to his place, she was probably nineteen at the time, he was in his early twenties. They chatted, had a few drinks and she went for a shower. Coming out of the shower naked apart from a towel around her waist, she was met by Richard and another guy. She is not shy, and stood there with her tits out while her ex explained that his friend had split from his girlfriend a few weeks ago and was in need of some relief. She was well up for another mans’ cock, and while Richard got some more drinks she took the friend to the bedroom. After she had given his cock a good sucking and he had licked and fingered her pussy to get it nice and wet, the friend got on top of her, slid his cock into her cunt and started fucking her while Richard watched. The friend turned her over and fucked her from behind, which brought her to orgasm. She then got on top of him sliding his cock back into her cunt and riding him cowgirl. This is her favourite position, which usually causes her to have a strong orgasm resulting in her digging her nails into my chest leaving marks. Richard then joined them, positioned himself behind her and proceeded to put his lubricated cock into her arse. This was her first double penetration and she loved it. They fucked her like this for a good length of time, during which she orgasmed twice. They then changed positions. With Richard on his back, she got on top and lowered her arse onto his cock. She fucked him, reverse cowgirl, then the friend entered her cunt from the front. He thrust vigorously into her, as her arse was impaled by the full length of Richard’s cock, until the friend came. He climbed off, giving Richard the ability to move, who then fucked her arse until he shot his load into her. They cleaned up, had some more drinks, then she sucked the friend off, swallowing his cum, ensuring he was completely drained and satisfied before he left.

On another occasion, again probably aged about nineteen or twenty, she was told by Richard, to go to a hotel room wearing nothing but a long coat. She thought nothing of this as they had played games and met in hotels before. The door opened to reveal three naked guys and no ex. It seems he had loaned her out to his friends, without telling her, for them to use as they wished, but no anal, that was for Richard only. Not wanting to disappoint Richard or turn down the chance of a good fucking, she took her coat and knelt on the floor in front of them, sucking each one in turn. They moved her to the bed and each took turns fucking her, when one was about to come, another took his place. This was repeated, in different positions for several hours until they either came in her or on her. She fell asleep until she was woken in the morning by one of the guys fingering her. Her pussy was too sore and swollen, from the pounding the night before, to accept any more cock, so she offered to suck all three cocks, before they left, with them coming in her mouth and on her tits. Part of the instructions from Richard, was to not clean up before returning to him, so she had to walk through the hotel with just the coat on and dried cum in her hair and on her face and neck. On her return to Richard, he satisfied himself in her arse before she showered.

 It seemed to be a regular thing, Richard offering Ann to his friends so they could fuck her, and although she liked the extra cock, I think this is what eventually led to them splitting up.

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Written by Anonymous

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