25 Jan 2019

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HOL’S 4 Callela (Cont;d)

We showered and changed ready for dinner, making our way to the lift Jane and Claire were waiting for the lift , Jane turned and told us her parents had phoned her and were arriving tonight and they had asked us to join them tonight.

Paula was pleased but also disappointed that we were not going to a club, however her mood soon changed.

All the girls were dressed conservatively for dinner and remained that way for the evening as we met Jane’s Parents who turned out to be Claire’s God parents too.

Her mother Susan, was a stunner hence Jane’s good looks and figure and her father Dave, was tall and grey haired, very distinguished looking both were fun people.

We ate our meal and decided to all stay in the hotel for the night and have a few drinks, the night was good and the disco music was a mix with all enjoying a dance, all the girls behaving themselves until we went to bed after arranging to met for breakfast.

After breakfast we stayed by the pool with Paula wearing a bikini she brought with her, however the top came off as soon as we had settled much to the delight of Dave he took the sunbed beside her and kept looking at her tits and nipples.

Susan took the sunbed by my side and after settling down removed her bikini top revealing a beautiful pair of tits with dark brown conicle nipples rising from upturned breasts that maintained their shape when she lay down.

After a while the girls went in the pool with Dave and were splashing about in the pool when Susan asked me to put sun lotion on her back.

I took the lotion off her and began on her legs, not getting to close to her bikini bottoms with her camel toe shape clearly visible and wet, then moving to her back and as I reached her side she raised slightly and my hand slipped onto her tit touching her nipple which had risen and was rock solid.

I lingered with my fingers on her nipple and then apologised as I took my hand away, she grinned and told me to finish her off.

About half an hour later the girls wanted drinks and a snack and Susan insisted David take them to the bar and shop next to the hotel for the crisps she liked.

As soon as they had gone Susan adjusted her self on the bed and asked me to lotion her again, my cock rose in my shorts as she asked, I started on her legs again but this time as I reached her bikini bottoms she spread her legs and I saw that she had moved her Bikini crutch to reveal her perfectly shaven vagina lips and, two finger straight in vulva which were soaking in her juices.

I took the hint and soon worked my fingers into her dilated hole as she worked her vaginal muscles to squeeze them, I thought if she could do that with my fingers what could she do with my cock.

She gave a slight moan and came all over my hand and soaked the towel on her sunbed, she was a squirter and what a squirter, she gushed.

She apologised and pulled her bikini in place, I grinned and licked my hands and fingers, then suggested we go for a dip in the pool.

I took advantage and had a good feel of her fantastic tits when in the water and she slipped her hand in my shorts and wanked my cock just noticing in time the others returning with the snacks and drinks.

We continued to spend the rest of the first week with them all and despite Susan and me playing with each other when the opportunity arose we never fucked as she said she didn’t cheat on Dave.

They left to continue their holiday to Loret De Mar in the afternoon and the girls went back to loosing their inhibition not knowing how horny Jane’s mum was.

The next few days and nights were variations on the earlier times with visits to various clubs and Claire wearing Paula’s Dare to wear bikini’s by the pool and in town.

It was then time for the girls to leave, Jane came to our room and Paula went to hers to see Claire.

Jane stood by the door as I sat on the bed and stripped naked and smiled “time to say goodbye” she said, walking to the bed and ripping my shorts off.

She was wet and her nipples were raised with her areola’s dark and forming cones rising to the nipple.

She pushed me back on the bed and mounted my cock using her hand to guide me into her soaking cunt, she then humped me till she orgasmed then her muscles gripped my cock as she pushed hard down gripping me hard inside her.

That’s when Paula knocked the door, Jane opened it still naked saying she was just saying goodbye

as she kissed Paula hard on the lips.

Jane got dressed and walked over to me with her hand out, she passed me a small packet and said “have fun”, I opened the bag and saw the pills she had brought in the sex shop, she told me they work after half an hour and lasted about five hours but the are very powerful but only take one.

We saw them off later as they boarded the transfer bus and Paula cried as the bus left saying “I will miss them”.

We returned to the bar and had a few drinks and a bite to eat from the all day buffet, Paula started to relax and wanted to catch the sun and suggested the beach, we changed with Paula putting the black dare to wear bikini with the transparent wrap.

We called to the pool bar much to the delight of the black bar tender a young good looking guy who stared intently at her breasts and as she stood back he noticed her vagina on display and nearly spilt the vodka he was pouring for us.

Paula asked if I noticed him looking at her as we walked to the beach, I told her all the men were doing the same, she blushed and smiled as she looked at her extended nipples which were clearly on display.

We settled down in the gulley area and Paula was soon naked and applying lotion, a few men walked slowly past as she lay with her legs open putting all on display, occasionally splitting her vaginal lips to show her wet inners.

After a while she needed a drink so I went to the beach bar where the two black guys were serving, it was quite busy due to the heat.

They both noticed me and said hello asking if my lady was with me as I ordered drinks, I told the she was and where we were, the looked at one another and grinned, I knew what they were thinking as I walked back to Paula.

I told Paula about the Tj and Baz and she smiled, I gave her the drink and sat up on my towel so I could see the bar, it was about half an hour later when another black lad turned up, entering behind the bar.

A few moments later two guys came out and walked towards us, I told Paula I was going for a swim and a walk, she asked me to put lotion on her before I left but I told her she would soon have some friends to do that and smiled, she looked confused, I walked to the sea, with the guys coming over.

She sat up as they arrived and spoke for a while before removing their shorts and Tee Shirts and lay either side of her, both had erections with the new guy’s cock being about nine inches long but thin.

They both put lotion on Paula, one on her tits and the other her legs, moving between her legs and quickly inserting his cock with ease into her, I had a hard on watching these guys and my willing wife.

She took the bigger ones cock in her mouth as he tried to push it down her throat as she gagged, they were all deep in sex when I saw the police walking down the beach.

I returned to Paula and had to stop them pointing to the two policeman and they quickly dressed and walked off, Paula put her bikini bottoms on and lay on her back as the walked past us.

We remained in the gulley area after they were past with Paula getting naked again soon after, I dropped my shorts and entered her soaking wet cunt which was swollen and purple, she orgasmed as soon as I entered her, then pushed me off rolled over, grabbing my cock so fuck her doggy style.

TJ and Baz were watching us as we fucked with Paula looking into their faces as I pumped in her squelching cunt.

She orgasmed again and soon after I came plunging deep in her, as I pulled out I could see her clit was protruding out from her lips as I have never seen before, that when she waved the guys to her and pulled TJ’s shorts down exposing his hard wet cock, which was quickly thrust into her purple

lips, she moaned as it thrust past her clitoris.

They were wrapped with her legs around his back in passion until he moaned and came inside her but she was not satisfied and pushed him off, reaching for Baz who was naked and wanking a large cock.

She turned over and raised her backside as he thrust in her cunt, her clitoris protruding even more as she orgasmed again with his first thrusts, he continued to fuck her until he groaned and thrust deep in her and as he withdrew he was still spurting cum down her purple cunt.

He told us in a broken accent to “come to the Bacu Club tonight to have fun time” then he walked to the sea with TJ to clean up as Paula lay panting on her wet towel, later washing in the sea and returning to see out the rest of the afternoon sunshine.


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