Written by andy and jos

29 Mar 2006

this story started one saterday my wife went to a 40th birthday party it was one of her pals

the party was in stirling i ran her there i said to her give me a phone when you want picked up

11 oclock she rang saying she was ready to be picked up

i picked her up and headed for home

as we were aproaching kincardine she said i need to go to the loo i knew there were toilets at the pine oak laybuy

when we got there she got out headed for the toilets

she was stagering a bit i think she had to much to drink

looking around i saw there were 4 or five cars there

one had a couple of guys looking in the windows of one car

i knew this laybuy was a dogging site there was somthing going on where the guys were looking in the car window

just then my wife came back to the car

she said why are all these cars in here at this time of night i told her this was one of these dogging sites

she said so someone is having sex in that car with the two guys looking in the windows i said yes

she said your joking i said no

i took her by the hand over to the car and told her to look in the woman was sucking the guys cock

my wife said looking at her doing that is making me horny

so i started to play with her boobs her nipples were stiking out and very swollen

i started to rub her cunt through her skimpy knickers

the old guy who had been looking in the car window at the side of us stopped and started to watch us

my wife grabbed her skirt and twisted it round so that the long the side was at the back

she said i want your cock in me i put my hands in the split in the back of her skirt and pulled her knickers down and off

the old guy next to me said can i have these

i handed him her nickers he put them round his cock and started to wank his cock with them

i shoved my cock right up my wife started to fuck her

all this time my wife was watching this couple in the car who were know fucking

i did not last more than 5 mins before i shot my load up her cunt

my wife was comming like hell

she said i need more cock i looked at this old guy he looked at me said can i fuck her

i said this old guy wants to fuck you can he she said yes i need more cock im that fucking horney

the old guy stood at the back of her thats when i got a good look at his cock it was huge 9ins at least and very thick i told my wife about it

she said you always wanted me to try a big cock knows your chance to see one up me

the old guy started to shove his cock up her cunt she was moaning lick fuck he gave one final shove and he was right up to his balls

he started to fuck her faster faster he must have fucked her for ten minutes like that before he pushed it up to the hilt then fired his load up her cunt

we cleaned up went back to the car and drove home

my wife said that was the best sex in all our married life