Written by macman_uk

12 Jul 2004

So the mutual "playing" was now something we tried to do every evening. Taking it in turns to make the other one come. We found many ways to turn each other on. A favourite was for one to lay on his back on the bed and for the other to sit on the thighs of whoever was laying down. We then put our cocks together and rubbed them both at the same time until one of us was ready to come. Then we would shoot our load over the others chest - it was all so exciting!

Then, one evening, I was in my usual kneeling position as close as I could get to my friends cock whilst he was laying on the bed, when he said "you can lick it if you want to". You need to remember that we were both totally inexperienced at any of this - neither of us having been with a girl and never having seen an actual porno movie - just the stills from our stash of magazines. So our teminology was still that of "playing" and "licking".

So, rather nervously, I leant forward and gently licked his hard shaft. He instantly began wanking quicker and I remember to this day how his cock tasted and felt - warm and with a fairly salty taste to it. I felt shocked at what I had done and stopped straight away - but I had still done enough to make my friend come all over his hand instantly. I felt so awkward and strange afterwards - to the point where I didn't want him to make me come. We left if a few evenings until our next meeting.

We couldn't wait any longer for our next play though. This time my friend asked if I wanted him to lick my cock. Although still a little wary, it was something I really wanted, so I stood up, my cock springing and bouncing around as it was already hard from reading an erotic story in one of mags (nothing changes!), and my friend knelt in front of me. But it wasn't just a lick he gave me. He took my bellend into his mouth as he knelt in front of me and I remember how he gently stroked my arse cheeks as he licked my shaft, sucked my balls and bellend - it was an amazing feeling and I came almost straight away - shooting my load

I asked how he knew what to do regarding sucking a cock and I discovered he had been doing it with our mutual friend without me knowing about it for about the last 3 weeks!

Things changed from then on. We got more and more into BJs and it wasn't long before I was loving taking his bellend and shaft into my mouth as he stood in front of me.

We would take any opportunity and situation we could. Whenever his parents went out, we would meet at his house and just have playing sessions. One time I rang the doorbell and he shouted that the door was open. I walked in to find he was in the bath with his hard cock clearly visible through the bubbles! I just reached into the water and squeezed his balls and pulled his foreskin back, leant forward and sucked his bellend. At the same time he was unzipping my jeans and pulled out my cock and gave me a lovely slow wank.

I got undressed and stepped into the bath and just stood in front of him so he could suck me off. He wanted me to sit down in the bath with him but I was worried his parents may come back. So, we got out of the bath and went into the lounge where he laid down. It just felt natural to get on top of him, but in the 69 position. It was amazing, we just sucked and licked and probed each other - clean and fresh from the bath. But when the time arrived, we would always just take it in turns to come on the other one's chest.

We would play and suck in his parents shop when it was closed, right in front of the main window with me kneeling down and sucking him whilst he stood behind the counter with people walking past. We would walk his dog and suck each other off in the woods - almost getting shot by a farmer as his dog was worrying the sheep! And as we were fishermen - night fishing was much fun but we never really caught much!

He was the first to get a car, so needless to say that opened up all sorts of situations. I would play with myself and also get his cock out and wanked him whilst he drove. We would park the car in his father's garage and just take it in turns to lean across and suck the other one's cock.

They were amazingly horny and innocent days and I just love to remember it whenever I can. We lost touch for some reason not long after we both began full-time employment - with him moving up north. I have seen his name on a schooldays reunion website and may one day email him....

We are both now married but it still gives me many a wank even today - and I do wish that somehow those days could return... and to some degree in recent months they have....