Written by Her

14 Jan 2019

I’m very nervous about posting this. This is something that I fantasise about a lot, I’m posting it without my partners permission. I hope that you enjoy my writing as much as I do.

It was a cold wintery day in Dublin. We’d rushed back from the conference and you were frustrated by how little we had spoken ahead of visiting our first club tonight. I’d rushed back to the hotel and my separate room before you’d had a chance to notice, probably after you’d be annoyed seeing me chatting too flirtasciously with one of the other conference goers.

As you walked into your room you noticed the note from me. We would meet in the queue. We would not speak until we were inside or to anyone else. I was late, of course and found you frustrated and annoyed at me in the queue, but my makeup was slutty like you like and a joined the queue beside you, not saying a word just letting my finger brush against yours in a reassuring way. I couldn’t believe we were about to go through with this.

We walked inside still not having spoken and were directed to the lockers to change. This was the moment. I handed you a small bag with your outfit for the evening and indicated you were to change. Right there and then. I stayed fully clothed in my big fluffy coat, enjoying the power play. You stripped in front on me your small cock nodding with a semi as you struggled into the little harness. I push you down onto your knees forcing you to look up at me as I began to strip my layers down one by one right in front of your face.

I bend down, kiss you once and draw back to feed you on my spit. Then I pass you a piece of paper with the rules for this evening. You are to follow me, but you are not to touch me. At all. I am reserved for anyone but you. We will enter the main room and I will leave you. I leave you immediately. As per my note you have been instructed that you cannot follow for 20minutes, you are to sit, and watch and wait. I immediately approach a group of men. You see me flirt heavily with them making sure to have physical contact. You look closer and realise it one of the guys from the conference I must have arranged to meet him here, but he is clearly not alone. He moves me to the centre of his circle and starts what looks like introductions. At each person I lean in and rather than an air kiss plant sexy snogs on each of the men, teasing my tongue into their mouths each kiss lasting that bit longer until I’m satisfied that I have kissed all five and am now back to my conference friend, who I’m sure to give the longest of kisses so far. You can see how heated it’s getting already, all of them aroused by the sniff of a new and easy slut who seems already to have no barriers, you see him grind his body against me as we make out and the wicked smile across my lips as I start massaging my hand over his semi erect cock, I can feel just how promising and long he is going to be and I’m desperate to feel him and his friends inside of me. You watch as I lead him away and each of his friends follow. You are conflicted, you had been jealous when you saw me with him chatting at the conference, it had not crossed your mind that for our first time at a club I would have invited someone else. You still have ten minutes to wait.

The time passes and you can finally come and search for me. A little bit of you regrets that I have no boundaries, but you are excited by what you will find. You search room after room and begin to feel a little scared that I may have left. Finally you enter a room, you smell the stench of men and can just about make me out spread on the bed at the centre of the circle of now naked men. I don’t even register you or look up. You crane yourself nearer to see what is happening, I am hungrily and desperately grabbing at these men moving my mouth around the circle from cock to cock, sucking on them hard like it’s my first ever cock, desperate for more and more, I literally cannot get enough. As it gets more heated they are grasping at the back of my head, pulling my hair down to let them more easily at my throat. You hear the familiar gagging and notice my hand rubbing against myself. I’m thinking how I want to come six times, at least once for every cock I’ll take in my mouth. I stop to grab my conference friend, I position him in the bed and squat above his dick, lowering my dripping pussy onto him for the first time acknowledging you, staring you straight in the face as I take each inch of him inside of me, exerting the controlled movements of my weight, the rock of my hips, the circles of my pelvis that you know so well, that up until now had been reserved only for you. I am quickly working myself to a massive orgasm, far quicker than you’ve ever seen from me, it’s the shock and pain at the size of his massive member entering my cunt, the anticipation, the realisation that for all the times I’d pushed back and not gone through with it, I had been lying to you, to myself, it was plain to see how my body was giving me away as I frantically worked my clit. I look away from you as I begin to fuck him, his friend is reaching up and fingering my arse, my conference friend is groaning at the tightness and the feeling of his friends fingers on his dick through the wall of my arse. I grasp for another man position him between you and me and begin sucking at his dick, I don’t think I have ever wanted cock more, with my hands free I’m grasping to the side to take another cock in each hand, it’s getting more and more frenzied and I can sense I’m about to live my dream, the one that I had always denied myself, and get coated by a fuck tonne of strangers cum. I’m sucking and fucking and wanking dicks hard and fast now, I start to feel conference guy spurt inside of me, the feel of his friend exploding into my hair and down my back (something you know I love) and simultaneously a strangers salty warm cum hitting the back of my throat. I am in heaven. The dicks in my hand are spurting over my face now, my hair stuck down with cum. Then two more as I lose count, in a state of heading, exhausted delirium. They flip me forward onto all fours to spit roast me, I’m sideways to you now and the spent guys step back so you can appreciate each long inch of cock entering my mouth and my cunt simultaneously, they are fucking me hard now and I struggle to breathe, gagging so much, it’s over in seconds and I’m left there in a pool of cum, spreading from me. They leave me immediately. I am alone with you.

We speak for the first time. I kiss you hard, the kiss tastes of dick and come. I order you to suck me clean and for the first time I come on your mouth, as strangers cum leaks from me into you.

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