19 Feb 2019

Meeting Elizabeth and Steve

The day had arrived and Brighton was my destination. I’d not been to Brighton for years excitement surged through my veins as I made my way south. Anticipation was making me sweat and I was drifting into a sort of daydream. There in my mind’s eye was that Image I’d espied a few weeks before. Picture this.. A stunning looking dark haired woman had adorned my PC screen and I had to dig to find out who she was. I was invited after a couple of passing remarks about the photographs that were there for all to see. To view her Private Collection. Wow I thought to myself and perused the images there in. I’m not very often impressed to the stage where I have to get myself a strong drink, however this was one of them. Elizabeth as We’ll call her in this story had indeed got my attention. I’d booked myself into the Hilton on the seafront and had hinted in a message that’s where I would be. During the journey I wondered if Elizabeth had indeed deciphered the hidden hint? The anticipation was incredible. As the train trundled through the countryside through Merstham… Redhill… Earlswood and onwards. The sun was on my face and I drifted into a light doze.

I was woken by voices saying Brighton station was our next stop. As I gathered my things and prepared to alight there was a waft of perfume something strange, an older type perfume but amazing on the nasal receptors. The noise in the station was incredible from the dreamy quiet of the train to the noise of a busy town. I got a taxi as the station was quite a way and I had quite a large case. I arrived at the hotel and booked in all the while wondering if Elizabeth had got the message. In the foyer it was quite busy and there were people booking in and out. One man asked me if he knew of any decent pubs around here? The desk clerk said there was a tiny pub in the back streets that you should visit just for the experience. Thanks he said and left. My room was delightful overlooking the sea and high enough to ne be bothered by the traffic noise. Showered and prepared myself for a little walk and maybe a beer. I found looking for the tiny pub behind the hotel which it turned out claimed to be the smallest in the country. It was small and who was I to argue. Then someone caught my eye. It was or appeared to be Elizabeth I recognised her from her photographs. But I’d not mentioned that I was going to this pub, I’d certainly not mentioned a time of arrival! I was taken aback. Maybe I was seeing things. I looked again and there was this stunning looking lady dressed in what could be said was dated costume.

I walked across the very small room to introduce myself and noticed that she was with someone. Ah I thought, this could be awkward. Hi I’m Grant, You look familiar. Elizabeth and this is my Husband Steve. Well I was a little confused. Was he in on this, did he just go along to keep an eye on Elizabeth

Anyway I was asked if I wanted to join them for a drink, which I did. We shared what was left of their bottle of wine and then Elizabeth said why don’t we walk for a bit. I must admit seeing her in her outfit was getting to me. There could be silk stockings under that flowing skirt, Maybe no underwear.. God it was hot. We walked for about ten minutes when Steve said, I’m off now see you later. I was now very confused. As Steve left he kissed Elizabeth on the cheek and whispered “Go on girl enjoy” we walked around the block and back to the hotel. It was still early but if a lady wants a lady gets what she asks for and drinks at the hotel were her request. About an hour or so had passed since we met and saw each other for the first time in that tiny room. We were seated in a Cozy lounge area where Elizabeth was getting plenty of admiring looks. I was gagging to see what she was wearing under that outfit. I knew by this stage she was wearing stockings because she was not trying at all to hide the fact. Her perfume was mesmerising I remember it from somewhere else and soon she leant across and kissed me on the cheek. Oh I said, that surprised me. Sorry have I offended you in public she said? Not at all, I would have preferred a full lip kiss but beggars can’t be….. Then smack there and then right on the lips a longing passionate kiss. mmmmm

I eventually got around to asking her if she lived nearby her reply was, she too had booked into the hotel and was staying the night. Oh What about Steve. He’ll be fine he’ll come back later.

How did you know where I would be having a drink? Well! We were behind you on the train. We got on at Redhill and you were ahead of us, We weren’t 100 percent but we played a game as we sometimes do and it turned out we were right when you got into your taxi we jumped in one behind and said to take us to the Hilton, your taxi was just ahead all the way down Queens road so we figured we were correct. Now, when you booked in Steve stayed close to you. Let’s face it you weren’t going to be suspicious of a man a man that was asking questions about local pubs. With that I booked in at the desk when you got into the lift. That was again when we guessed you would head for the little pub. Steve then called me on my mobile when you left your room and we headed for the pub hoping you’d arrive there. It was then the penny dropped. The perfume, it was on the train. Crafty I thought. These two are bloody good…. Or Spies.


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